One day, Big Bird was sitting in his nest and he was pretty bored. Big Bird was thinking about how he never get to do anything wonderful or to go anywhere extra special. Then he got to thinking about how nothing really exciting ever happens on Sesame Street. Just then, Cookie Monster walked by and asked "What wrong, Big Bird? Me don't think you look very happy today." So Big Bird said "You know what, Cookie? I think Sesame Street is pretty boring." "Boring? Me don't think so. Me never bored on Sesame Street", said Cookie. "But what is there to do?" he asked.

"Well, me can eat chocolate chippies and macaroon fudgies. That very special. And make marshmallow fluffies with little candy hearts on top. Oh. And another thing me can do is put yummy blueberries and muffins, and then--" "I'll get the idea", Big Bird interupted. Everything Cookie Monster was talking about was the same old boring Cookie-Monster-Stuff. That's when the lid popped up on Oscar's trash can. "Someone's bored?" he asked. Now here was something he thought would agree with him.

"Don't you think Sesame Street is pretty boring, Oscar?" he asked. "No way! Why, where were you last night when Slimey's band play "The Trash Can Blues"? You sure have heard those lids roll. And this barry morning, 3 perfectly normal eggs turned rotten right in my trash can. What's your problem, turkey?" "I'm bored", he said. Only this time he was bored by the same old boring Oscar-stuff.

So Big Bird curled into his nest and he took a nap. And that's what he had a really amazing dream. Boring, boring, boring. Big Bird was muttering to himself as he fell asleep. And just then, a genie appeared right in front of his nest. And do you know what he said to him? He said, "So you want to do something really exciting, eh? Maybe go someplace really special? I'll tell you what. I'll grand you any three wishes you want". "Wow! Do you mean that I can go anywhere in the whole world and have a really exciting adventure?" he asked. "Just name it. Any three wishes you want", the genie said. He wishes, he wishes...

"I wish I had a charming prince who lived in a beautiful castle and bought dragons!" he said. And do you know what happened next in his dream? Poof! There he was! Right in front of his own beautiful castle. "Oh, thank you", Big Bird said to the genie. "No problem. My pleasure", he replied. And that was when he heard the dragon roar. "Roar! Oh, me so hungry and me so tired of eating chocolate chippies and macaroon fudgies and marshmallow fluffies. Oh, hello there. Is that a yummy yum tenered prince me see? Cowabunga!" "Oh, no!" he yelled. He wishes he had never made this wish in the first place. He wishes he was right back in his nest on Sesame Street.

Poof! He bet you guessed what happened next in his dream. There he was right back on good-old Sesame Street and boy was he glad. His exciting adventure didn't work out the way he had planned it at all. He was thinking about just that when the genie said to him, "I'll bet you wish there was some way who could know how things were going to work out ahead of time. Then you'd know whether or not, you really wanted to do them at all". "Oh, yes!" he said. "That is just what I wish". "Well, I've got just the thing you need", he said. Poof! A crystal ball appeared right in front of him. Just like the ones fortune tellers used to tell them what's going to happen in the future. "Can I look into this crystal ball whenever I want to know what's going to happen?" Big Bird asked the genie. "Yup", he said. "And be sure to use it all the time".

Well, not long after that in his dream, Cookie Monster came by and said "Hi, Big Bird. Me favorite cousin send me new game called "Cookie Chase". Oh, it a very good game. And lots of fun. Would you like to play it with me?" Big Bird was just about to say yes when he remembered his crystal ball. So he looked into the ball and what do you think he saw. He saw him losing the game. "No thanks", Big Bird said to Cookie. "Maybe we play another time", Cookie said and off he went. And then he sat back down in his nest good and bored.

Soon Cookie came back. "Look, Big Bird! You got this postcard from your Granny Bird. Ahem. It say: "Dear, Big Bird, would you like to come and visit me at my house on the beach. Hope to see you. Love, Granny Bird. That sound like fun, Big Bird". At first Big Bird thought "Sure! I'll go visit Granny Bird!" Then he remembered to check his crystal ball. It's a good thing he did too. Because it was going to rain, and who would like to go to the beach in the rain. "Maybe another time", Big Bird said to Cookie. So there he was still in his nest very very bored.

Then Cookie said "But, Big Bird, it no matter if it rain. You always love to visit Granny Bird. Even when it rain she makes very delicious birdseed cuppycakes and lemonade". "Hey, wait a minute", he said to himself. Cookie was right! Then another thing if he had played that game of "Cookie Chase" with him, he could have a lot of fun. Maybe he would have won, but he would've had a good time.

"This crystal ball is no good at all", he said. "Genie, I wish you would take this crystal ball away." And do you know what the genie said to him? "Sorry. You already had your three wishes, Bird-brain. Can't you count? First you wish to get away from Sesame Street, and be a prince with your own castle. But then you met the dragon, remember? Next you wish to go back to Sesame Street so you did. And then you wish for the silly crystal ball so if you would know everything that was going to happen. The deal was three wishes, Turkey, and that's what you got".

Oh no. He was stuck with the crystal ball forever. When he looked into the ball, he saw him never having fun again. Every time he wanted to do something, he looked into the ball and then he didn't want to do it anymore. "Oh, I wish I had never asked for this ball in the first place", he said. "And I wish that genie had never come". Everything on Sesame Street was so much better before. He wishes he had never gotten up this morning. He wishes...

Poof! And then he woke up. And do you know what? He didn't wish for anything then. Big Bird was just so happy everything went back to normal on good-old Sesame Street. "Hey, Cookie Monster", Big Bird called, "Wanna play a game of Cookie Chase?" "Oh oh yeah yeah. Sure, Big Bird. Me run right home and get it. Oh boy oh boy oh boy". Well, Big Bird didn't win that game of "Cookie Chase", but he didn't even care. Because Cookie Monster and Big Bird had such a good time playing. And then, Big Bird packed up his bag and decided he go pay Granny Bird to visit. He thinks it will be a long time before he feels bored again.

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