Movie Date: July 15, 1994

00:00:02 Here you go. take it. please take it.
00:00:05 Do you want anything else?
00:00:07 peanuts, maybe, and nachos would be good.
00:00:10 Yeah.
00:00:21 Sorry.
00:00:22 My linen suit. what do I do?
00:00:24 ..
00:00:26 ..cold water...
00:00:28 Club soda. club soda.
00:00:30 I got soda.
00:00:32 Oh!
00:00:35 I'm all wet.
00:00:38 Get up in front of me, right now.
00:00:40 We're gonna dry off. leave your popcorn there.
00:00:46 Hey, what happened to you?
00:00:48 Those kids, they're evil.
00:00:49 The big one might be lucky, so keep him happy.
00:00:53 J.p., let's go.
00:00:54 We gonna win today, kid?
00:00:56 Maybe.
00:00:57 Maybe?
00:00:58 I don't know. it's your team.
00:01:04 Don't remind me.
00:01:08 Sit down!
00:01:15 Oh, please, don't drink me.
00:01:17 No, no, don't spill!
00:01:19 Aah!
00:01:21 [Babbling] shh, shh, shh.
00:01:23 This is between you and me, little guy.
00:01:26 No one can see me but you, remember?
00:01:29 Hi.
00:01:32 Sit down already.
00:01:34 I left in a hurry yesterday.
00:01:36 I forgot a few of the rules.
00:01:38 Numero uno: don't tell anyone about us.
00:01:41 Now, I heard you already told a little kid and el capitan, but nobody else.
00:01:47 We hate recognition.
00:01:48 We're a very sensitive group.
00:01:50 If people knew we were around, I wouldn't be able to get an angel within a mile of this team.
00:01:55 Ok. are you guys gonna help out today?
00:01:58 We'll see.
00:01:59 We never make commitments.
00:02:01 We go and come and come and go.
00:02:04 We're a capricious crowd.
00:02:06 Well, what's cap-- what's-- what's capricious?
00:02:08 Just keep your chin up and your eyes open and enjoy the game.
00:02:14 [Gasps] you popped al.
00:02:17 Who's al?
00:02:19 Al's the boss angel.
00:02:20 He was just here, but he's gone now.
00:02:22 Next time, will you tell me sooner?
00:02:24 I'd like to try and see one.
00:02:27 knox, over h mr. knox, mr. knox, mr. knox, over here.
00:06:54 Mr. knox, come on, come on. mr. knox.
00:06:57 I just saw an angel.
00:06:59 You saw an angel?
00:07:01 Yeah, in my coke cup.
00:07:03 ..
00:07:05 Coke cup?
00:07:06 Yeah.
00:07:09 Ok.
00:07:11 I gotta get back to the dugout.
00:07:12 Well, what should I do if I see another one?
00:07:16 Kid, I was thinking of you as a sort of good-luck charm, not as someone who spiritually hallucinates.
00:07:23 What's that?
00:07:23 It means if you see anything weird, keep it to yourself.
00:07:27 you're the manager, and the angels are here to help and-- whoa, okay. Just calm down.
00:07:35 In baseball, we got signals.
00:07:38 Make some kind of signal, okay?
00:07:40 I can't come over here every couple of seconds.
00:07:43 I'll go like that, okay?
00:07:45 There.
00:07:46 Okay. you do that. that's fine.
00:07:49 And we can't let David know.
00:07:51 You're right. absolutely.
00:07:54 Can't tell David.
00:07:57 Can't tell anyone.
00:08:08 Yeah.
00:08:09 Thanks.
00:08:12 ..
00:08:13 Excuse me, David. where are the nachos?
00:08:16 [Crunch] [laughter] I'm saving them for later.
00:08:25 Sorry! sorry!
00:08:31 Announcer: Number 17, first baseman Tom Brewer.
00:08:35 Bass takes the sign. here's the pitch.
00:08:38 [Crack] And it's lined to the left for another base hit.
00:08:42 It's more bad news for manager knox as he does his dance in the dugout.
00:08:48 [Booing] mapel waits for the pitch.
00:08:53 Strike!
00:08:53 ! oh, come on, now! that's no strike!
00:08:56 If that was a strike, then you're a horse's ass!
00:09:00 [Gasps] [george ranting] come on. put them hands up. give me this.
00:09:08 Knox, come on. you players!
00:09:14 Yeah?
00:09:15 It's nacho butt.
00:09:18 Go buy the kids nachos.
00:09:21 Anything but nachos.
00:09:23 Buy them angels jackets.
00:09:25 It's 90 degrees outside.
00:09:27 Get your butt up there now!
00:09:33 You know, it's been 4 innings, and no real angels yet, and, you know, i was just thinking, maybe you shouldn't swear so much.
00:09:41 I bet the angels don't like it.
00:09:46 Man: Don't you wanna play ball?
00:09:53 ..
00:09:57 I'll kill you!
00:09:58 [Talking] [players cursing] let's keep the profanity down!
00:10:05 Huh? huh? huh?
00:10:06 I mean it.
00:10:07 No swearing!
00:10:08 That eliminates all speech for most of the team.
00:10:11 Announcer: So here in the ninth, the athletics have opted to bring in reliever tom ruddy to pitch to angels heavy hitter ray mitchell.
00:10:29 Oh, wow.
00:10:31 What happened?
00:10:33 There's an angel right next to hammerling.
00:10:36 Uh, david, I need a drink.
00:10:38 You have drinks.
00:10:39 I don't want these. I want something else.
00:10:40 What else?
00:10:42 ..
00:10:43 Coffee.
00:10:46 You drink coffee?
00:10:49 Yeah, of course. all the time.
00:10:51 what do you think we are, little kids or something?
00:10:54 Now get me a cup or I'll scream.
00:10:57 How do you take it?
00:11:02 In cups.
00:11:09 Mr. knox! mr. knox!
00:11:11 Come over here. we got one.
00:11:19 Hey.
00:11:21 What's going on?
00:11:23 There's an angel with hammerling.
00:11:24 What?
00:11:25 There's an angel massaging hammerling's shoulders.
00:11:37 [Sighs] this is ridiculous.
00:11:39 I don't know what you see, but there's no one with hammerling.
00:11:43 She's rubbing his shoulders.
00:11:47 Huh?
00:11:48 And what should I do about it?
00:11:50 Put him in, pinch-hit.
00:11:51 I got mitchell coming up. he's my best hitter.
00:11:55 Hammerling can't hit the broad side of a barn.
00:11:57 Hey, I can't substitute my worst hitter for my best hitter.
00:12:01 If you want a hit, you'll put in hammerling.
00:12:04 It's crazy, wacko.
00:12:06 You forget about it.
00:12:07 But he's got an angel!
00:12:11 Then again, what's the worst thing that could happen?
00:12:14 What, we're gonna fall out of last place?
