Episode 3. Air Date: Thursday, January 9, 2014 Sam asked Freddi how was the flying going. "A lot, Sam", Freddi explained. So they swam beneath the sea. "Thanks for the lift, Sam", she thought. "Have a good time", Sam lamented. Abby Cadabby sings Hurray-Hurrah for Broccoli. Ernie and Bert have fun fishing. Fireman Duck told Whisper that Ready To Read with Pooh was a Winnie the Pooh computer game. Big Bird talks about a birdketeer meeting. Oscar talks about green. Capital I. (EKA: Episode 0427) Martian Beauty. (EKA: Episode 0424) Snakes (from the Wiggles Wiggly Safari CD) the song playing. Cookie Monster sings If Moon Was Cookie. (EKA: Episode 2619, spoken cut) The Announcer announces the sponsors to end the episode. (I, 9).

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