Movie Date: December 23, 2009

We are back.



Give me the Black Beauty.

Alvin, do it quietly.

You are not alone there.

You got it, Dave.


- This is a charity performance.

It's not just about you.

- Sorry, I hear you ...

by the thousands of people

calling my name.

I'm back, guys.

Alvin, please come down.

I hear you.

I'm not kidding.

- What?

Dave, look out.

Oh no, Dave.

This will remedy the pain.

I want my boys to speak.

I just gave you a sedative

that works within minutes.

Let them quickly inside.


- You are alive.

It was an accident. I swear.

- Are you OK?

I'm sorry, Dave.

- It is in order.

I should just stay here a while.

And until I'm back, my aunt

Jackie stays with you.

Who is Aunt Jackie?

Whoever our jammie much popcorn

at Christmas gave.

Popcorn Jackie.

- Not much time left.

Go home and enjoy a

normal childhood.

I made that you can

go to school.


- Yes.

Simon, you get the lead.


- I'm counting on you.

Hold on. Why does he charge?

He is counting on me.

- Dave, please do not die.

He just sleeps.

He was a sedative.

A sleeping.

Excuse me, I'm the type

squirrels carry home.

We do not have Dave back.

As I set my jaw to drop.

Come here.

I will solve it. No, it's worse.

Beware, please.

- Of this button.

The more stressful it gets, the

longer before he recovers.

Too slow, nurse.

I go nowhere without Dave ...

Hopefully he remains quiet

throughout the flight.

Maybe he should get half.

For security.

Any idea how to find Aunt Jacky?

Follow me.

Excuse me. Sorry.

Excuse me, I'll get along.

Look, Aunt Jacky!

- Popcorn Jacky.

Come here.

- We have found you.


- What is Theodore?

There is plenty for everyone.

Give me a hug first.

Come here, old teddy bear.

I'm not really a knuffelaar.

I would propose you

my grandson Toby.

Hi, I'm Theodore.


- The boys.

H, how are you?

I'm Toby, pleasant.

Toby staying with me until he knows

what he wants with his life.

So far, every day he "Beep

Beep" with his thumbs.

By that squeak with my thumbs

now I keep my first place.

Toby, take the backpacks.

- Which backpacks?

The baggage.

- Yeah, let me take it.


- Press the brake!

I'm fine.

I am so sorry.

Come right with her?

That is so right again.

I would not be so sure.

It was an accident, I swear.

I have all experienced.

For as often.

Does he care for us?

In order to do us a favor?

No problem. I can.

I've made for my cat

before he left.

He walked away.

He wanted some space down.

I see him sometimes.

He blows and klauwt to me.

So he shows me he can.

No worries.

I will not be as Dave,

Dave is gone.



He is not dead. Very even alive.

He comes back.

I just love his warm bed.

I do my thing, you

do your thing.

We need it, that's

the whole idea.

Yes, absolutely.

I'm not going to pretend I know everything

and you do this and that.

Or that.

Let's do this.


Theodore, it is fine.

It is important that

we all still live.

Maybe Dave is better faster with our "Become better"

- Card.

It does need a little

more glitter.

So it must be good.

Who is hungry?


- Let's eat.

Nothing. Anything?

Like a Ghost Town here. Alvin?

Hi, the Cheese Balls

have arrived.

Bingo. The food is served.

What are you doing here?

A Cheese Ball?

Tumble, one moment.

I have to concentrate, because I'm

a fight away from the title.

Can we play?

I will not hurt your feelings, but I want

to see anyone hurt by all this violence.

We can play Monopoly.

That we did with Dave


Sounds great.

That we should ever play.

But now I return to

my boxing game.

Who needs Toby, you got us.

Yeah, who? Guys, this way.

I surrender.

You know what Dave would

say if he would be here?

It is more from the belly.

That's him.


- Guys, I am.


The house is apparently

not burned.

Some confidence, Dave.

- Yes.


What was that?

- Do not upset him.

That was Aunt Jackie.