00:12:17 [Inhaling] sit down, mitchell.
00:12:27 You're up, hammerling.
00:12:28 Huh? huh? huh?
00:12:31 What are you talking about?
00:12:32 Yeah. what are you talking about?
00:12:33 Hey, you heard what I said.
00:12:34 You're out, you're in.
00:12:36 You gotta be joking!
00:12:39 Hey, get your stuff.
00:12:45 And as mitchell was getting ready to lead off, knox has suddenly decided to pinch-hit, and he's bringing in danny hammerling, the utility infielder, who is known, sports fans, for his glove but definitely not for his bat.
00:13:02 !
00:13:04 Go back to cincinnati!
00:13:12 Strike.
00:13:13 [Crowd booing] uhh!
00:13:23 !
00:13:44 ♪♪ For goodness sake ♪♪
00:13:46 ♪♪ I got the hippie, hippie shakes ♪♪
00:13:50 ♪♪ yeah, I got the shakes ♪♪
00:13:53 ♪♪ I got the hippie, hippie shakes ♪♪
00:13:56 ♪♪ oh, I can't stand still ♪♪
00:13:59 ♪♪ I got the hippie, hippie shakes ♪♪
00:14:02 ♪♪ yeah, I can't stand still now ♪♪
00:14:05 whoa!
00:14:06 ♪♪ I got the hippie, hippie shakes ♪♪
00:14:09 ♪♪ yeah, I've got ♪♪
00:14:12 ♪♪ the hippie, hippie shakes ♪♪
00:14:16 ♪♪ we shake it to the left ♪♪
00:14:19 ♪♪ we shake it to the right ♪♪
00:14:20 ♪♪ we're gonna hippie shake it with all of our might ♪♪
00:14:24 safe!
00:14:24 .. ♪♪
00:14:25 Announcer: Hammerling scores for the first time this season and the angels win the game!
00:14:31 This will go down in the record books.
00:14:32 Ladies and gentlemen, this is unbelievable.
00:14:36 This is insanity.
00:14:38 I've never seen anything like this, and obviously, neither have these umps.
00:14:44 I don't know.
00:14:46 ♪♪ And shake it to the right ♪♪
00:14:47 .. ♪♪
00:14:50 what's going on with this kid?
00:14:54 Ladies and gentlemen, can we now say the angels are on a winning streak, or were these last few games just a small blip on the screen of a terminally ill patient?
00:15:02 Ow.
00:15:02 Hey, david, whatever your duties were before, forget 'em.
00:15:05 From now on, these boys will be at all our games.
00:15:08 All right!
00:15:10 That's your job.
00:15:11 knox, I wanna remind you you are gonna fire me on friday, aren't you?
00:15:14 You've bonded with the boys.
00:15:16 Bonded?
00:15:17 Hey, you're gonna stick around, david.
00:15:18 Yeah, stick around, david.
00:15:19 You've got job security.
00:15:21 Job security?
00:15:23 Who knew?
00:15:24 So you were right.
00:15:25 Hammerling came through.
00:15:27 Yeah, 'cause of the angel.
00:15:28 Oh, whatever.
00:15:29 No, we got angels helping the team.
00:15:31 Well, that may be, but we're winning.
00:15:34 Yeah. all the games, man.
00:15:36 Can you believe it?
00:15:37 When we're on the road, you should watch the games on tv.
00:15:40 We'll figure out a way for us to talk on the phone.
00:15:42 You mean the phone in the dugout you're always yelling into and banging against the wall and spitting at?
00:15:47 Yeah, yeah, that one.
00:15:50 Cool!
00:15:53 What a game.
00:15:53 First time hammerling got a hit, let alone a home run.
00:15:56 It's because of the angels. they helped him.
00:15:59 Get in.
00:16:00 Come on. we don't have all day.
00:16:04 J.p. doesn't ride in cars.
00:16:05 What's the problem, he gets carsick?
00:16:07 he used to live in a car with his mom.
00:16:11 He slept in the front seat all curled up like a cat or something.
00:16:13 When he gets in a car, his stomachache comes back.
00:16:19 [Honk honk] George: I'll call you tomorrow.
00:16:38 All right.
00:16:39 Thank you for the ride home.
00:16:41 He speaks.
00:16:45 Hi. you guys have a good time?
00:16:48 A blast.
00:16:49 We won.
00:16:50 Great.
00:16:51 Where's miguel?
00:16:53 I got him all sorts of stuff.
00:16:54 Miguel got placed in a foster home this afternoon.
00:16:58 He got placed?
00:17:00 Miguel's gone?
00:17:02 Mm-hmm.
00:17:03 Where? with who?
00:17:05 A real nice family from northridge.
00:17:07 I really liked miguel.
00:17:12 I only have a license for short-term care, you know?
00:17:16 I mean, miguel's been here for, what, 6 months?
00:17:19 More like 7.
00:17:20 7 Months, right.
00:17:21 ..
00:17:24 You understand that, roger?
00:17:26 Oh, don't feel bad, maggie.
00:17:29 I bet we'll see him again, maybe in court or something.
00:17:33 Oh, roger.
00:17:36 God forbid.
00:20:42 ]Do cap would float on the topof that head?
00:20:45 ..
00:20:46 -I don't. -no.
00:20:47 ♪ ♪
00:20:48 oh, that's cool. like I said.
00:20:51 Sweet mamacita.
00:20:52 [ Jim ]A GOOD HEAD ON A BEER TELLS YOU That beer was made with a lotof malted barley.
00:20:55 And that's going to delivera lot of flavor.
00:20:58 [ Bob ]A GOOD, THICK, ROCKY HEAD -- That's really releasinga lot of the hop aroma.
00:21:02 you can taste the hops. feels bold.
00:21:04 Good head on a beer shows that you did your job right, and it's going to add to the enjoyment of boston lager.
00:21:11 My name is Aurora Guerrero and I make films about real people and real places.
00:21:16 My Feature film is a story about two 15 year old chicanas who are growing up in SouthEast LA.
00:21:24 It's a story about first love.
00:21:26 I got a call from Sundance.
00:21:29 They told me they wanted to screen Mosquita y Mari.
00:21:31 I was just like, this is it, this is the heavens saying Aurora, you're up!
00:21:42 ]When energy?
00:21:44 When I'm on the night shift.
00:21:45 When they have more energythan I do.
00:21:48 When I don't feellike working out.
00:21:50 When there isn't enough of me to go around.
00:21:53 ♪♪ ♪♪
00:21:54 when I have school.
00:21:56 And work.
00:21:57 Every morning.
00:21:58 It's faster and easier than coffee.
00:22:00 Every afternoon whenthat 2:30 feeling hits.
00:22:03 -Every day. -every day.
00:22:05 Every day is a 5-hour energy day.
00:22:07 [ Male Announcer ]5-HOUR ENERGY.
