Image Character How to Unlock
File:Ali Badge.jpg Ali Make 1 edit
File:Muhannad Badge.jpg Muhannad Make 2 edits
File:Yehia Badge.jpg Yehia Make 5 edits
File.Nour Badge.jpg Nour H. Make 10 edits
File:JustinBadge.jpg Justin Make 25 edits
File:Abdelrahman Badge.jpg Abdelrahman Make 50 edits
File:Abdullahi Badge.jpg Abdullahi Make 250 edits
File:Muon Badge.jpg Muon Make 80 edits
File:Ahmed Badge.JPG Ahmed Make 100 edits
File:Adna Badge.jpg Adna
File:Darea Badge.jpg Darea
File:Abdel-Fatah Badge.jpg Abdel-fatah Make 500 edits
File:Cayden Badge.jpg Cayden
File:Hunter Badge.jpg Hunter Create 50 articles
File:NourE Badge.jpg Nour E. Make 1 edit on a Students Article
File:Nimo Badge.jpg Nimo File:Charlotte Badge.jpg Charlotte File:Tiana Badge.jpg Tiana File:Kora Badge.jpg Kora File:Kailey Badge.jpg Kailey File:Paige Badge.jpg Paige File:Shaniah Badge.jpg Shaniah File:Gabriel Badge.jpg Gabriel File:Yassin Badge.jpg Yassin File:Mahdy Badge.jpg Mahdy File:Russell Badge.jpg Russell File:Sadikcha.jpg Sadikcha File:Alyaa Badge.jpg Alyaa Make 1 edit on a Finding Nemo Article
File:Joweria Badge.jpg Joweria File:Mario Badge.jpg Mario File:Luigi Badge.jpg Luigi File:Birdo Badge.jpg Birdo File:Toad Badge.jpg Toad File:Toadette Badge.jpg Toadette File:Yoshi Badge.jpg Yoshi File:Wario Badge.jpg Wario File:Waluigi.jpg Waluigi File:DK badge.jpg DK Make 1 edit on a Females Article File:BOWSER BADGE.JPG Bowser File:Diddy Badge.jpg Diddy Kong File:Bowser Jr.jpg Bowser Jr. File:Larry Badge.jpg Larry Koopa File:Morton Jr. Badge.jpg Morton Koopa Jr. Flle:Wendy Badge.jpg Wendy O. Koopa File:Iggy Badge.jpg Iggy File:Roy Badge.jpg Roy Koopa File:Lemmy Badge.jpg Lemmy Koopa File:Ludwig Badge.jpg Ludwig V Koopa File:Goomba Badge.jpg Goomba File:Koopa Badge.jpg Koopa Troopa File:Shy Guy Badge.jpg Shy Guy File:Hammer Bro Badge.jpg Hammer Bro [[File:Toads Badge.jpg] Toads File:Homer Badge.jpg Homer File:Marge Badge.jpg Marge File:Bart Badge.jpg Bart File:Lisa Badge.jpg Lisa File:Maggie Badge.jpg Maggie File:Snoopy Badge.jpg Snoopy File:Charlie Badge.jpg Charlie Brown File:Lucy Badge.jpg Lucy File:Linus Badge.jpg Linus File:Sally Badge.jpg Sally File:Peppermint Patty Badge.jpg P Patty File:Marcie Badge.jpg Marcie File:Peanuts Franklin Badge.jpg Franklin File:Violet Badge.jpg Violet File:Peanuts Patty Badge.jpg Patty File:Orange Badge.jpg Orange File:Pear Badge.jpg Pear File:Midget Badggle.jpg Midget Apple File:Marshmallow Badge.jpg Marshmallow File:Grapefruit Badge.jpg Grapefruit File:Grandpa Lemon Badge.jpg Grandpa Lemon File:Squash Badge.jpg Squash File:Knife Badge.jpg Knife File:Apple Badge.jpg Apple File:Plumpkin Badge.jpg Plumpkin File:Toe May ToeBadge.jpg Toe May Toe File:AO5 Badge.jpg Orange (AO5) File:Football Badge.jpg Football File:BananasBadge.jpg Bananas File:Lemon Badge.jpg Lemon File:Kiwi Badge.jpg Kiwi Make 1 edit on a Males Article
File:Apple2 Badge.jpg Apple (WAZZAP!) File:Appleiphone Badge.jpg Apple (AO gets autotuned) File:Cheese Badge.jpg Cheese File.Poe Tay Toe Bage.jpg MysteryPotatoMan File:Cabbage Badge.jpg Cabbage File:Wasabi Badge.jpg Wasabi File:Pineapple Badge Pineapple File:Grapefruit Sister Badge.jpg Grapefruit's Sister File:Grapes Badge Grapes File:A.B. Badge.jpg Red Bird File:A.B. Yellow Badge.jpg Yellow Bird File:A.B. Blue Badge.jpg Blue Bird File:A.B. Black Badge.jpg Black Bird A.B. White Badge.jpg White Bird File:A.B. Green Badge.jpg Green Bird File:Nemo Badge.jpg Nemo File:Marlin Badge.jpg Marlin File:Dory Badge.jpg Dory File:Gill Badge.jpg Gill File:Bloat Badge.jpg Bloat File:Peach Badge.jpg Peach File:Gurgle Badge.jpg Gurgle File:Jacques Badge.jpg Jacques File:Bubbles Badge.jpg Bubbles File:Deb Badge.jpg Deb (and flo) File:Nigel Badge Nigel File:Crush Badge.jpg Crush File:Carl Badge.jpg Carl Fredricksen File:Up Russell Badge.jpg Russell File:Kevin Badge.jpg Kevin File:Dug Badge.jpg Dug File:Charles Muntz Badge.jpg Charles Muntz File:Alpha Badge.jpg Alpha File:Beta Badge.jpg Beta File:Gamma Badge.jpg Gamma File:Ellie Badge.jpg Young Ellie Make 1 edit on a Characters Article
File:Youngcarlbadge.jpg Young Carl File:Construction Badge.jpg Constuction Worker
File:John Ratzenbadge.jpg John Ratzenburger Make 250 edits on voice actors articles

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