Movie Date: August 13, 1999

They've scheduled the hearing for the Burmese. - Where are you going? - They should have a copy. You're crazy. It's pouring out there. I know. WOMAN: I'm not sure where to start. You're probably fast-forwarding already. We shouldn 't be here. We're from Ohio. A dinky little town called Upland. I'm Alice Marano. My best friend is Darlene Davis. - I don't know about Hawaii anymore. - What? It's like a bunch of tourists on family vacations. We met as babies, crawled to each other on a neighbor's lawn. That's what my mom used to say. Get closer to your sister. Teachers said I was the bad one, Darlene was good. We didn 't care. It was a joke to us. We knew how we were. It was always the two of us. Doug, could you take a picture of me and Alice? Darlene was going to college. We decided to have a knockout trip together. Celebrate our sorrows. After that... ...for the first time in our lives, we wouldn 't be together. So it had to be amazing. Memorable. Hawaii seemed so middle-class. Like our parents ' version of fun. I wanted it to be special. Not that she would ever forget me. Then someone mentioned Thailand. It was as simple as that. Strange how little things make big things happen. Ferg told us his brother spent a summer in Bangkok for under $500. I learned that Thailand means freedom. A country named after the exact thing we were looking for. - I thought you wanted to go. - I do. It's my dad. - You're so afraid of him. - He's already being a dick... ...about my off-campus apartment. Now I'm going to Bangkok. - What'd you tell your dad? - I said you were going, he said okay. He doesn't care anyway... long as I still have my exciting career. Just don't tell your dad. Let him think we're in Hawaii. It's only 11 days. How's he gonna find out? Dar worried about lying for nine hours of the flight. By the 24th hour, she was too tired to care. It took forever to find the hotel. Funny what forever used to feel like. This is it? - Doesn't look royal. - How much royal do you want for $6? Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. - What is it? - Oh, God! It's a huge roach! DARLENE: Thais have so much respect for their monarch... ...that up until Rama III changed the law... one could utter His Majesty's name. Buying and then releasing captive animals... also considered meritorious. A number of vendors around Bangkok sell birds for this purpose. - God, enough with this heat. - Exactly. I'm tempted to jump in the river. How bad can raw sewage be? They dump human waste, bathe and drink, all in one river. Give me that geek book. Tell me you brought a bathing suit. - But I'm not going in there. - Come here. DARLENE: What if we're caught? ALICE: Go in like you own the place. Welcome to first class. Something to eat or drink? - Two of those, please. - What room number? - We'll just pay cash. - 414. Come on. They don't care. Lotion. Thank you. That's me. I'm gonna be her. I'm her divorce lawyer. - I want both houses and the nanny. - You've got to have her. - The girls are crazy about Helga. - Let's make him pay. Damn right. Exactly. You say room number 414? I was sure... Oh, it's 416. I'm sorry. - You stay here? - Our room's up there. What's your name? This is really inappropriate. Our room... God, it's right up there. - What's your name? - Room 333. Bloody hell, I can't take you two anywhere. Sorry, mate. It's been a bit of a blur of hotel rooms. - Cheers. - Thank you. I've got to shoot through. You're scared straight now? Excuse me. - We'll pay you back. - No worries, it's fine. - Can we get you a drink? - It's the least we could do. Okay. I'll take it for the wanker in 333 who left his key in the men's room. Come on. But the man said it was solid wood. What? Oh, great. Don't worry. You're in the fake Rolex capital of the world. - Some look better than the real ones. - So you're new in town. - Where are you from? - Australia. But I'm never there. I do seminars for a software company all over Asia. I do bugger all most days. Getting paid to sun-bake. I'd kill for a gig like that. Oh, God. Quick, eat rice. It makes it go away. Eat more. It's like... ...your mouth's gonna explode. Nobody's laughing. Come on. Have some more. - You forgot your drink. - I've had enough. Beautiful night, isn't it? Yeah. Is this okay? Are you okay with it? Why would I care? He's cute. Go for it. Take notes. I want details. I didn't know if