00:22:09 Every day.
00:22:15 ..
00:22:37 I see an angel.
00:22:39 Already?
00:22:41 I gotta go to the bathroom. I can't go alone.
00:22:41 Bad guys might get me.
00:22:46 You just came back from the bathroom.
00:22:48 I gotta go now. sorry.
00:22:50 Gimme your coke.
00:22:52 Gimme the crackerjacks. stand up.
00:22:55 Go.
00:23:05 What's up?
00:23:06 We got an angel.
00:23:09 But the game hasn't started.
00:23:11 She's with mel clark.
00:23:24 Impossible.
00:23:25 that means mel should start the game today.
00:23:29 Mel's arm is gone.
00:23:30 I don't care. he should start the game.
00:23:31 and besides, he's not even on the active roster.
00:23:34 If the angel pitches with him, he'll be awesome.
00:23:50 You really do see something, don't you?
00:23:54 Yeah, I do.
00:24:32 You're off injured reserve and you're starting today.
00:24:37 You talking to me?
00:24:39 Yeah.
00:24:41 So get your stuff together.
00:24:47 Announcer: Starting pitcher announced for this game was dan prince but just moments ago, the angels made a dramatic change and activated the long-injured mel clark.
00:24:57 League rules specify that up until the first pitch is thrown, the roster can be altered, although I can't ever remember this happening so near game time.
00:25:06 Me either, ranch.
00:25:07 Easy, wally. less is more.
00:25:10 He looks mighty nervous out there.
00:25:14 Not as nervous as george knox.
00:25:35 Clark takes the sign.
00:25:41 Talk about heat. messmer felt that one.
00:25:44 [Crowd cheering] wow!
00:25:48 What an amazing pitch.
00:25:49 You damned-- you darn right.
00:25:53 Well, commit that to memory, wally, 'cause he doesn't have any more of those in him.
00:25:59 An angel helped out on that one.
00:26:01 Good.
00:26:09 Wow!
00:26:10 Ha ha ha! way to go!
00:26:13 Yay, mel!
00:26:15 [Crowd cheering] it's now the top of the ninth.
00:26:21 There are 2 outs. we've got a full count.
00:26:24 This could be the tigers' last chance to get back in this ball game.
00:26:34 Yeah!
00:26:39 I told you! I told you!
00:26:43 Announcer: That's the game.
00:26:44 The angels win 1-0 in a miracle shutout pitch by the veteran mel clark.
00:26:52 And we're down in the angels clubhouse for a talk with manager george knox.
00:26:56 What inspired you to start mel?
00:26:59 A feeling, an instinct, a kind of faith.
00:27:01 has mel shown this kind of power in practice?
00:27:04 Mel clark has always shown himself to be an extraordinary athlete.
00:27:09 The rest is about believing in something or someone.
00:27:11 And when did you suddenly start believing in clark?
00:27:13 He's been sitting on the bench all season.
00:27:16 I look for signs.
00:27:18 Sometimes they come from unexpected places.
00:27:21 Look, that's enough out of me for today.
00:27:23 Talk to the star of the game.
00:27:25 Excuse me.
00:27:29 Something's going on.
00:27:32 Mel! talk to us about the game.
00:27:35 Well, it feels great to be a winner again.
00:27:38 We won! yeah. 3 in a row.
00:27:41 Oh, I feel good.
00:27:43 Yeah, me, too.
00:27:46 Me, three.
00:27:47 Ahh. I owe you guys.
00:27:49 Ok, anything you want.
00:27:52 You name it, you got it.
00:27:57 All right, let's play ball!
00:27:59 Yeah! yeah! yeah!
00:28:06 Slow and easy.
00:28:09 Keep your elbows up.
00:28:11 ♪♪ Say it's all right ♪♪
00:28:12 here it comes.
00:28:14 .. ♪♪
00:28:15 !
00:28:18 Get it! get it! get it!
00:28:20 Yeah! all right!
00:28:23 !
00:28:24 All right, who's next?
00:28:26 Me! me! me!
00:28:28 Let's give the kid over on the car a shot.
00:28:32 [Groaning] .. ♪♪
00:28:35 what's your name?
00:28:36 Marvin vincent archer.
00:28:38 You play any ball before, marvin?
00:28:40 No, never played any ball.
00:28:42 Well, this is a perfect time to learn.
00:28:45 Come on.
00:28:46 [Playing take me out to the ballgame] [bat cracks, crowd cheering] whoa!
00:29:09 !
00:29:10 !
00:29:12 In all of my years of baseball, ..
00:29:15 Such an astute evaluation of a potentially difficult decision.
00:29:22 Masterful call.
00:29:24 Oh. have a nice day.
00:29:29 Fair ball!
00:29:35 Ow!
00:29:42 Aah!
00:29:46 Safe!
00:29:48 Yeah!
00:29:50 Yeah! whoo!
00:29:53 Yeah! yeah! yeah!
00:29:58 There you go.
00:29:59 Thanks!
00:30:00 Oh, thanks, mel.
00:30:03 ..
00:30:11 Unbelievable!
00:30:14 [Crowd cheering] get out of the way!
00:30:43 You're outta there!
00:30:44 Yeah!
00:30:45 ♪♪ Take me out to the crowd ♪♪
00:30:49 ♪♪ buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks ♪♪
00:30:53 ♪♪ I don't care if I never get back ♪♪
00:30:56 ♪♪ so it's root, root, root for the home team ♪♪
00:31:00 ♪♪ if we don't win, it's a shame ♪♪
00:31:04 ♪♪ but it's 1, 2, 3 strikes, you're out ♪♪
00:31:07 ♪♪ at the old ball game ♪♪
00:31:12 whoo!
00:34:56 hair dust.
00:34:58 I get congested.
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00:35:08 No prescription needed.
00:35:57 Streak.
00:35:58 Who would believe this team could go from last place at the all-star break to just one win away from clinching the division title?
00:36:05 Now, it all comes down to the last 2 games of the season, and, ironically, they are with the defending champion chicago white sox, who are one game back and closing fast in a determined effort to deny the angels the championship.
00:36:18 The first of those crucial games takes place ..
00:36:24 This afternoon.
00:36:29 What's it say?
00:36:31 Thanks. bye.
00:36:33 [Busy signal] roger-- roger, that was your social worker.
00:36:37 What'd she want?
00:36:38 Your hearing's been changed to this afternoon.
00:36:42 But I got a game this afternoon.
00:36:44 I know.
00:36:45 I've just tried everything to get them to reschedule.
00:36:47 It's just not possible.
00:36:49 Maggie, I'm not going.
00:36:52 You don't have a choice, sweetheart.
00:36:55 Well, what about george? what about the angels?
00:36:57 I'll call mr. knox.
00:36:58 I know he thinks you guys are his lucky charms, but this is just something you have to do.
