Whisper went to Kaitlin's house to play Freddi Fish And The Case Of The Missing Kelp Seeds, Freddi Fish And The Case Of The Haunted Schoolhouse, Freddi Fish And The Case Of The Stolen Conch Shell, Freddi Fish And The Case Of Hogfish Rustlers Of Briny Gulch, and Freddi Fish And The Case Of The Creature Of Coral Cove while Smooch narrated "Goldilocks And The Three Bears". "Once upon a time", Smooch began, "there were three bears who lived in the house in the woods". Michael, Derek, and Tina (Barney's friends) dressed up as the bear family. In the play, there are three bowls, beds, and chairs. Abby Cadabby is the little girl named Goldilocks. Narrated by Smooch from It's A Big Big World that it's not too long, and it's not too short, but it's just right. The Count counted 20 jumps Snuffy jumped. Professor Owl talks about reading when Roberta Robin reads about her good friend Johnny. Cookie Monster sings "C" Is For Cookie. (EKA: Episode 0377) Professor Owl travels countries from around the world. Whisper sings Bear Police, a parody of their rock group. Kermit talks about the word In. Ernie says to Elmo if he wants to try another verse. Bud Luckey sings The Alligator King. (EKA: Episode 0812) He taped a video called "Adil Wrote A Postcard" on Elmo's blue camrecorder with the gray lid. Sponsors: C, 7

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