She makes a five-course

meal for us.

Really? Can I talk to her?

She exercises her pole dancing.

Pole Dancing?

She did it eat? What's Going On?

I must go, Dave.

- Alvin, I'm not kidding.

Until later.

- Alvin.

Nobody does it better than he.

Toby, wake up.


- No, that's okay. What?

I had a nightmare.

- I hate nightmares.

What was it?

I dreamed that we had no family.

That can not happen.

You are so like each other.

Nothing can separate you.

Unless there is an eagle in

the air and comes down ...

What can never happen.

Why do you believe?

Eagles are in Philadelphia.

Sleep tight.

Toby, let it stop.

- What do you do?

There is something wrong with the clock.

He will not stop.

I can not sleep.

That's just the idea.

It is an alarm.

That is to get up early.

Why would anyone

get up so early?

To get to school, you should

be at eight hours.


- I like not to.

But we are there together for.

You go to school me and

I go back to sleep.

You mean your not still with us?

- No.

I've already served

my time, thanks.

But school is fun, right?

- Fun? Maybe nice.

It's my cat! That I sold.

I am, remember?

I thought so.

And we are there.

Have fun on your first day.

I see you around three hours.

We can. Just a park walk.

Or just frightening.

Hi, I'm Theodore.

Hi, I'm Theodore.


- Hup, eagle.

That was not very nice.

You must be our new students.

And we are the kind squirrels.

Yeah, that explains the

fur and fluff cakes.

Follow me, gentlemen.

- Men?

Oh, we. Exactly.

There was about a minute and

we were two behind ...

and I wanted to take the field,

though my leg was broken.

I can win.

- I never get tired

of that story.

So I hoppel on the field,

while I can barely stand.

Had I already mentioned

my broken leg?

Mrs. Ortega?

- Yeah?


- Thanks.

Hi guys, welcome to the staff room.

- Good to be here, I hope.

So this is a classroom?

I love the smell of 'cream

is' in the morning.

Hello ladies.

Hi, I'm Theodore.

Yes, he is Theodore.

If you do not know.

And I'm Simone.

The name Seville, Alvin Seville.

Enchant, ma'am.

Someone should make those

guys a head shorter.

That can not be difficult.

They are only 10 centimeters.

I have 15 cards.

Five more cards than necessary.

I had seven dates.

The best seats at the Lakers.

Even my friends had

the best seats.

Look at me now.

Look at me now.

I have lost everything.

Outside my dignity, that

they can not deprive me.

And all thanks to them.

A muffin.

Turn it to, hoping and begging

that I think other animals ...

to dance or sing.

Wait, you sing, are you?

That's my muffin.

Give it back! Dirty rat.

I get you to graze,

nature squirrels.

Girls, we have here.

I see nothing.

On my nose.

- Sorry.

Move your ass.

- Ok. Push me.

We made it.

My god, it's him. Ian Hawke.

Mr. Hawke?

I do not get that voice

out of my head.

Hello, Mr. Hawke?

That is not in my

head, but really.

What do you want?

- Our proposals.

That's right.

I'm Brittany.

And this is my sister Eleanor.

Hello, sir. Very pleasant.

And I'm Jeanette.

But I feel a Olivia.

If ...

- We are the chipmunk girls.

And we want you to represent us.

You made Alvin and the

chipmunk stars.

We do too.

- Yes.

And the nature squirrels around.

Before we are all excited

about this, tell me ...

You can sing, right?

Wait ...

let's continue this meeting

in my dakwoning.

This is so exciting.

Jeez, do you believe this?

A real office in a dakwoning.

The Hollywood sign.

Do you view it?

Ladies, tell me about


Raised in a small town,

population 300 and ...

Really? That is fascinating.

Well, get me impressed bowl.

And, two, three.

Girls, girls.

Guess who just the number n of

the fan chipmunk girls become?

Ian Hawke.


When can we meet the chipmunk?

An excellent question and the

answer is excellent ...

I represent Alvin and the

chipmunk not really.

What happened?