00:37:04 can go to the game, and we'll just try real hard to get you there before it's over.
00:37:09 It's all I can do.
00:37:11 Ranch: The southern california sun is shining, the field is ready, the hot dogs are warm, and there's not an empty seat in the house.
00:37:23 I know. don't even say it.
00:37:24 A large coke, 2 dogs, 3 crackerjacks, and I was thinking of getting them a car.
00:37:27 And maybe a corporate jet.
00:37:30 Still no roger?
00:37:31 He'll be here any second.
00:37:32 Of all the days to haul the kid off to court.
00:37:35 Why didn't maggie say he was sick or something?
00:37:38 That'd be lying.
00:37:40 Maggie would never lie.
00:37:41 Well, maggie's not in a pennant race.
00:37:49 You don't see anything, do you?
00:37:51 Maybe.
00:38:01 Hmm?
00:38:07 Sorry.
00:38:10 It's not your fault.
00:38:13 You never seen angels before.
00:38:15 Why should you now?
00:38:17 Hey, it could happen.
00:38:36 You understand that once this hearing has established roger's permanent placement status, his welfare will forever forward be determined by this court?
00:38:46 I understand.
00:38:47 And you've consulted a lawyer?
00:38:51 Look, lady, I get what I'm doing.
00:38:53 The kid's not mine anymore.
00:38:55 I'm not proud of it.
00:38:57 It's not something I can change my mind about either.
00:39:09 But we lost!
00:39:10 Don't cry. it's only a game.
00:39:12 Come on, you're getting snot all over the place.
00:39:15 It's nobody's fault.
00:39:16 I tried to see angels.
00:39:18 I really tried.
00:39:20 I guess, without angels helping, this team doesn't have what it takes.
00:39:24 Maybe I just don't have what it takes.
00:39:26 But we can do it without the angels.
00:39:30 It could happen.
00:39:32 Maybe.
00:39:33 Give me a minute, kid, and I'll be out to take you home.
00:39:36 ..don't cry.
00:39:50 Hey.
00:39:52 I'm ranch wilder, the voice of the angels.
00:39:59 I know who you are.
00:40:01 I heard you on the radio.
00:40:02 You sure do have a big chin.
00:40:06 Everybody's a critic.
00:40:09 What's your name?
00:40:11 J.p.
00:40:12 J.p., that was a tough loss today, huh?
00:40:14 Knox took it pretty hard.
00:40:15 He was getting kind of crazy out there.
00:40:18 'Cause roger couldn't come.
00:40:19 so roger's sort of lucky, is that it?
00:40:23 He sees the angels, the ones who help out.
00:40:26 He prayed for them.
00:40:27 Real angels?
00:40:30 ..
00:40:31 I don't see them.
00:40:33 And knox, he sees them?
00:40:37 No.
00:40:38 Roger has to tell him when they're around.
00:40:41 Really?
00:40:46 You know, by releasing you legally, it does make it possible for somebody to take you permanently.
00:40:52 He did that 'cause he wants the best for you.
00:40:56 giving someone away is a great way to show them you care.
00:41:08 Hey, roger.
00:41:10 Took a little longer than you expected.
00:41:12 We waited 3 hours for his hearing.
00:41:14 That's quick for family court.
00:41:16 What'd they decide?
00:41:18 Oh, it was just a formality.
00:41:22 He belongs to the state of california now.
00:41:28 Scoot over.
00:41:41 Roger, I'm sorry about today.
00:41:43 Why?
00:41:44 'Cause you lost your stupid baseball game?
00:41:48 No. because you're hurt.
00:41:50 You don't know anything about it.
00:41:58 You know, roger, when I was growing up, I never saw very much of my dad.
00:42:03 He couldn't take care of himself, so taking care of me and my brothers was out of the question.
00:42:14 I'm not sure the pain that caused ever goes away.
00:42:19 ..
00:42:21 You can't go through life thinking everyone you meet will one day let you down.
00:42:28 Because if you do, a very bad thing will happen.
00:42:35 You'll end up like me.
00:42:40 I'm going inside.
00:42:43 I thought you said you had to be somewhere.
00:42:48 I do.
00:42:50 Right here.
00:42:53 Yucchh!
00:42:53 You both wash your hands?
00:42:55 : yeah.
00:42:56 Ok, then, let's dig in.
00:43:00 Next time, I'll try lasagna.
00:43:03 You guys like lasagna?
00:43:05 No. no.
00:43:06 What is it? what is it?
00:43:08 Look.
00:43:09 It's god's thumbnail.
00:43:13 That's just the moon, j.p.
00:43:16 There's no god up there.
00:43:23 I can't believe you said that.
00:43:26 The kid who sees angels?
00:43:30 I don't believe in angels anymore.
00:43:33 Roger, what are you talking about?
00:43:36 That's ok, j.p.
00:43:38 Roger's had a tough day.
00:44:08 "The source says "there's a boy known as roger "who even watches games on tv "when the team is out of town "and reports to manager knox " what's a source?
00:44:20 The person who told.
00:44:22 Oh.
00:44:22 "And when mel clark made his amazing comeback in august, ..
00:44:27 " that's me.
00:44:29 Who do you think told?
00:44:32 I don't know.
00:44:34 Maybe david found out.
00:44:35 I don't see how.
00:44:37 Are we in trouble?
00:44:38 Knox is in trouble, that's for sure.
00:44:40 This is bad, right?
00:44:42 I'm gonna have to tell maggie.
00:44:47 ..
00:44:48 Maid: Right you stood me up last night.
00:49:27 What in the sam hill is all this about real angels?
00:49:31 It's nothing.
00:49:32 Start talking.
00:49:33 Ok. I got these 2 kids.
00:49:36 I think of them as mascots.
00:49:40 ..the angels, well, it's just something that's going on between me and them.
00:49:48 You're telling me there's real angels in the ballpark?
00:49:51 Sometimes.
00:49:52 But they're not in on all the plays.
00:49:54 You've lost it, partner.
00:49:56 Look, if I lied to you, then the angels wouldn't like it and they might not come back.
00:50:02 They're very-- ..
00:50:06 Mental.
00:50:06 "Mental" is the key word here.
00:50:09 I'm sorry, george, but I'm relieving you of your management responsibilities.
00:50:14 You can't do that.
00:50:16 We're only one game away.
00:50:18 I tell you what.
00:50:20 I'll give you 24 hours to get your head on straight.
00:50:23 Then I'll call a press conference and you can publicly renounce this hogwash.
00:50:29 George, you repeat any of the baloney I've heard here, we're talking the end of your career in baseball.
00:50:39 Have I made myself clear?
00:50:41 Yes.
00:51:22 Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
00:51:24 We're gonna make this short and sweet.
00:51:26 My manager george knox here has something he'd like to say to you.
