Program Date: July 1, 1991

Barney_In_Concert_Original_Cover.jpg Barney_concert.jpg Dgdsfgsdfv.JPG 51CAR1G5DQL._SS500_.jpg

Barney and the Backyard Gang perform at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas, singing both familiar children's tunes and hits from the video series. Barney introduces a new friend named Baby Bop, a shy two year old triceratops, who joins in the show after meeting the Backyard Gang.

Song List Edit

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Everyone Is Special
  3. Backyard Gang Rap
  4. We Are Barney And The Backyard Gang
  5. Down On Grandpa's Farm
  6. The Noble Duke Of York
  7. Pop Goes The Weasel
  8. Alphabet Song (English, Hebrew and French)
  9. Where Is Thumbkin
  10. Sally The Camel
  11. Mr. Knickerbocker
  12. Mr. Knickerbocker (Reprise)
  13. Baby Bop's Street Dance
  14. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  15. Bubble Bubble Bath
  16. Hurry Hurry Drive The Firetruck
  17. Down By The Station
  18. You're A Grand Old Flag
  19. I Love You


Also get the Barney In Concert cassette on 1993 from Time-Life Music.

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