Movie Date: April 3, 1992

Slow down, slow down. Move it back up. -Here we go.|-They`re drivin` me crazy! -Don`t go too fast.|-Come on! -What`s the matter?|-You threw the cage on my foot! -l didn`t do that.|-Yes, you did. l need puppies. -Okay. All right. Come on.|-Puppies. Hi there. lsn`t that the sweetest? -He`s cool.|-l think he likes us. What a cute guy. lsn`t he cute? Hi, puppy. No, absolutely not. How big`s he gonna be? St. Bernards get to be about 150 pounds. l got a junkyard.|l need a big, mean junkyard dog. Let me see him. Come here, puppy. He looks good and mean. l don`t know. He`s pretty sweet. You can make any dog mean. Damn little beast! God! You got any pit bulls? Come on. lt`s a pushover. l cased the place. What about the cops?|What about video surveillance? You`re crazy if you`re gonna walk up|just like this. What about the alarm? All you gotta do is step over. -l got you.|-Okay, okay. There, you see?|ln and out, quiet as a mouse. Let`s get some dogs. Come on, puppy.|We`re just goin` for a little car ride. Look at the wee, little ones.|Come here, little puppies. Here we go. Come on, puppy. Here puppy, nice puppy. l`ve stepped in the beam. Here, puppy, nice puppy. See, didn`t l tell ya? Doesn`t this beat|takin` strays off the street? -You are a genius!|-Get off! Sorry! l`m sorry. l`m just a little bit excited.|That`s my very first felony. l`ve committed a lot of misdemeanors,|but that was my first felony. Why are they barking? They`re dogs. l know they`re dogs!|Go in the back and check. Okay, doggies, what`s the racket back-- Okay, doggies, back in your house. Back in your house.|Here, doggie, nice doggie. No, doggie. Don`t jump. Bad dog! Good puppy! Bad puppy, don`t jump! Good puppy, don`t jump! Come back! Stop the van! Harv, what is it?|Why did you want me to stop? Hurry, they`re gettin` away. Hey, you, come back here! Come here! l`ll give you a bone! Come back here, you little runt! Come here, you! Ted, l`m sorry. What`s wrong?|Did you have another nightmare? Yeah. Mom, it`s Saturday and it`s 7:02.|Do we really have to get up? Yep, you heard your father. l know, Daddy`s rules. That`s it! l`m not gonna take it anymore. Mom, l have a news flash for you.|lt`s Saturday! -Yeah, l know, honey.|-This sucks! Why do we have to get up|so early on Saturday? Ask your father. Don`t say `"sucks.`" The bathroom`s mine! -Nanny, nanny!|-Shut up! Let me in. Open up, you little wimp! Let me in! -Mom! Let me in!|-You have no bladder control. Wait till l get my hands on you. Let me in! A puppy! Hi! Guys, do you have to-- l dreamt l had a puppy, and it came true! Honey. l take back everything l said|about you being cold and insensitive. Dad, l take back|anything l ever said about you, too. Dad, l have everything l ever wanted. -l owe you big time.|-Why? Daddy, can we call him Fred? -Let me have him. lt`s my turn.|-No, it`s my turn! -l saw him first!|-l`m gonna have him for five more minutes. We can`t have a dog. We can`t have a dog! You can`t show a child a puppy,|then take it away two minutes later. l didn`t show a child a puppy.|lt`s obviously lost. -Occupy the kids. l`ll run to the pound.|-No, no way! -lt`ll be destroyed.|-lf we keep it, the house will be destroyed! -lt`s a dog. Millions of people have dogs.|-Not people like me. Dogs sniff. They lick, they chew.|They drool, they scratch-- -Alice, they have parasites.|-Oh, God, yeah. The kids`ll lose interest.|l`ll have to care for it. lt`ll grow to be enormous.|lt`ll take over the yard. The lawn`ll look terrible. When the dog finally settles down, it`ll die. Everybody will be upset. We`ll have|to get another puppy. Start all over. -Do you understand?|-No. Could you be more specific? -Alice, l need a little support.|-Okay, l`m sorry. All right. How shall we handle this? Go tell the kids. -Come on.|-Come over here. He loves me the most. -Hi, kids.|-Hi, Dad. -Can he sleep in my room?|-No, he`s sleeping in my room. -l`m the oldest. He`s sleeping in my room.|-He`s not sleeping in anyone`s room. Listen to me a minute. We are `"people`" people here.