00:51:30 George.
00:51:31 I have a statement I'd like to read.
00:51:34 ..
00:51:37 "That I've been using angels " go on. go in.
00:52:02 ..
00:52:06 But instead, I'm gonna shoot from the hip.
00:52:14 ..
00:52:18 When there's no logical explanation why things happen.
00:52:25 Sometimes a player gets hot and goes beyond their physical ability.
00:52:30 Is it just adrenaline? I don't know.
00:52:34 But I do believe there are times in life where something stronger, higher, or maybe spiritual is with us.
00:52:45 I can't explain it, but something has happened to my players this year, something that's changed the way they play and the way I manage.
00:52:55 You can call it faith.
00:52:57 You can call it angels.
00:53:00 You can call it whatever you want.
00:53:05 That's all I have to say.
00:53:07 George, does this mean you really think that a kid sees angels at your games?
00:53:16 Ahem.
00:53:17 Excuse me.
00:53:18 ..
00:53:19 I'd like to say something on behalf of george knox.
00:53:23 What's your name?
00:53:24 What's your business here?
00:53:26 My name is maggie nelson.
00:53:28 I take care of foster kids.
00:53:30 ..
00:53:33 The child who can see angels.
00:53:35 He could stand up right now and tell you exactly what's happened, and I know you'd just laugh at him.
00:53:41 But when a professional football player drops to one knee to thank god after making a touchdown, nobody laughs at that.
00:53:49 Or when a pitcher crosses himself before going to the mound, nobody laughs at that either.
00:53:54 Seems like you're saying it's ok to believe in god, but it's not ok to believe in angels.
00:53:59 Now, I thought they were on the same team.
00:54:02 Is it your belief, ma'am, that, uh, angels play baseball?
00:54:06 Since the all-star break, yes.
00:54:13 We all need somebody to watch out for us.
00:54:15 Every kid I have ever taken care of has been looking for someone to love: An angel.
00:54:23 You've gotta have faith.
00:54:24 You've gotta believe.
00:54:26 You've got to look inside yourself.
00:54:30 The footprints of an angel are love, and where there is love, miraculous things can happen.
00:54:37 I've seen it.
00:54:41 I'd also like to say something.
00:54:43 I don't know if there are angels out there other than the 25 of us in uniform, but I know there is one thing I won't do.
00:54:53 I won't play for anyone but george knox.
00:54:57 I believe in him.
00:55:03 That goes for me, too.
00:55:22 Thank you, all of you.
00:55:30 Print what you want.
00:55:31 George knox is the manager of the ball club.
00:55:35 And if there are any angels out there, I sure hope they're on our side.
00:55:43 Oh, yeah.
00:55:45 Yeah!
00:55:46 Yes!
00:55:53 Ranch: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to downtown anaheim where there are no seats left in sports heaven as a sell-out crowd fills the ballpark for the final game of the season.
00:56:04 Tonight, george knox will send his angels, real or imagined, out against a tough white sox team to determine who will be the western division champion.
00:56:14 I came here to say that I believe in you guys.
00:56:17 I didn't believe in anything, but when you stood up this morning, you gave me back my reason to believe.
00:56:23 I'm more proud of being a part of this team than any team I've been on.
00:56:28 You're all winners, and I believe in you.
00:56:31 So let's go out there and show them what winners can do!
00:56:34 Let's take that championship!
00:56:40 Ok. you heard him. let's go.
00:56:42 Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your california angels!
00:56:51 Ranch: Starting pitcher for the angels in this crucial game is the veteran mel clark.
00:56:57 He's been their "big game" guy since he returned to the lineup in july.
00:57:03 So clark's had a rocky start here in the first.
00:57:06 He's got runners on second and third with 2 outs and darren at bat.
00:57:15 Darren drives the ball to left.
00:57:17 one run will score, and here comes cooper.
00:57:20 Gordon gets to it. it's going to be close.
00:57:22 Here comes the ball.
00:57:23 Cooper slides! he's safe!
00:57:25 The fans don't like the call, but the sox go up 2-0, and we're still in the top of the first.
00:57:32 Clark pitches to young.
00:57:35 He loops one over second base, and here comes garcia.
00:57:39 garcia makes a spectacular save to end the inning.
01:01:59 And with one out in the top of the fifth and a man on first and second, beasley comes to bat.
01:02:05 know?
01:02:12 No question he's tiring, wally, and knox knows it. ball one.
01:02:18 Had to expect this.
01:02:19 They're getting teller up now in the bull pen.
01:02:29 mitchell makes a great play and gets the force at third.
01:02:34 All right! all right!
01:02:35 All right! all right!
01:02:38 Here in the sixth, garcia's on first with a single as the angels try to battle their way back into the ball game.
01:02:46 That brings up ray mitchell.
01:02:48 Ray's been hot as wildfire the second half of this miraculous season-- but as many of you know, in the past, mitchell has choked when it came to real pressure situations.
01:02:56 You got this one, ray!
01:02:57 You hear me?
01:02:59 You can do it!
01:03:07 Mitchell connects.
01:03:10 It's hit deep.
01:03:11 Go! go! go! go!
01:03:14 And it's gone!
01:03:15 Ray mitchell has just hit a monster home run with a man on to tie the game here in the sixth.
01:03:39 Announcer: Clark has his back to the wall here in the seventh as the sox are threatening again with 2 men on base.
01:03:45 I'm holding on, holding on, holding on.
01:03:49 Hang in there.
01:03:50 Announcer: Clark definitely could use an angel now as he's tiring late in the game.
01:04:02 Yeah!
01:04:03 Yeah!
01:04:04 Wally: There seems to be some sort of magic in the way his team is supporting him, ranch.
01:04:11 Hey, kid.
01:04:13 How you doing?
01:04:14 Fine.
01:04:15 Al.
01:04:16 Hey, hey, kiddo. sharp outfit.
01:04:18 I wish I had one.
01:04:19 Thanks.
01:04:20 Gee, I am glad to see you.
01:04:22 I was afraid you guys wouldn't show up today since, you know, a lot of people know about the angels now.
01:04:27 No one's coming.
01:04:28 Championships have to be won on their own.
01:04:31 It's a rule.
01:04:33 Oh.
01:04:33 Well, then, what are you doing here?
01:04:36 I came here to check on mel.
01:04:38 He's coming up soon.
01:04:40 He's gonna be one of us.
01:04:42 ..
01:04:43 Ah, he's smoked for years.
01:04:45 It's always a mistake.
01:04:47 He's got 6 months left.
01:04:48 He doesn't know anything's wrong yet.
01:04:55 No.
01:04:55 Don't you worry.
01:04:56 He's well taken care of.
01:04:58 You concentrate on your own life now.
01:05:01 We expect great things from you, kid.
01:05:03 We'll all be watching.
01:05:05 Remember that.