you had keys. - Where are you going? - To the market. Coming? No, I've got to get some sleep. Sure. Okay. - He wants to take us to Hong Kong. - Us? For the weekend. He has to go on business and... Oh, God. Alice, it was great. And weird. And intense. - I'm not going to Hong Kong. - It's just a day or two. - The flight's only two hours. - What about the beaches? Please? I really like him. Then go. I'm not mad. But I'm not going. Go. Have a great, weird time. Don't I always do shit like this for you? Please? Okay, Dar. I like the black one. It's nice. It suits you. Did Darlene tell you about Hong Kong? Yeah, she might have. I'm flying out there this afternoon. You guys can fly out tomorrow. I'll get all my business done... ...then we can just have a good time. Come on. I want you to come. I've made the ultimate sacrifice. One first-class ticket cashed in for three economy. You have no idea what you've ultimately sacrificed. I'll get it. How much? What did you get? You were gone so long. I got you something. It's beautiful. Thank you. Thank you for coming to Hong Kong. They said on CNN that it's gonna be pouring in Hong Kong. You still sure you wanna go? We'll buy umbrellas. My top got all wet. Alice, hurry, we're gonna be late. - Does this look okay? - Perfect. I'll see you downstairs. - Okay? - Okay! [KNOCKING] - Who is it? - It's Manat. Your bags? Okay. Just give me a minute. - What have you been doing? - I had to brush my hair. Excuse me. We're gonna be late. Shit. They're boarding. Sorry. [SIRENS WAILING] Alice! - Where are we going? - I don't know. I'm an American. May I telephone the Embassy? - Darlene! - Where are you taking her? Who gave you the narcotics? - I want an attorney. - It was your friend? I'm American. I have the right to an attorney. Yes. And one telephone call too. Excuse me. Excuse me? I have to go to the bathroom. Please, take me to the bathroom. You sign. This is in Thai. I can't sign this. You sign. I don't speak your language. Darlene Davis? I'm Chief Detective Jagkrit. Have you been here all day? Yeah. The bathroom is down the hall. - Why were you going to Hong Kong? - Just for fun. You okay? No. No, Darlene, I'm definitely not okay. We can't fall apart now. Someone's gonna come for us. - Who knows we're here? - The embassy knows. The detective called them for us. Sure he did. Then he called the president. They're trying to drive me nuts: "Sign. Your girlfriend confessed." - They said I confessed? - They said you signed a confession. Like we're going to sign something we can't read. You didn't sign anything, did you? It was my statement... ...saying we were innocent. Was it in English or Thai? Was it in English or Thai? If they change what I said, I'll tell them. Clearly, I can't read Thai. I'll just tell them it's not what I said. God, I'm sorry. I'm just not used to being tossed into a filthy, disgusting jail. Are you gonna make this all my fault? Is that what you think? - You were carrying the bag. - You packed it. You were the last one alone with it. Okay, so we're innocent. So there's nothing to worry about. Once my dad gets to hear about this... God, he'll know what to do. [RINGS] Hello? Yeah. You've got the wrong Mr. Davis. My daughter's off in Hawaii. Alice Marano. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I'm sorry, but it appears there is no Nick Parks. But I went to his hotel. The Queen Victoria Hotel. We sent someone. No Parks registered as far back as three months. Nor is there a plane reservation in his name. No Nick Parks. But that's impossible. Check again. We're quite thorough, and of course we'll keep at it. At this point, I must advise you to consult with an attorney. I'm sorry. If you repent, plead guilty and ask for mercy... ...the judge will be lenient. No more than 40 years. I'm not guilty! If you plead not guilty and don't prove... get life sentence. It's just until the trial. You wash. Dar, come on. ALICE: I wasn 't even that scared at first. I'd had worse haircuts. I believed if we could hold on until the trial, it'd be over... a nightmare. I didn 't know it was all rigged here. Like those birds you buy to set free. They're really trained to fly back to their cages. Because that's all freedom is: An illusion. Waiter, there's a bug in my snot. The fruit looks okay, though. You like? Go take. Thanks a lot. Kneel down. - Like you're praying. - She... Do the down-facing dog. Make