|We are `"goldfish`" people. We`re `"ant farm`" people. We`re not `"dog`" people. Dad, why can`t you just give us a chance? You`re always saying|we have to have responsibility. That`s true. lt`s my decision. l mean, l`ve decided. l knew it! Better think of something to name him. When he destroys my house,|l wanna know what to call him! -Thank you.|-This is temporary. This is temporary until we find the owner. Okay, the dog`s name will be.... -What is it?|-What`s his name gonna be? You can`t change it. That`s the rules. Okay. Emily? Did you do your name in a crayon? l don`t think words for parts|of the body make good names. But he`s got one of those. l looked. l`m sure he does, but l don`t think Daddy... ...wants to stand on the front porch|at night yelling that out. But that`s what you call Uncle Richard. Okay, the dog`s name will be.... You asked for my input. -What?|-Nothing. Let`s just call the dog Rover. -Mom, please, M.C. Hammer.|-Ultimate Warrior. M.C. Hammer? No, no, Rover. He doesn`t like any of those names. -Right! Like you can read his mind!|-Ryce! Emily, what does the dog|want his name to be? This is ridiculous! lt`s a dog.|He doesn`t have preferences! Call him Ding Dong.|He wouldn`t know the difference. Yes, he would! He`ll tell us what he wants to be called. Beethoven. Roll over. Come on, boy. Roll over. You! No, no, no! lf this business is gonna grow,|we need more money. They`re talking about $25,000.|l said, `"That`s no good.`" They said, `"No?`" l said, `"No.`" lf this is gonna take off,|l need some capital, not a Band-Aid. They said, `"What kind of figures|are we talking about?`" l said, `"$150,000 sounds|like a good neighborhood to me.`" You really said that? This is a business.|What am l gonna do with $25,000? Advertising, signs, but l`m optimistic. -Ted, get down here.|-Where`s my shoes? -l don`t know, honey, just backtrack.|-Mom, please? Look behind the bathroom door. -Daddy?|-What? He wants you to scratch his head. You know, l don`t wanna scratch his head. Back off, back off! But he wants you to. Sometimes we don`t get what we want.|That`s not how it works. lf l don`t get this deal, l`ll kill myself! Honey, don`t talk like that|in front of the kids. lf l can just get them to smell the stuff.|Air fresheners are visceral products-- -l got a great idea.|-What? Can l have karate lessons? l didn`t get any bacon.|What do you want karate lessons for? Brenda`s littler than me,|and she`s got a green belt. Why don`t we skip the lessons|and get you the belt? No! Come on! He slimed me! He slobbed! Look at this! Don`t worry about it. l`ve got dog drool on my pants! l can`t meet with Vanguard Capital|with dog drool on my pants! -Just change your pants.|-l`m gonna change my pants. l had a schedule and now it`s gone.|l`ll never have that again! -Just change, George.|-l`m gonna change my pants. Then l gotta change my jacket. lf l change my jacket, l change my shirt.|lf l change my shirt, l change my tie. l have to change my belt, shoes and socks. Just change your pants, George. l don`t need you to drool all over me,|for God sakes! You`re so smart!|What am l telling you about? Listen to me! Bye, honey. Sorry. Good luck. A little Kleenex or something. Hi, puppy. Thirsty, huh? Easy, buddy. Save some for the fishes. Look at Tom. He`s wide open. Shoot it! Put it up. Put it up! -This guy`s all over me.|-Shoot it. Yeah! All right, that`s it. Hit the showers. Give me 10. Let`s go, hustle. Hi, Mark. -You`re sweaty.|-You like it? Air fresheners are the 12th fastest-growing|area in household hygiene. Fascinating! All of these use a two-dip process|that guarantees a longer smell life. Smell this. That smell nice? lf we get the right amount of capital,|we can take this place to the top. l don`t just mean successful.|l mean dominant. Here`s a favorite. Look at this. -New leather.|-That`s cute. -l could use that in my Beemer.|-l could use it in my Beemer! A lot of people could use `em|in their Beemers. l wouldn`t want to hang it|from my rearview mirror. Tacky! No, there`s Velcro on the back. People hide them.|A lot put it under their dashboard. lngenious! Bravo, Newton. Kudos. Thank you. Let`s get Ted. Hey, Teddy boy.|That`s a nice lunch you got there. -A veritable nutrition lesson.