01:05:06 Even though you can't see us, we're always watching.
01:05:27 Ranch: With a man on and one out in the eighth, clark is showing definite signs of fatigue as he pitches to march.
01:05:37 Ball 3.
01:05:41 Fan: Take your time, clark!
01:05:52 Here's the pitch.
01:05:53 And march grounds to martinez.
01:05:55 They get darren at second.
01:05:56 Garcia throws!
01:05:57 Double play!
01:05:59 And once again, solid defense bails clark out of a jam.
01:06:09 It's still tied up here in the bottom of the eighth, but the angels have garcia at bat and martinez on third with the go-ahead run.
01:06:18 Martinez goes on the pitch.
01:06:20 Garcia bunts!
01:06:21 And it's a squeeze play!
01:06:23 Here's the throw.
01:06:24 Martinez scores!
01:06:26 And the angels take the lead!
01:06:43 So as we enter the ninth, the angels are only 3 outs away from the pennant if they can just hold on to this 3-2 lead.
01:06:51 Hey, mel.
01:06:52 Let's finish this.
01:06:54 We got 'em.
01:06:55 All right. 3 outs, boys!
01:06:57 Just do it!
01:06:58 Ranch: So, with the championship on the line, manager george knox elects to sent a tired mel clark out to face the heart of the white sox lineup.
01:07:06 He's all alone.
01:07:12 Don't worry. he'll get an angel.
01:07:14 Mel always gets an angel.
01:07:21 Clark takes the sign for his first pitch to gaspar.
01:07:25 Let's see if he has anything left.
01:07:29 Gaspar gets a piece of it.
01:07:32 And it falls in for a single.
01:07:35 The tying run is now on first.
01:07:56 They're getting sanford up in the bull pen.
01:08:11 He bunts!
01:08:11 Clark fields it cleanly and gets the runner at first, but gaspar advances to second on the sacrifice.
01:08:19 One down.
01:08:19 The white sox now have the tying run in scoring position with darren at bat.
01:08:28 It's in the hole!
01:08:29 Garcia dives! he gets it!
01:08:31 The throw is off-balance.
01:08:34 Not in time.
01:08:35 Gaspar is held on second, but the go-ahead run is now on first with only one away.
01:08:52 Clark looks very tired.
01:08:56 Gaboian swings and smashes it deep to left center.
01:09:00 This is trouble.
01:09:02 Williams got a good jump on the ball.
01:09:06 Somebody better take charge.
01:09:08 I got it!
01:09:12 And ben williams saves the game for now with a spectacular catch.
01:09:16 Wally: And a great throw to hold the runner at third.
01:09:36 and he hits birch in the back on the first pitch.
01:09:41 That loads the bases.
01:09:43 And kesey, the league rbi leader, is up next.
01:09:49 Announcer: Number 32.
01:09:51 Kit "hit or die" kesey.
01:10:02 Ranch: I can't believe he's leaving clark in the game.
01:10:06 Any hit scores a run.
01:10:08 There's an angel there now, right?
01:10:10 I don't know.
01:10:16 And the runners take their leads.
01:10:24 And kesey got a good piece of that one, but it's foul.
01:10:28 He's got one strike.
01:10:35 Sanford is ready in the bull pen.
01:10:54 Ball one.
01:10:55 Wally: His arm has to be tired.
01:10:57 He's thrown 156 pitches.
01:11:13 Ball 2.
01:11:14 There's one coming. right, roger?
01:11:16 I don't know, j.p.
01:11:18 ..i don't think so.
01:11:25 And clark just misses nicking kesey, and the count goes to 3 and one.
01:11:30 He's way behind the batter now.
01:11:33 Any angels?
01:11:36 No.
01:11:47 And kesey jumps on it.
01:11:48 This could be the game.
01:11:50 It's deep. it's down the line.
01:11:52 If it stays fair, it's outta here!
01:11:56 Wally: It's gonna be close.
01:11:59 But it's foul.
01:12:01 So it comes down to a full count.
01:12:03 2 Outs at the top of the ninth.
01:12:05 The angels lead by one run, and for mel clark, this is the pressure cooker.
01:12:11 I got to take him out.
01:12:12 No. please, just let him try.
01:12:16 He's all used up.
01:12:18 He can't do it by himself.
01:12:20 Yes, he can.
01:12:21 All he has to do is believe.
01:12:40 [Whispering] and knox will pull mel clark.
01:12:58 All I can say is, it's about time.
01:17:18 I got nothing left.
01:17:19 Yeah, you do. you got one strike left.
01:17:32 You got an angel with you right now.
01:17:35 He just got here, and he's gonna help.
01:17:56 The kid sees an angel?
01:17:58 Yeah, he must. that's the signal.
01:18:42 It could happen.
01:19:15 Ok.
01:19:17 Go get 'em for the championship.
01:19:23 Come on! yay!
01:19:25 Come on, mel!
01:19:26 I'm so happy!
01:19:26 Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, I don't believe it.
01:19:28 Knox will let clark stay in to pitch to kesey.
01:19:32 This is not smart baseball.
01:19:35 This is ridiculous-- let's go now, buddy. come on.
01:20:41 Announcer: he's got it!
01:20:45 I can't believe it.
01:20:48 Ballplayer: We won!
01:20:48 I can't believe we won! we won!
01:20:51 Yay! yeah!
01:20:55 There are angels!
01:20:57 Ha ha! not this time, mel.
01:20:59 You did it yourself.
01:21:00 [Cheering] yeah!
01:21:19 We won!
01:21:21 All right!
01:21:23 Yeah! yeah!
01:21:25 Yes! I can't believe it.
01:21:29 Ranch.
01:21:32 You're fired.
01:21:33 You can't fire me!
01:21:35 I got a contract!
01:21:37 I'm ranch wilder!
01:21:39 Easy, ranch. less is more.
01:21:43 And the angels have won it!
01:21:56 Maggie, maggie! we won!
01:21:57 Maggie!
01:22:01 We won! we won!
01:22:02 I know, I heard. congratulations.
01:22:05 The angels won the pennant.
01:22:07 Maggie: It's great! well done!
01:22:11 Oh, roger, your social worker called.
01:22:14 She did?
01:22:18 What'd they want?
01:22:18 Is it about my father?
01:22:19 No, but it is about finding you a permanent home.
01:22:23 [Cries] oh, j.p., come back.
01:22:27 J.p., come back!
01:22:30 [Door closes] you know, nothing's probably ever as good ..
01:22:41 ..there's some people who could care for you and love you and take care of you.
01:22:48 ..i guess so.
01:22:54 Yeah.
01:22:57 Roger, the person who called social service, that was me.
01:23:03 I want to try and be a dad.
01:23:06 I want you to come and live at my house.
01:23:09 ..
01:23:15 Are you ok, honey?
01:23:20 ..i can't.
