Program Date: July 1, 1991

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Barney and the Backyard Gang perform at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas, singing both familiar children's tunes and hits from the video series. Barney introduces a new friend named Baby Bop, a shy two year old triceratops, who joins in the show after meeting the Backyard Gang.

Credits Edit

  • Cast: Derek - Rickey Carter, Michael - Brian Eppes, Luci - Leah Gloria, Adam - Alexander Jhin, Amy - Becky Swonke, Tina - Jessica Zucha, Barney - David Joyner, Barney's Voice - Bob West, Baby Bop - Dao Knight, Baby Bop's Voice - Julie Johnson
  • Publisher: Richard C. Leach
  • Executive Producers: Sheryl Stamps-Leach, Kathy O'Rourke-Parker
  • Producer: Dennis DeShazer
  • Director: Jim Rowley
  • Associate Producer: Teri Peabody
  • Associate Director: Heather Smith
  • Concept: Kathy O'Rourle-Parker
  • Writers: Kathy O'Rourke-Parker, Sheryl Stamps-Leach, Dennis DeShazer, Sara Compton, Belinda Ward
  • Musical Director: Bob Singleton
  • Assistant Music Director: Dave Conner
  • Music Coordinator: Danny Epstein
  • Production Designer: Jess Nelson
  • Set Decorator: Nat Mongioi
  • Art Director: Elizabeth Velten
  • Choreographer: Penny Wilson
  • Lighting Director: Lowry Perry
  • Production Mixer: David Boothe
  • Editing Supervisor: Robert J. Emerick
  • Editor: McKee Smith
  • Audio Post Production: David Boothe
  • Graphic Animation: Linda Hamil
  • Costume Designer: Bill Kellard
  • Assistant Costume Designer: Terry Roberson
  • Wardrobe: Lisa Albertson
  • Wardrobe Assistant: Linda Yost
  • Seamstress: Susie Thennes
  • Make-up: GiGi Coker
  • Hair Stylist: Karen Specht
  • Casting: Shirley Abrams
  • Children's Casting: Kim J. Wilson
  • Script Supervisor: Holly Thompson
  • Script Coordinator: Thelma Moses
  • Camera Operators: Clay Armstrong, Chris Childs, Bruce Deck, Eric Norberg, Victor Sosa
  • Technical Directors: Stacey Smith, Ralph Mensch
  • Stage Managers: Chalotte Spivey, Kevin Spivey
  • Communications: Ron Balentine
  • Sound Effects: Dick Maitland, Roy Carch
  • Audio: Blake Norton, Tim Lester
  • Audio Assistant: Cindy Speer
  • House Mixer: Chris Kudrna
  • Gemini Audio Technician: Jimmy Hix
  • Omega Audio Crew: Donna Christiensen, Paul Christiensen, Julie Haldeman, Steve Lowney, Danny Miller, Mike Williams
  • Engineer in Charge: Glen Anderson
  • Video: Martins Gaujenieks
  • Senior Video Operator: Bink Williams
  • Video Tape Operator: Steve Tennison
  • Video Tape Editors: Evamarie Keller, Linda M. Long, John R. Tierney
  • Electronic Maintenance: Rolf Wahl
  • Technical Supervisor: Randy Breedlove
  • Vision Mixer: Mary Forrest
  • Utility: Mike Brandt, Colin Deford
  • Cable Pullers: David Hockemeyer, David Moxley
  • Production Associates: James Edwards, Sue Shinn
  • Production Supervisor: Frieda Lipp
  • Set Construction: Charles Bailey
  • Set Fabrication: Orfillio Molina
  • Puppet Construction: Ray Henry
  • Puppet Fabrication: Norine Henry, Carol Nelson
  • Swing Crew Chief: Santiago Molina
  • Swing Crew: Havier Lizama, Valario Molina
  • Barney & Baby Bop's Costume: Irene Corey, Suzanne Braddick, Irene Corey Designs, Inc.
  • Majestic Stage Manager: Ron Brooks
  • Majestic Assistant Managers: Pat Myer, Jan Hitchborne
  • Business Representative-IATSE: Jim Aman
  • Unit Manager: Eleanor McIntosh
  • Still Photographer: Dennis Full
  • Child Supervisor: Rita Blanchard
  • Assistant to the Producers: Danette DeSena
  • Production Assistants: Lynn Carlton, Donna Fankhauser, Nancy Jones, Debbie Ries, Cher Jung, Tim Carter, Gabrielle Howard, Leslie Brothers, Christine Ferraro, Ruth Luwisch, Carol-Lynn Parente
  • Musical Arrangements By: Bob Singleton & Larry Haron © 1991, Agnes Day Music, BMI
  • Children's Choir: Bob Singleton's Kids Chorus, Directed by: Larry Haron
  • "The Alef Bet Song" © 1981 Deborah Lynn Friedman (ASCAP) Sound Write Productions, Inc.
  • "Baby Bop Street Dance" © 1991 Agnes Day Music, BMI
  • "Everyone is Special", "Bubble, Bubble Bath" (Lyrics), "We are Barney & The BYG" (Lyrics), "Backyard Gang Rap" (Lyrics), "Baby Bop" (Lyrics) © 1991 Phillip Parker, ASCAP
  • All Public Domain Musical Arrangements © 1991 Agnes Day Music, BMI
  • Special Thanks to: Allen Tallenette Drill Team, Broadcast and Journalism Department of Allen High School
  • Stage Monitors: Ian Feiwus, Melissa Feiwus
  • Barney's Special Friends who helped sing "The ABC Song" in Hebrew and in French: Sara Baker, A.J. Bush, Jennifer Bush, Alex Dermu, Julie Dermu, Laurence Dermu, Brittney Elliot, Dana Feiwus, Caroline Freytag, Daniel Frid, Jonathan Frid, Marissa Gallant, Lexie-Preston Gunther, Grant Connor Jenkins, Anouk Lepetre, Lindsay Long, Katherine Lucca, Stephaine Lucca, Alexandre Oger
  • Special Thanks to Solomon Schecter Preschool, Dallas, Texas, The French School, Dallas, Texas
  • Directors: Pam Laptook, Jeanne Jeannin
  • Executive in Charge of Production: Richard C. Leach
  • Copyright © 1991 The Lyons Group

Song List Edit

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Everyone Is Special
  3. Backyard Gang Rap
  4. We Are Barney And The Backyard Gang
  5. Down On Grandpa's Farm
  6. The Noble Duke Of York
  7. Pop Goes The Weasel
  8. Alphabet Song (English, Hebrew and French)
  9. Where Is Thumbkin
  10. Sally The Camel
  11. Mr. Knickerbocker
  12. Mr. Knickerbocker (Reprise)
  13. Baby Bop's Street Dance
  14. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  15. Bubble Bubble Bath
  16. Hurry Hurry Drive The Firetruck
  17. Down By The Station
  18. You're A Grand Old Flag
  19. I Love You


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