|-Oh, yeah. Don`t forget to wash it down|with a big glass of milk. Oh, man! See ya on the bus. Hi! Miss Simpkins made me stay after. Want a Twinkie? Hold on a minute. Good boy. See over there? That`s Donna Ditsworth. She`s the most popular girl|in the whole school. Her hair is perfect. Her teeth are perfect. Even Mark thinks she`s perfect. Beethoven! Hey, check out Fido. -What a cool-lookin` dog.|-l bet you wanna play fetch. You gotta give me the stick|if you want me to throw it. Where we going? -Cool dog.|-Cool dog. ls he yours? -What`s his name?|-Beethoven. -Wow. Hi, Beethoven.|-Hey, Beethoven. Cool dog. Good boy. Well, see you later, Ryce. Yes! He knows my name! He knows my name. No question about it. You`ve built yourself|something impressive here. Thank you very much. -That mean you`re interested?|-Absolutely. We`ve smelled a lot of stuff. l speak for myself as well|as the `"Brie Meister`" when l say... ...yours smells the best. That`s great. Thanks a lot. We`re gonna crunch some numbers. -Maybe we can get together later.|-That would be great. -We`re looking forward to it.|-l`ll get it. -Thank you.|-Ciao. -Ciao, George.|-Ciao, bello. -Ciao, bello.|-Ciao! Ciao. Ciao. How ya doin`, Theodore? -Nice backpack, Teddy!|-Can l see it? Sorry! Why do you guys always pick on me? `Cause you`re a little four-eyed dork. Give them back! They`re mine. Give them back! Where you going, Teddy? Wait up, Theodore.|We wanna walk you home. What are you, a chicken? Come on. Scaredy-cat! Scared? Come on, fight me. -Now he can`t even see.|-Blind as a bat! What`s going on here? He looks mean! Yeah. -Give him the glasses.|-Sorry. And don`t come back! l know it doesn`t mean that he likes me. But he`s gotta like me better|than before he said my name. You think he could like me, Beethoven? l know you like me. Good night, sweetheart. You, out! Good night, Beethoven. -Good night, honey.|-Good night, Dad. Mark. All right! You, in here! You sleep in here. l sleep there. You-- See, that`s very nice. That`s progress. l appreciate that.|Good night. Good night. Ever since you started looking|for investors you seem-- -You wanted us to expand.|-l want you to be happy. You even said you`d come back to work. l said l`d give you one wish|for your birthday. l wish you`d come back to work. There`s other things that are important.|l like being home when the kids get home. l don`t want them|to come home to some stranger. We`ll get a great baby-sitter,|somebody reliable that the kids`ll love. the third occurrence this month. We`ve seen a 500 percent increase|in the reported incidence of stolen pets. Police believe an animal kidnapping ring|is at work. That`s News Break. Back to The Wolfman. -Did you hear something?|-No. l heard something downstairs. You were right. The TV was on. l don`t know.|l hope l`m doing the right thing. lt feels like a good idea to expand... ...but l don`t want to do it|at everybody`s expense. We have to get somebody wonderful|to take care of the kids. No question about that. Sometimes it`s hard|to know what the right thing is. No matter how many showers l take... ...l still smell Beethoven all over me. Are you okay? You`re so quiet. You`re not mad at me, are you? Oh, baby! Oh, baby, it`s not even Saturday night. Alice, you drive me crazy. Has Daddy`s little girl|been naughty tonight? George? Who you talking to? How dare you! Are you crazy? Did you think|you were gonna get away with it? That`s how you do it! l`ll put a stop to that. You`ve ruined my life! You`ve ruined my furniture!|You`ve ruined my clothes! My family likes you|more than they like me. Why? All you do is drool and shed and eat. You`re never getting|out of there again. Never! Do we understand each other? Hey, little buddy. How ya doin`? Thank you. Good work. -Vernon!|-Come on, Harvey. -Can l tell you something?|-What? -l don`t like it when you tease the dogs.|-Are you some kind of animal lover? We`ve developed|a new type of ammunition. lt explodes on contact. We`d like you to use|this revolver for the tests. We want to know the extent|of the damage at close range. You wanna know how messy it is. l presume you can get dogs|with big skulls for the tests. Newfoundlands, Great Danes, St. Bernards. Large dogs are difficult to come by... ...harder to manage. l`m sure we`ll be able to handle it. -Mr. Newton?