"I can't wait! I can't wait!" said Arthur. "Are you sure it's only Tuesday?" "See for yourself", said Mother. "Four more days until my birthday!" said Arthur. "I hope everyone can come to my birthday party".

"Buster, can you come to my party?" asked Arthur. "Are you kidding?" said Buster. "Of course!" "Grandma's making chocolate cake", said Arthur. "I'll be there!" said the Brain. "I love chocolate".

"This Saturday afternoon? But that's when I'm having my party!" said Muffy. "Oh, no!" said Arthur. "You can't!" No one knew what to do. Should they go to Arthur's birthday party? Or Muffy's.

Wednesday before school, the boys had a meeting. The girls met out at the playground during lunch.

Thursday after school, Arthur and his mother picked out decorations for the party.

Later, the delivery man brought a big box. In the mall, there were three birthday cards for Arthur. One was from Uncle Bud. When Arthur opened it, three dollar bills fell out.

On the way home from school Friday, Arthur ran to catch up with Francine.

They ran to Arthur's treehouse. Arthur found pencils, paper and envelopes.

That night, Arthur told his parents about the plan. Early the next morning, Arthur and Francine delivered their notes. The last note they delivered was a special one.

"I smell cake!" said Arthur when he got home. "Your favorite", said Father. "And maple syrup all the way from Ohio", said Aunt Bonnie.

Arthur stood by the window. It was almost noon. "Someone's coming!" he cried. It was Sue Ellen.

"What are you doing here?" asked Sue Ellen. "What are you doing here?" asked Buster. "It's a surprise for Muffy", said Francine, coming up behind them. "It's a surprise for all of us!" said the Brain.

"This is the best birthday ever", said Muffy. "We should do this every year!" "But next year at your house", said Arthur's mom.

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