it super-size. She said we could get some fruit. - You have to earn the food. - How do you earn it? Put in your time. Take one of those. WOMAN: I was so high, I didn't notice my visa had run out. I couldn't pay the fine to leave. A bloke I met said he'd pay the fine and give me some pocket money. I just had to take some packets and stuff them inside me. You're telling that smack-in-the-box tale again? Yankee girl. - What's with her? - She thinks you're fun to piss off. You're the new show at the brokedown palace. - When's checkout time? - Check out anytime, man. You find freedom here and in here... ...and in here. - What's with her? - She thought she'd get pardoned. Everybody thinks they'll get a pardon from the crown. Makes me sick. Addicted to fantasy. That road leads straight into the ground. It happened at least once. The old mama-san... ...she was here one day and gone the next. - The guards were in a proper lather too. - What happened? Nobody knows. We think a certain guard opened the gate, and she just walks away. Which guard was it? Velie. We think Velie. So someone bribed Velie? With what? I heard it was $ 100 for the gate and a car waiting. Please. If they catch you escaping... ...they add 15 years to your sentence. Mama-san could have been shot in the street. All this talk is a waste of time. You should get in touch with Yankee Hank. - Who? - Yankee Hank. - He's a barrister. That's a stretch. - Yankee Hank's a damn good lawyer. If he's so good, how come you never called him? An impoverished soul like myself? He like American folding money. You're not lying. Of course, if I had the dosh, I'd try Velie first. Dad! I'm so sorry. What? I'm sorry I lied about Hawaii. Honey, it's all right. We're gonna get you out of here. Don't worry. Whatever it takes. Tell everyone I didn't do it. - What? - We didn't do it! They know that. Everybody knows that, baby. Everybody back home misses you, sweetie. - Why would you want to come here? - I'm so sorry. That's all right. We'll find a way, okay? Everything is gonna work out, I promise. It'll be okay. I love you. He's going to get us out. - He said us? - Yeah, he wants to see you. You always thought you were so smart. I hope you're proud of yourself. - Mr. Davis... - You're a schemer. You think I don't know you? You are dead wrong. Every word out of your mouth is a lie. Six years old, paint on your hands, on our couch. "I didn't do it." in my car. "I didn't do it." Let me hear you say it again. Say it in here. Come on, for old times' sake. I didn't do it! I'm so glad he's here. He's being so great about it. He really knows how to grease the wheels. He'll know what to do. - What's the matter? - Nothing. - Why aren't you excited? - I am. Did he tell you he spoke to your dad? Goddamn it! You like? Good fish heads. No! It's a matter of days now. DARLENE: I told the detective the truth. I told him about Nick Parks and all the events leading up to our arrest. I signed a statement... ...assuming it was just a translation of what I said. But these aren't my words. I never said any of that. That's the truth. [SPEAKS IN THAl] - What happened? - Don't worry, we'll appeal. You can request a pardon. He found you both guilty. - For how long? - Good news. It wasn't life. You both got numbered sentences. - For how long? - 33 years. - Daddy! - Honey, I'll take care of everything. Yes, we're all over it. Listen, I gotta go. Sorry about that. Couldn't be helped. - I know how you must feel. - Fellas, look... I know what goes on around here. They take drugs seriously. - There's no doubt... - Come on. Nobody here really wants to stop the drugs. They're all... I don't care if Thailand drowns in heroin. That's their business. Your business is to help American citizens. She didn't do anything. They're not gonna make an example of my little girl... ...with some trumped-up charge. You pull strings all the time. You could pull them for my daughter. The DEA will continue our investigation. If we find the alleged man who lured your daughter into this... ...we'll certainly introduce that in an appeal. I know this is difficult for you. But the best thing you can do is go home. Go back to your family. Nothing will fall through the cracks. We'll keep you informed. That's a promise. ALICE: So here we are. Just two more drug smugglers. I don 't even know why I'm making this tape. How do you do? I'm Henry Greene. Hank