|-Yes. l`m Dr. Varnick. This must be Beethoven. He`s a magnificent animal. Magnificent! Magnificent! -ln for his shots?|-That`s right. He`ll be a little groggy this evening. That`ll be nice. Perhaps you should leave him overnight|for observation. -l`d be happy to.|-Dad! lt`s just a shot. He`ll be okay. Let`s take him home.|He`s scared and wants to go home. l wonder if l might have a word|with you privately. Sure. Good dog. Take good care of these nice people. They aren`t gonna hurt Beethoven,|are they? Nothing could hurt Beethoven. Please, sit down. Mr. Newton, have you.... Have you noticed anything strange|about your dog lately? You know, l mean, he`s destroyed my life. l wish l was kidding. That`s very funny.|St. Bernards have been heavily over-bred. There`s been quite a bit written|about certain behavioral problems. What kind of problems? l don`t know how to say this, but l`ve had|to put down several over the past months. They have a tendency to turn on people... ...attack without provocation. l only mention this|because you have children. Good boy! George, come on.|Beethoven isn`t even remotely dangerous. He`d never hurt the kids. He might take a bite out of you, though. First snarl, first any kind of weirdness|and he`s gone. Weirdness? What should l watch for,|his wearing my clothes around the house? Good boy! You guys are gonna love Devonia. l don`t need a baby-sitter. How come you gotta|go back to work, anyway? There`s no point of us|going into this with a bad attitude. Hi there, you little cutie! Don`t you worry about a thing.|We`re gonna get along great. Right, kids? l`ll be back before dinner,|so it`s not that long. We`re gonna do neat stuff. l was hopin` we could sing a tune together.|You like music? What kind of music? How about Herb Alpert|and the Tijuana Brass? Oh, sorry. l am a nut for the disco beat! Okay, kids, be good. -You`ve had some time to think and--|-And we made our decision. We wanna get in bed|with Newton Auto Air Fresheners. Excellent! That`s just great! -Thank you very much.|-As quickly as possible. We can meet our lawyers today|and have the papers drawn up. That`s excellent! Let us take you out to dinner. Are there any good restaurants|in this burg? Restaurants. What? -Why don`t you come to our house?|-We`ll barbecue. Barbecue! Let`s live dangerously! Well, our food may not be great,|but it`s not dangerous. l hope it`s better than this espresso. Help! Help, somebody! l love you, too. Thanks, Beethoven. You saved my life. But you better go home now.|Mom said to stay in the backyard. You kids might be interested to know|that l am a performer... ...Saturday nights at the Padded Zebra. Gosh! Emily`s in the pool! The pool? -Emily!|-What are you doing in the pool? Get out this instant.|You want to get me into trouble? -Emily, are you all right?|-l fell in. Oh, Emily, you must`ve been so scared! l thought l was gonna die. You poor little thing. Now, you were never|in any real danger, were you? We don`t want you to get into trouble,|so we`ll let this be our little secret. l`d like to call my mother, please. -Your mother?|-lmmediately. She must`ve snuck out|while l was watching Ted and Ryce. lt was hot out, so l guess|she wanted to take a little swim. Where were you|while this was happening? Where l was supposed to be,|inside watching the other two. lf Emily had stayed where l put her,|none of this would`ve happened. lf you ask me, what these children need|is a little discipline. What these children need is their mother. You`re fired. -Honey, it was an accident.|-So what? lt is just that we had a bad baby-sitter. We`ll find somebody responsible|to look after the kids. -Over my dead body.|-Come on. We`re fine on our own.|You don`t have to entertain us. Do you have any kids? We have a career. Big one. Excuse us. -Brats.|-Monsters. lf we pull this off... six months we will own|Newton Auto Air Fresheners. Touch it. Sorry for the delay. -We--|-No problem. -Vegetables. Here you go.|-Look at that. -Here`s the paperwork, Giorgio.|-l`ve got my own chair, honey. -Look at that.