01:23:23 I--i can't leave j.p.
01:23:28 I can never leave j.p.
01:23:30 He's coming, too!
01:23:32 He is? I heard that.
01:23:37 Yeah! ohh!
01:23:43 Wait! what about maggie?
01:23:46 My work is here.
01:23:48 Don't worry.
01:23:48 There are plenty of little angels looking for a home.
01:23:52 we're going to be a family!
01:23:56 Yeah.
01:23:58 I'm gonna have a daddy.
01:24:06 I knew it could happen.
01:24:20 We're always watching.
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01:26:32 ♪ and they will say ♪
01:26:34 ♪ it's elementary ♪
01:26:40 o.k., griff.
01:26:41 In 1960, cassius clay won the olympic gold medal by defeating what boxer?
01:26:47 ..
01:26:53 It's on the tip of her tongue-- I mean my tongue.
01:26:57 Gimme that!
01:27:02 He defeated this guy.
01:27:07 Come on, griff.
01:27:09 The winner of the sports radio contest gets two tickets to the summer olympics in atlanta.
01:27:14 That's me and you, buddy.
01:27:15 I never knew you were a fan of the olympics.
01:27:18 I'm not, but I'm a huge fan of leaving home.
01:27:22 You know all the answers. why don't you call?
01:27:25 Because I was banned from the radio station for making one innocent comment.
01:27:30 What did you say?
01:27:31 I simply said we can put a man on the moon, but we've yet to build an attractive woman golfer.
01:27:38 And?
01:27:41 , who holds the world record for the longest standing broad jump?
01:27:47 Me, if she doesn't move.
01:27:52 I was wondering, if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?
01:28:00 Are we near the airport, or was that the sound of my heart taking off?
01:28:05 What's your sign?
01:28:11 Yeah, she wants me.
01:28:14 O.k., this baby is our ticket to atlanta.
01:28:18 What the hell is this?
01:28:19 I got this from the cia surplus store.
01:28:22 This bad boy blocks all phone calls to the radio station except mine.
01:30:16 ]Experience power, with listerine® whitening®plus restoring rinse.
01:30:19 It's the only listerine® thatgets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enameltwo times stronger.
01:30:25 Get dual-actionlisterine® whitening® rinse.
01:30:27 Building whiter,stronger teeth.
01:30:31 what company?
01:30:33 Wait -- scratch that -- what makes you trust a car insurance company?
01:30:36 A talking animal? a talking character?
01:30:39 A talking animal character?
01:30:40 How fancy their commercials are, maybe?
01:30:43 Or how many there are?
01:30:44 Well what about when a company's customers do the talking?
01:30:47 Esurance customers are saying stuff " and they aren't even paid to.
01:30:53 Fancy that.
01:30:56 for the modern world.
01:30:59 Click or call.
01:31:22 I'm calvin farquhar.
01:31:32 And it's time for sports radio 600 olympic trivia contest.
01:31:36 Answer three questions correctly, and you and a friend are off to atlanta.
01:31:40 It's showtime, griff.
01:31:41 You do it. they can't hate you that much.
01:31:44 This contest is open to everyone except sports radio employees and al bundy.
01:31:51 [Telephone rings] you're mouthin' with calvin. who's this?
01:31:56 Ahem. griff.
01:31:59 You have a last name?
01:32:00 ..x. griff x.
01:32:04 Are you muslim, as in malcolm x?
01:32:06 No, I'm divorced, as in screwed over by the ex.
01:32:13 Keep your problems to yourself, man.
01:32:15 This isn'tfrasier.
01:32:17 First question-- who was named the outstanding boxer in the 1988 olympics, despite being cheated out of the gold medal?
01:32:27 ?
01:32:28 [Ding] correct.
01:32:33 Now name the first american city that hosted the summer olympics.
01:32:39 St. louis.
01:32:41 [Ding ding] correct again.
01:32:44 Now, griff, you can quit now and keep the el pollo loco 12-piece chicken ..
01:32:50 ..
01:32:52 Or risk everything and go for the gold.
01:32:55 Do side dishes come with that chicken?
01:32:57 Ow!
01:32:58 I mean we'll go for the gold.
01:33:01 We?
01:33:02 You are alone, aren't you, griff?
01:33:04 Al bundy's not there, is he?
01:33:07 No, absolutely not.
01:33:09 Then name the only man in olympic history to win a gold medal in both summer and winter games and name the event.
01:33:20 ..
01:33:23 ..and...and...
01:33:25 Bobsledding!
01:33:28 Was that al bundy?
01:33:30 No, that was me, griff.
01:33:32 When I get excited, I sound caucasian.
01:33:41 You know, like that guy fromhangin' with mr. cooper.
01:33:45 Well, congratulations, griff.
01:33:47 [Ding ding ding] you're going to atlanta, man.
01:33:51 Now, we'll catch men's boxing, then shaq and the dream team take on the always-impressive kuwaiti five.
01:33:59 Sometimes it's fun to root for underdeveloped countries, al.
01:34:04 Speaking of underdeveloped.
01:34:10 Hello, griff.
01:34:11 Hello, whiff.
01:34:14 Listen, in preparation for your trip, I've put together some brochures of sights to see while you're in atlanta.
01:34:22 Martin luther king, jr. memorial.
01:34:25 Peachtree plaza.
01:34:26 And look.
01:34:27 The jimmy carter peanut museum.
01:34:29 Thank you. we'll put this to good use.
01:34:35 Wobble's gone.
01:34:39 Come on. I'm going to victoria's secret.
01:34:42 What in the world for?
01:34:46 ..i mean I'll meet you there.
01:34:49 Bye-bye.
01:34:51 , guys, here's how to see the real sights in atlanta-- their official illustrated guide to the nudie bars.
01:35:03 The south shall rise again!
01:35:07 And so shall we.
01:35:10 Well, marcy's going to wonder what happened to me.
01:35:13 Is victoria's secret still that way?
01:35:16 [Al] yeah.
01:35:17 Thanks.
01:35:19 you better hide.
01:35:22 he only knows my voice, not my face.
01:35:28 Excuse me.
01:35:33 I'm calvin farquhar.
01:35:35 Are either of you griff x?
01:35:38 I'm mr. x.
01:35:39 Nice to meet you.
01:35:40 You'll have to excuse my friend al-- fredo.
01:35:45 Alfredo.
01:35:46 He doesn't talk much.
01:35:47 He lost his tongue in the war.
01:35:50 And a few other things, too.
01:35:54 Well, griff, if you'll just sign for these tickets.
01:35:57 Oh, sure. have a seat.
01:36:00 Hey, dad.
01:36:05 ..
01:36:09 ..
01:36:13 What was your name?
01:36:14 Oh, doesn't matter.
01:36:17 Can I go?
01:36:22 Thanks, dad.
01:36:23 I won't get married or anything stupid.