Greene, actually. - Who are you? - Yankee Hank? Yankee Hank, or Hank the Yank, or whatever. What can I do for you? You want a cigarette? - So you're like a lawyer? - No, I am a lawyer. Is this pro bono work that you do? Pro bono? No. So I listened to your narrative. Forgive me if I'm blunt, but there's nothing there. You just claim you didn't know about the smack. If you're lying...'re brainy and stupid. If it's true, you're just stupid. So I gotta ask a few questions. Who was carrying the luggage with the drugs? I was. You had a couple kilos of heroin. You didn't notice the extra weight? - I didn't. I just didn't. - We were late. Yeah, of course. - Who packed the bag? - I did. Alice, what does your father do? Works at Bekins. - Does he run a branch office? - He rents trucks. And your mom? She died when I was 7. Sorry to hear that. What happened? Car accident. - And your dad? - Insurance. And my mom sells real estate. Part-time. I'll call to see if they'll contribute... their daughters' liberation fund. - What are you gonna do? - Get you out. Start writing letters to lawmakers back home. Congressmen. The president. If you know a priest. You want me to write to my congressman? That's right. I'll be in touch, girls. - He's totally sleazy. - Don't say that. Greene? You say you're Thai? HANK: Well, I might as well be. I'm American, but I know their justice system. - Now there's an oxymoron. - Yeah. My wife, Yon, is also a practicing attorney... ...born in Bangkok. We've helped a lot of families. We could help your daughter. What do you want out of this? I'm just a broker. We're looking for our usual retainer. Which is... ...$ 15,000. $ 15,000? and 7500 if we do. That's for both girls. Wait, for both girls? - Darlene needs her own trial. - You don't want to do that. The strongest point is that Alice didn't sign a confession. Separate them, and you're begging for Darlene to be singled out. Do you wanna take a day or two? No. God, no. I'll get the money. I'll call Marano and wire it to you. Great. We'll be in touch. Who got you these tickets? Same guy who introduced me to these babies. Well, hello there. Thank you. Our next Minister of Justice. He's worked hard for it. He's working his fingers to the bone. I love that guy! I love that guy, man! This is great. No problem. So when do I get the file on Davis and Marano? Those girls have no chance of getting out of there. Who's Nick Parks? Who? Why couldn't you find him? The cops say the girls made him up. Even if he did plant the six kilos... know he'd never confess. - Six? - Yeah. The shit was in their backpacks. As far as the Thais are concerned, they're guilty. Guilty or not. Take a pass on this one. After you give me the file, Roy. Why not find out who bought the plane tickets? You'd think that'd be the easiest way to catch this guy. If he exists. He sure doesn't exist in this. What do you believe? I believe that, either way... ...we'll be able to afford a new car. This is Jagkrit's trophy photo. Look at that, they're so arrogant, they don't try to finesse it. All that narcotic in that little backpack. I don't think so. - That's great. - It's just a hearing for a retrial. I also talked to the lady who runs the hotel. Either she's not involved or she's the best liar I've met. What about Nick? Parks isn't the magic bullet. Even if we do find him, it's your word against his. But we're still looking. Darlene, I need a moment with Alice. Sure. Nick was staying at the Queen Victoria? My wife found a maid there... ...who said there was a young man there who matched Parks' description. So, good, right? The maid remembered him with a girl. But when showed this picture... ...guess who the maid picked out as the girl he was with. Me. Okay, I was at Nick's hotel. And he came on to me, but I told him to forget it. He never even mentioned drugs. I swear it. - Is there anything else I should know? - No. Do you have to tell Darlene? That would be really weird. - I see no reason to tell anyone. - Thank you. Now I have a favor to ask you. I haven't gotten your father's check. I need you to talk to him. [PHONE RINGS] Hi, hello. Hi. Alice? My God... Are you okay? Where are you? You sound close. I'm still here in Thailand. I'm trying to get there. I would have been there sooner... It ain't about money, but the doc says my diabetes... I don't have much time. I'm here with that lawyer, Hank Greene. He needs his