|-You gonna do that now, honey? Alicia. -Alice.|-Alice. l`m sorry. Alice.|Could l have a refill, please? Sure. Thank you. Just right down at the bottom, George. -This is everything we`ve discussed?|-Yes, exactly. Right at the bottom, you can sign. Don`t sign that now.|Let`s have something to eat? -You can read it over--|-Alice, tell me about your dog. Well, he`s a dog. He sure is! Hello, cutesy-ootsy. -He`s a St. Bernard.|-He`s a purebred St. Bernard, isn`t he? Hello. Look at that big old tongue|you`ve got! Yes! Look at that. Come here. Oh, yeah. You wanna come with Mommy and Daddy?|Yes, you do. Come on.|We`ll come to Mommy and Daddy. Come on. Come on. l just love these big, dumb animals. l bet you do. Dogs obey so much better|than children, don`t they? Come here. Look, cutesy-ootsy-oogy. Mama just loves|this great big doggie-woggie. The places for you to sign... ...are marked by that blue clip right there. This are all standard stuff? You sure you wanna|`"signee-wignee`" right now? Alice, l`m sorry. l`ve got that. You be careful.|l don`t want you to break a nail. Right down there where the blue arrow is. Right there. Honey, you sit. l`ve got this. You guys don`t seem|to have made a good impression. -l`m crushed.|-Me, too. l`ll cry all night. l don`t like `em either. But these people|are important to Dad`s business. l hope Beethoven slimes that lady`s dress. lf you don`t want our capital... ...we could find another investment|somewhere else. -Sure!|-No, no, no. -Beethoven, down, down.|-ls there some problem? -No, no.|-Did l miss anything? No. Giorgio has gone over all the papers... ...and he`s about to sign. Just standard stuff, really. Will you get outta here, you mutt! l pitched in college. Beethoven, stop! Bad dog! Sit! Stop! Stay! Oh, no! Beethoven! l really don`t like our dog. l really don`t like those people. l don`t trust them. l don`t want their money. l know my opinion doesn`t matter,|but l`m not interested in expanding. lf l had been home instead|of helping you impress those morons... ...Emily wouldn`t have fallen in the pool. And l`m not re-entering the workforce. You`re gonna have to do this on your own. And you will. Somehow you`ll make your fortune. And tucked away behind you, deep|in the shadows, will be me and the kids. That`s how you see me.|Suddenly l`m a lousy husband and father. Everything was fine|until Beethoven came into our lives. l`ve tried to be patient, but l`ve had it. The dog has to go. l`m proud of Beethoven. Those two idiots insulted your kids|and treated me like dirt. He was the only one who had the nerve|to give them the ride they deserved. l`m going to bed. My dream`s going down the drain,|and you`re worried about a dog. Your family`s going down the drain,|and you`re worried about a dream. Why do we gotta be so quiet? You`re a big boy! -Sit down.|-We made you breakfast, Dad. -Scrambled eggs the way you like them.|-l fed Beethoven. We washed him, too. You should smell him. l`ll walk Beethoven every day. We divided up the dog chores so you won`t|have to do anything for Beethoven. l see. ls there anything else you need?|Anything else at all? No, thank you. l`m fine. l dropped part of an eggshell in there. Chew carefully, Dad. Okay, fine. Great, Ryce.|l`m gonna get that thing. -That leaf`s mine.|-l get the next one! Okay, fine. Get that question box. Give me five. Shake. Mrs. Newton. -Yes.|-l`m Dr. Varnick, the veterinarian. l`m sorry to trouble you,|but l wonder if l might come in? Sure. Come in. With animals as large as yours... ...l like to do a follow-up on rabies shots|just to see how he`s doing. -lt`s nice of you to come down here.|-No trouble at all. -Here you go.|-Thank you. l`ll only be a moment. -Would you like a lemonade?|-No, thank you. All right. Beethoven, how are you doing? Lookin` good. Lookin` good. Beethoven, this is gonna hurt you|a lot more than it hurts me. But it`s a great benefit to mankind. Put some of this here. -l`m gonna get those bones.|-No, l get some! You get the next. Okay, that`ll do ya. All right now. -No!|-Emily, what`s the matter? Come on, you big stupid mutt! Help! Help! George! Oh, my God! Help, somebody! Help! Good boy. Good boy! Beethoven! Beethoven! -No!