Whisper adds that Michael is Papa Bear, Tina is Mama Bear, and Derek is Baby Bear plus Abby Cadabby is the little girl named Goldilocks. Abby Cadabby sings I Love Words. (EKA: Episode 4135) The Count counts 20 jumps Snuffy jumped. Sheryl Crow sings I Soaks In The Sun with Telly, Rosita, Elmo, The Talking Letter I, and Zoe. (EKA: Episode 4036) Capital I (EKA: Episode 0427) The Alligator King (EKA: Episode 0812) Kermit sings Bein' Green. (EKA: Episode 0087) Blue whale from Jumpstart Toddlers, Sesame Street Classics that Fireman Duck loves Winnie the Pooh Toddler. Episode 3

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