money for the hearing. I know, I talked to Doug about it. And I got your money. Daddy. Do you think I did it? Oh, jeez, sweetie... Do you think I did it, Daddy? That don 't matter to me. I don 't care about that. Do you think I'd do that to Darlene? Oh, jeez, Alice... Don't beat yourself up about it. Nobody's perfect. - I gotta go, Daddy. Bye. - Wait. - It'll be here tomorrow. - Good. Thanks. ALICE: Who are they? Refugees. They're being sent back to Burma. We fight to keep them here. I think you are lucky today. You have a lenient judge. - That's good. - That's very good. Here we go. Our pro bono work is good for the firm's image. Right, honey? Right. Some firm, you and me. - You're a closet do-gooder. - Right, a closet saint. Watch me. [HANK SPEAKS IN THAl] He wants the prosecutor to bring in the backpack. He says the backpack was inadvertently destroyed. Would you care to demonstrate how six kilos... ...that's 13 pounds of powder... ...can fit in here? He doesn't get it. This backpack is from the same manufacturer as the girl's. Identical in every way. If prosecutor and police can lie about the amount of drugs involved... can this sacred court trust anything else they say? The charges must be dismissed, and these innocent, young girls... ...must be freed. He is going to address the judge privately. You room 414? That man room 414. They know you snuck into the hotel and tried to get free drinks. - So? - It proves you stole and you lied. This court will consider anything... ...that proves you are of low character. That's such bullshit. Alice. We lost. This trial's a joke. A shitty third-world joke. We proved they're all corrupt, and the judge didn't give a shit. Our evidence disappears! What a big surprise! Get in the van! This is your country now. It won't go better if you start pissing on them. You got paid. What do you care? I don't. What?! You have to keep working for us! You're on your own now. You think the president gives a shit? You're kidding me, right? What? Do you think getting stoned is a good idea? It's an excellent idea, a terrific idea. Otherwise, I'd possibly kill someone. But every single thing we do in here... We've got no more money. Hank's not coming back. Even if we did, he can't do dick in this country. Hank the wank. - So we're done with Marano and Davis? - Yeah. Because if we weren't done, I think I've got something. These six women were on the same flight. All eight tickets were bought with the same stolen card. He had other couriers on that flight. It wasn't in the file. - Was it in the file? - No. Who was the customs supervisor on duty that night? This woman, Beth Ann Gardener, arrived in Hong Kong. Her suitcase arrived too, but she never claimed it. - I wonder why? - I have her address. So which member of the firm is going to Hong Kong? WOMAN: Charlie, did you forget your key? Yeah. - Beth Ann? - No! I'm not cops, I'm not immigration and I'm not embassy. I'm a private defense attorney for some Americans in Thailand. And? I'd like to ask some questions. Try to help my clients, two young women like yourself... ...who may have been victimized by the same person you dealt with. What's your name? Henry Greene. Hank. Well, like I told the gentleman from customs... wasn't my bag. I didn't try to bring anything in. Somebody must have been trying to mess me up. All I know is the guy bought my ticket to HK. I didn't know it was a stolen credit card. So go arrest him. - Nick Parks? - Whoever. - Are we done? - No. I'll wait for Charlie to bring your wake-up dose... ...and snitch you both off to the Chinese. Or we can talk about Parks. I don't know what you're talking about, but... ...I may have heard stories about situations like this. And how does it happen in these situations? From what I understand, he looks for suckers. He comes on all nice and open. When you're with him... ...if there's 100 people in the room, it doesn't matter. All he sees is you. That's how this person gets the girl to trust him. Yes. Then, he... He starts asking her things. "Wouldn't it be great to live in Switzerland?" "Get married in Paris?" By the time he pops the real question...'s like you don't want to disappoint him. That's what I've heard. You'll never find him, he's too smart. Maybe. What's his name? Nick something, you told me. Now, please leave. His name. Hello, Darlene. Great, you working for us again? I don't know, maybe. Does the