D.W. and her brother, Arthur, were helping Mother unpack the groceries. "Yuck!" said D.W. "I'm not going to eat this!" "You've never even tried it", said Mother. "It's looking at me", said D.W.

Thursday at dinner, D.W. pretended to try the Hawaiian shrimp. "I saw that", whispered Arthur.

Emily invited D.W. to stay for dinner on Friday. "We're having spaghetti!" said Emily. May I have plain, please?" asked D.W. "No sauce". "That's the best part!" said Emily.

On Saturday, D.W. and her family went out to eat. "This salad has spinach in it!" cried D.W. "Just try it", said Mother. "She's going to have a tantrum", warned Arthur. "Please try it", said Father.

From then on, the family went out to dinner without D.W. "I'd rather stay home with a sitter anyway", said D.W. Mrs. Cross only allowed carrot sticks for snacks. And at exactly eight o'clock she said "Bedtime. Now march, quick like a bunny!"

One morning at breakfast, Arthur twirled a tiny paper umbrella. "Where did you get that?" demanded D.W. "At the Chinese Restaurant", said Arthur. "It was fun!" D.W. began to wonder what she was missing.

"Tomorrow is Grandma Thora's birthday", announced Mother. "Our big night out!" "I want to go too!" said D.W. "You will have to eat what's on the menu", said Father. "I will", said D.W.

Everyone got dressed up Saturday night. D.W. wore her black shoes with the bows even though they pinched her toes. "Happy birthday, Grandma Thora", said Arthur and D.W. together. "I hope they have plain spaghetti", prayed D.W.

D.W. was happy when she sat in her chair. "No one will see me if I had to get rid of something disgusting", she thought.

"I'm Richard", said the Waiter. "Here's a kiddie seat for the little lady". "Thanks a lot", said D.W. "Do you have food with little umbrellas on it?" she asked. "We do not", said the waiter.

When dinner was served, all eyes were on D.W. She took a bite. "This is good!" said D.W. D.W. took another bite and another. She drank all her milk.

"What a good little eater", said the Waiter when he cleared D.W.'s dishes. "It was delicious", said D.W. "How do you make that?" "Very simple really", said the Waiter. "Just take some pie pastry and fill it with lots and lots of spinach!"

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