|-Get off him. Beethoven! Beethoven. Oh, my gosh, Beethoven! Why`d he do that? My gosh, look what he did! -Are you all right?|-Well, l don`t know. -What happened?|-He just lunged at me! That`s not true. l saw you hit Beethoven. -Emily, please.|-Why would l? l patted him on the head. lt`s possible that from a distance the child-- Liar! -Emily!|-l`m sorry. Everything`s all right. lt`s very natural the child would want|to defend her dog. -Let`s call an ambulance.|-No, l`ll take care of it. l`ll take care of this myself. l`m terribly sorry.|He`s never done anything like this before. Once an animal crosses the line|and attacks a human being... can rest assured he`ll do it again. Of course, next time|it could be one of your children. l`m very, very sorry. Let me help. Mr. Newton, we have a real problem here. The law is very clear|when it comes to dealing with this. Unless you bring the animal|to my office immediately... ...l`m afraid l`ll be forced to press charges. l`m so sorry. l don`t want anything|to happen to Beethoven. Dad won`t believe us|`cause he hates Beethoven. He`s always hated Beethoven. Dad has Beethoven! Wait, wait! Stop! Stop! Daddy! Wait! Wait! My dad had to take our dog|to the vet to be put down. l hated him for it. Now l`m doing it myself. l know you won`t believe me,|but l don`t wanna do this. You understand. lt`s not your fault. -Mr. Newton.|-Dr. Varnick. l know that you`re doing the right thing. l hope so. Follow me. Come on. Come on. How`s your arm? lt`s fine. -Thirty-seven stitches.|-l`m so sorry. Do you want the collar and tags? -Some people like to keep them.|-Yeah. Do you mind? l have the bad wing. Come here. Come here. l`m sorry. You were my dog, too. Sad state of affairs. Sad state of affairs.|Come on, boy. Come on. Come on, boy. ln you go. There you go. All right. Magnificent. George Newton. We`re gonna have to charge you|for a day`s boarding... ...because Jimmy, who handles|the lethal injections and disposals... ...he doesn`t work today, so we`re gonna|have to hold the dog overnight. Should we bill you? Dog killer! Nice dog, huh, Doc?|He`s perfect for the animal experiment. Get everything ready.|l`ll be by in the morning. We`ll do the test on him first thing. All right. Nice doggie, good doggie. Okay, close the door. l`ve got him. Come on! Good doggie. Come here, doggie. -Okay, l got him.|-Good, good. -l got him. Come on, doggie.|-Not you! The dog! Put him in. Okay, you got him? ln the cage. Get in. Shut up! There. Doc will work on him|first thing in the morning... ...and then he`s one dead puppy. Can we eat? -Yeah. You hungry?|-Yeah. l`m hungry. -What do you feel like?|-A chef`s salad. Did l do the wrong thing? l don`t know, honey. Beethoven made this house real. He put the dents in it. l know he slobbered and he smelled bad,|but he loved us. Even you. l just hope your motives were pure,|and you did this for the safety of the kids. l really hate to think|we sold Beethoven down the river... ...for a piece of carpet|or a chance to sell more air freshener. lt had nothing to do with carpet|or air freshener. You saw what he did. l know. But we don`t know why he did it. Maybe the vet didn`t hit him, but maybe|he handled him too rough or something. Emily`s really sticking to this. Have we ever known her to attack an adult|and accuse them of lying? No, but why would a vet|say something like that? lnstead of listening to some guy|we`ve met only twice... ...maybe we should try listening|to our own child. Honey, something doesn`t make sense.|Can`t we just talk to him? What do you want me to do? Dr. Varnick, are you sure|you didn`t hit our dog? Yes, Mr. Newton,|l just remembered l did hit your dog. -Come on!|-lt`d make me feel better. Let`s go. -l`m coming with you.|-So am l. We`re all going with you. l`m terribly sorry. -We want our dog back!|-Where`s Beethoven? -Kids, let Daddy handle this.|-What can l do for you? -We want our dog back!|-l`m terribly sorry. lt`s too late. The dog`s been destroyed. -Dad?|-Now, wait a minute. l was told this wouldn`t happen|until tomorrow. l don`t believe you! Take your hands off her! What are you-- l told you he was lying! What the hell are you trying to pull? You can`t come in here.