01:36:30 You're letting kelly go to vegas?
01:36:34 You're not the al bundy-- aah!
01:36:36 Aah! aah! aah! aah!
01:36:57 Griff, the added bonus is that you get to carry the olympic torch through the mall.
01:37:02 Well, that's quite an honor, ..
01:37:07 I'd rather let my friend alberto carry it.
01:37:10 You mean alfredo, don't you?
01:37:12 Uh, yeah.
01:37:14 Alfredo alberto.
01:37:18 He's an italian exchange salesman.
01:37:22 You're the winner. it's your choice.
01:37:25 Can we take a picture?
01:37:27 Sure.
01:37:29 Thank you very much, and congratulations.
01:37:31 Thank you.
01:37:38 Griff, thanks to you, I will realize one of my life's dreams-- to carry the olympic torch.
01:37:45 I thought your life's dream was to feel up barbara eden.
01:37:50 Well, yeah, but I did that.
01:37:51 Stroking the big screen at sears doesn't count.
01:37:56 The point is, carrying that torch, for me, will be like scoring my fifth touchdown.
01:38:07 Griff, there is a rumor that's got me tingling all over.
01:38:11 I hear you're carrying the olympic torch.
01:38:16 Yes, I am.
01:38:51 stronger, skin.
01:38:52 [ Female Announcer ] NEW AveenoSkin Strengthening Body cream helps transform dry,thinning skin, by strengtheningits moisture barrier, for improved textureand elasticity in 2 weeks.
01:39:01 Reveal healthy, supple skin.
01:39:03 Aveeno Skin Strengthening.
01:39:22 learned insulin for my Type 2 diabetes.
01:39:25 Me... thinking my only option was the vial and syringe Dad used.
01:39:29 And me... discovering once-daily Levemir FlexPen.
01:39:33 FlexPen is prefilled.
01:39:34 Doesn't need refrigerationfor up to 42 days.
01:39:37 No drawing from a vial.
01:39:39 Dial the exact dose.
01:39:40 Inject by pushing a button.
01:39:41 FlexPen is insulin delivery my way.
01:39:44 Levemir is long acting insulinused to control high blood sugar in adults and childrenwith diabetes.
01:39:49 Do not take if yourblood sugar is too low.
01:39:51 Tell your health care provider about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions, including if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
01:39:57 The most common side effect is low blood sugar.
01:40:00 Other possible side effects include reactions at the injection site.
01:40:03 Get medical help right away if you experience serious allergic reactions, body rash, trouble with breathing, fast heartbeat or sweating.
01:40:09 With FlexPen, say good night to vial and syringe.
01:40:12 Ask your doctor aboutLevemir FlexPen.
01:40:15 Covered by 90%of insurance plans, including Medicare.
01:40:18 Find your co-payat
01:41:52 Excuse me, o backstabber x.
01:41:56 What do you mean, you're carrying the torch?
01:41:58 Al, look at her. what would you do?
01:42:03 Girls like that are a dime a dozen.
01:42:13 There's my dime. bring me a dozen.
01:42:17 What about friendship?
01:42:19 What about my dime?
01:42:24 Al, look, we're still going to atlanta.
01:42:26 Besides, you're the only one who gives a damn about that stupid torch.
01:42:30 [All talking at once] are you the guy carrying the olympic torch?
01:42:35 For god and country.
01:42:36 I thought you said-- when will you start your training?
01:42:40 We'd like to take your picture, give you a free car.
01:42:43 long as I can share it all with my best friend, a person without whom none of this would be possible.
01:42:50 Yo, marla, baby, they want to give us a car!
01:42:53 If I kill griff, get sentenced to life in prison, ..
01:42:59 But I'll miss cannoli night at the jiggly ..
01:43:02 But they've got to have the equivalent in prison, so I guess it'd be worth it.
01:43:07 Uh, dad, I see you're still a little upset about this griff thing.
01:43:12 Son, the tv is a thing, your mother is a thing, but betrayal by your best friend is high treason.
01:43:20 Come on, daddy, cheer up.
01:43:21 maybe there's something good on.
01:43:25 Yeah. watch a little tube.
01:43:27 , griff asks o.j. the tough questions.
01:43:33 [Barney] ♪ we love griff, griff loves us-- ♪♪
01:43:38 that should be me hugging that big, purple idiot.
01:43:41 My whole life has been leading up to that moment.
01:43:45 You said your whole life was leading up to you leaving mom.
01:43:49 It was, but-- but I wanted to combine the two.
01:43:52 Once I had that torch in my hand, I would've just kept on running.
01:44:00 Daddy, do you want to know what I think?
01:44:03 Oh, this should be good.
01:44:05 Like a great eastern religion says, it's all about striking a balance between the ping and the pong.
01:44:16 Go get my noose, boy.
01:44:19 I'll get two.
01:44:20 Daddy, listen, your misery-- or the ping-- is what makes other people happy-- or pong.
01:44:27 Pumpkin, daddy's feeling a little ping right now.
01:44:31 that means somebody, somewhere, must be really pong!
01:44:37 Maybe it's me.
01:44:41 She's been eating white-out again, hasn't !
01:44:46 Dad, griff's your friend.
01:44:48 Why can't you just be happy for him?
01:44:50 When was the last time I was happy?
01:44:53 For anyone about anything?
01:44:54 Dad, griff is a shoe salesman.
01:44:57 He makes no money.
01:44:59 He drives a sardine can on wheels.
01:45:01 Dad, he paints his ankles so we'll think he can afford socks.
01:45:07 The guy's got no life.
01:45:09 But, son, that'smylife!
01:45:11 Then you can understand why he deserves a little happiness.
01:45:15 Oh, pumpkin, maybe you're right.
01:45:16 Maybe I haven't been such a good friend.
01:45:20 Or a father.
01:45:21 But maybe there's still something I can do to make up for it.
01:45:26 Hey, dad, want to go outside and play catch?
01:45:29 Not you!
01:45:32 Griff. he's like family to me.
01:45:34 Better because he doesn't even live here.
01:45:36 Tomorrow, I'm going to the shoe store and tell him that I'm happy for him.
01:45:42 Oh, daddy, you're so good.
01:45:43 I'm sure in your next life you'll be reincarcerated.
01:45:50 [Hammering] excuse me.
01:45:58 I'm roy jones, jr.
01:46:04 Undefeated, two-time world champion, ?
01:46:10 I prefer to think of myself as pound-for-pound, the best boxer in the world roy jones, jr.
01:46:19 Well, I prefer to think of myself ..
01:46:25 But, unlike you, I got married.
01:46:27 .. all screwed up.
01:46:32 Well, enough about you. is griff here?
01:46:34 griff's stretching, getting ready for his big run.
01:46:37 I'm his best friend, and I'm very happy for him.
01:46:41 Well, you should be.

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