name Skip Carn mean anything? Look, I had a lousy flight back from Hong Kong. I met another of Nick's or Skip's or whoever's girlfriends. - Be straight with me. - What are you talking about? You've been playing me all along. I thought it was Alice, but the come-on wouldn't work with her. - But it worked with you, huh? - No. You fit the mold, Darlene. He's done it 100 times. - You're just 101. - Look, you're wrong. He wined you, he dined you, he made love with you. Then what? Asked you to spend your life with him? No, he never asked me that. He didn't mentioned getting married in Paris? - What you'd do with a million bucks? - Well, yeah, he did ask me that. He asked me something about that, but I never knew. Who was it then? Was it Alice? Alice was never even alone with him. What do you want from me? You want me to say I knew? I planned the entire thing. I'm the mastermind. Does that make it easier for you to walk away? I don't care what you or anybody thinks. I know I didn't do it. Darlene? Darlene! - You. - What? You did it, didn't you? - What? - The questions. Nick's questions. "What would you do if you were rich?" His little tests. I flunked, so he asked you. What are you talking about? I wasn't groovy enough. - It wasn't me. It had to be you. - It wasn't me. Did you fuck him too? Of course you did. Why not? And then you gave me a bracelet? Was that a consolation prize? What did he say? "Oh, Darlene's a sweet girl, but..." And you! "Darlene's a really sweet girl... ...but she's no match for you." You've ruined my life. Do you understand that? No more girlfriend? Thai people is good friends. No secrets between Thai friends. Not like Yankee girls. [VOICE COMES OVER LOUD SPEAKER] - Ferg! - Jason! Mary! Hey, babe. You look great. Don't lie to a lifer. We heard you couldn't have anything in here... ...but we got you each a bra. A little push-up in the padding. - Alice? - Great. So you guys still hanging out together? No, we see Mary at Christmas, spring break. You're at college? Do you like it? It's just State. I have this moronic roommate. I mean, the girl sleeps in her socks. It's different than high school. That's good. That's really good. I saw your sister in the mall. She's so big. You guys look so good. WOMAN: Attention! Visiting hours are over. All visitors must leave. Darlene! At least you're together. At least you have each other, right? Whatever she's on, I want some. Darlene! Darlene! She stay in infirmary. They find cockroach. It crawled in Darlene's ear. It caused infection. The doctor pulled it out from ear. Can I make a wish? Spirit house is not for wish. Spirit house not joke. Can I talk to the guard who forgot to lock the gate? - Help me. - Do you want to die? Velie, I've got money. Leave me alone. - Can I just talk to you? - No. The night I gave you the bracelet... ...I was with Nick that day. And he kissed me. We didn't do anything else. He tried, but I wouldn't let him. I should've told you he was a creep. What if we had just gone to Hawaii? What if I let you buy those drinks? What if I told you about Nick? - There'd be no Hong Kong... - And we wouldn't be here. We won't be here much longer. I set it up. We're getting out. I need to go to the bathroom. Where's the goddamn car? I couldn't sleep. The coffee's fresh. "Customs was told Davis and Marano carried narcotics... an anonymous informant's phone call. Identification of the caller was unsuccessful." They tape those calls, don't they? Do they? I don't know. Bud, check this out. - Just had it installed. - U.S. Tax dollars are hard at work. - Hey, it's a living. Drink? - I don't think so. What's up? Have you got a line on a Skip K. Carn? Why? See? The letters, just rearranged. It's an anagram. What's it prove? - I think you know all about him. - I do? This is a recording from the anonymous informant who called customs. A young man with a heavy Australian accent. - It's Skip Carn. I'm sure. - Prove it. It could be anyone with an Aussie accent. Those girls didn't stand a chance. This scumbag bought eight tickets. His real couriers sailed by. But your girls were still carrying the smack. Goddamn it, Roy! They're gonna die in that shithole. All I know about Skip Carn is he's a low-level hustler. A bottom-feeder with friends in high places. And that's it? One friend... a really high place. So he had to give up two mules... cover for six other mules on the flight. Could