|This is private property. Beethoven? -He`s not here.|-Hold it right there. You have no right to be in here.|Out, all of you. Where`s my dog? l don`t have to answer your questions. You ordered that dog destroyed,|and it was done. Now get out. You hit me, l`ll have you put in jail|for assault and battery. Dad! -Honey!|-That was amazing. Dad, you were awesome. -You were really cool.|-l never found you more attractive. l may need an X-ray. -He said our dog bit him.|-But he didn`t really. Tell him. There were no bite marks on his arm! `"So what?`" What do you mean? l`d like to file a report on you! -They`re not going to help us?|-Not this year. -Dad! Dr. Varnick.|-Look! Let`s follow him. Maybe he`ll lead us to Beethoven. Hold your door. Hold your door. Shut it. Dad, haven`t you ever followed anyone? Turn off your lights. -l think that`s the last of it.|-Start getting the dogs. The dogs? Yeah! He said we gotta destroy|all the evidence. l`m gonna check this out. lt`s 9:30. lf l`m not back in 15 minutes... the police. Don`t come in after me. Before you destroy the dogs, bring me|the St. Bernard for the ammo test. Okay. And bring me a little one|for this chemical test. Sure. l know just the one. Hurry up. Latch. Congratulations.|You`re gonna be a pioneer. -Like Davy Crockett, right?|-Right. Good doggie! Oh, no! No, no! l`m saving you. l`m saving you! He pushed me on the ground,|and l couldn`t get up. Emily, come on. Here, Ryce, take her. Lock the doors. lf l`m not back in 15.... -l`ll be back.|-Lock the doors. Lock that one. Nice doggie. We`re gonna have a field test|with this new ammo. So long. You`re a very foolish man, Mr. Newton. You should`ve left well enough alone. -That was a gun!|-Daddy! -Mom, get over here!|-There`s no time! l don`t know where.|lt`s a big thing, a warehouse! -Buckle up.|-You can`t drive. You don`t have a license! -We`re going in!|-What are you doing? l don`t know. lt`s a-- Ted! Ted! -Cool.|-Dad! Dad! Dad! My babies! Are you all right? -Beethoven!|-Beethoven! -l love this dog. What a good doggie!|-George! George! Oh, my God! Be careful! -ls everyone alive?|-Where were you? l was shopping! l called the police. -l jumped. l fell on the guys.|-You`re kidding? -You let Ted drive!|-l didn`t let him! Don`t yell at me! l`m not yelling. l love you, too. -You`re free!|-You can go home! You`re free! You`re free! Go, go! Sic `em, boys! Help! Get outta my way! Oh, my God! Out of my way! Come on, Harvey. Over the fence. You thought you could get me,|you feebleminded mongrels! -Stupid, stupid doggies!|-Never! You`ll never get me! -Never!|-Stupid, stupid doggies. Stupid, stupid doggies! Stupid, stupid-- You little mangy thing! And you and you, you little one! Never! Never! You little mangy-- What? The final chapter|of a horror story for animal lovers... ...concluded at County Courthouse today.|Ruth Walters has the details. -Animal lovers everywhere appeared...|-lt`s us! ...when Dr. Varnick and two associates|were indicted on animal abuse. These were scientific investigations! And leading the cheers|were the ring`s unlikely captors... ...the Newton family of Valley Vista. l had no choice but to do what l did. Beethoven is notjust some dog|that wandered in off the street. He`s a member of our family|and we love him very much. Have you always been a dog lover? Maybe not as much as now. Thank you. This is Ruth Walters reporting|from County Courthouse. Okay, guys. Let`s go to bed. -Do we have to?|-lt`s been a long day. -You look beautiful.|-Daddy, you`re the best. -Good night, Dad. l love you.|-Good night, sweetheart. Say good night to Daddy. -Can l stay up?|-You are up! Go to sleep. Hello? Yeah. Hold on one second. Ryce? Who`s calling? Ryce! -Don`t stay on too long.|-Okay. Dad, who is it? Somebody who saw you on TV.|Mark something. Mark. Hello? Yeah. No. Really? Friday? -Good night, honey.|-Good night. Sleep tight. Good night, Beethoven. Good night, Sparky. -Good night, Mitch.|-Good night, Murphy. Good night, Sally. Good night, Lacey. Good night, Fred. Good night, Eliot.

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