you stop saying that word? We're not mules. Yes. Nick Parks tipped off customs... create a diversion. They were too busy with you to search the six other couriers. It's insurance for this kind of people. The cops and customs guys get paid extra money... ...when they make a dope bust? So we were like a walking bribe. Yes. Now they'll add 15 more years for trying to escape. You have been busy, Mr. Greene. - Please, sit down. - Thank you. Getting those two girls set free has earned you a few shekels? A few. I believe I'm really the source of your good fortune. How's that, sir? I catch drug smugglers, and you defend them. I feel I'm owed some sort of tribute from you. It's a regular food chain. Yes, that's exactly what it is. I guess Skip Carn would know a thing or two... ...about paying tribute to you. I expect a little more from you. You're acting like... What's that American expression? An ambulance chaser. I'm kind of a loose cannon. Know that American expression? I'd love to blow this out of the water. You have a cozy relationship with a known drug trafficker. This is exactly the kind of thing... ...Americans love watching on TV. Two American girls' lives ruined by a sleazy smuggler... ...and the greedy cop in his pocket. You'll have to get ready for Larry King. You'll love him. Barbara Walters will probably have pictures of you. Barbara and the parents will go into the bedroom: "This is Darlene's room, exactly as she left it." - Teddy bears... - Is there a point to this fantasy? Yes, sir, it's a simple point. I need your help. That's a good accent. My Spanish teacher always told me, "Good ear, bad memory." - How's Darlene doing? - She's better. - We'll just wait for her. - Can I ask you something? Since there's no money left, why are you here? No matter how I look at it, you don't deserve this. - Even if I did it? - Yeah, but... You didn't do it. We both know it. I wanted you to hear this at the same time. You're gonna get to go home. - How? - You'll have to sign a statement. Admit you're wrong. Forget Nick... - A statement? - I can't do that. This is the official, face-saving confession. You corroborate the police version of events. That's our part of the deal. Then the crown will pardon you. Then you get to go home. All right. It's okay. No pardon: Narcotic offender. - What's the problem? - No pardon. Your Minister of Justice has agreed. You tell him that we have an agreement. I'm sorry. They are narcotics smugglers. You son of a bitch, we have a deal. Yes, nicely done. You really had me going. But now there is no more Skip Carn. No one will get to him, so no deal. Wait. No, get them off me. You may speak English. My best friend is not a drug smuggler. She is innocent. She's innocent. All she ever did wrong was to trust me. Here you believe one friend knows what the other does. Maybe that's friendship... ...but I'm American, and I was not that kind of a friend. I know this. Because I did it. Because I was foolish... ...and jealous. I was afraid she'd drift away. I was afraid I was gonna lose her. She never knew. It was all me. She spent all this time in your prison for my mistakes. I'm sorry. Please, if you need someone to do the time, I'll do it. I'll do her time and mine. Just let her go, please. Then you're of strong character and would lie to save your friend? No, I am of weak character. And I just want to make up for my mistakes. If you're lying to save your friend... ...then you're of sufficient character to earn what you want. If you're telling the truth... ...then your friend is innocent and should go free. If you are willing to serve her term and yours... ...your friend is pardoned. Thank you. Thank you. Darlene must go soon. You're a very good liar. You didn't do it. I know you didn't do it. I don't think I can leave you. If I say it was the truth...'ll hate me. And if I say I lied... ...then when you go home, all the time with your family... You won't be able to just be happy. So let's just say it was the right thing to do. Let's just leave it at that. Come, Darlene. - I'm going to get you out of here. - I know. Go, Dar. I need you to. Please. ALICE: A lot of people won 't understand why I said I did it. But for me, it was the right thing to do. Maybe more right than anything I ever did. Darlene and Hank won 't stop trying... ...till I'm out of here. Until I'm free.

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