- Classic story.

Sweet and innocent at first,

they had nothing ...

and I make them rock stars ...

they change.

They were like bad cheese.


- That is terrible.

I know. Alvin was a son to me.

And then he just spits at me.


He filled his cheeks with mucus

and spit a few skulls.

Not to mention Simon.

- But not Theodore, right?

These cuddly creatures,

one must watch out for.

But why talk about them?

They are over, old-fashioned.

Squirrels are nature boring.

But ...

female chipmunk ...

but you keep on!

So I look at him, and

ask: where is Beyonc?

And he says, "she keeps a bowl

of cheese balls down ...

turn around. And what do you ...

she lives.

- Yeah, I was the

boss said Dave.

I stayed up to ten

hours on any day.

Look what I can.

You're really cute.

- Thank you.

I am so sorry.

- Not really.

Not yet.

Girls, please call a priv.

Thank you.

Listen Rock stars.

If you talk to them

again, go get it.

If you're looking at

them, go get it.

If you even just thinking

of them ...

Think of them?

- Now, yes.


- Move!

Take them, come back,

you dirty rat!


That way.

H Dumbo, catch me if you can.


- Surely not.

The underpants time!




- Get him.


- This way.


- Wait, guys.

The flushing time.

- This is not cool, guys.


If you look good.

- Thank you.

I can not swim. Help.

- Hang on, Simon.


If you think you've just saved

me from a toilet ...

it is pretty good.

I'll be back.

Alvin, we solve anything

with violence.

This is a really fatty.

- Stop it.

This is really too much fat.

Seems my ass so less?

Your ass looks fine.

These guys are just glands.

You threatened him to crawl

into, and to build a nest.

That was outside the line and

physically impossible.

I would have to suspend the three of you.

- If you do, please.

Instead I know something better.

Because of declining budgets,

we lose our beloved music.

That's terrible.

- Yes.

N There is glimmer of hope.

Every year the League

sponsors an ...

and the winning school will

receive 25,000 euros.

If we win, we save our program.

And you want us to act?

I thought you were not a fan?

Why do not you sleep over night.


- Great.

Promise me that you say nothing.

The president has an image to uphold.

If the department finds out.

That you really are.

I have all your CDs.

I got you last year in Denver even seen.

I have to put this.

It was my birthday.

Will you represent our school?

Frankly a suspension

seems ok to me.

What do you think, Alvin?

And to all, and three for n.

Well said, Theodore.

We participate.

Go ahead, Eagles.

Eagles? Where?

The penthouse.

Very exclusive.

Is not that Chihuahua?

Of that movie?

Yes, of course.

Many big names live here.

How you doing?

- I want his signature.

If you want to be a star, then

you behave like this.

You get no signatures, you

move them yourself.

Look there, a part of

the Jonas Brothers.

Where? I do not see them.

- We are there.

Let us enter my apartment ...

Hell, no!


- Sorry, but ...

I left my keys in my office are.

Can someone who scored

and so open the door?

I do it.

I am stuck.

Let me help you.

Not so fast.

You should eat less nuts.

And you? You are slimmer.

Here I am not so good.


Must see.

Great. The best tree house ever.

A red piano.

Is this a dream?

- Look over there.

Much better than a tree house.

Nicely done, Hawke.

Do you like it?

- Sure.

I live here.

- It is so beautiful.

The last time we visited

had Meerkat Manor ...

The group was called the

Command's rivals ...

the area of the whiskers inside.

Toby, I knew it was a mess, but

this is really disgusting.

It's like I live in a dustbin.

Meerkat Manor is on. Watch.

You're right.

I should calm down.

What is this?

Are you serious? A taco.

Under your blanket? Toby.

Ladies and gentlemen, for his third strike

in a row, here is the Toobster.

Come on.

No problem.

Watch and learn, my friends.

This is the n following

best game.

Hide the broken TV from Dave.

Want to play?


- Quiet with him, Taco Boy.

This day is bad enough.

I see what is going on.

You have problems at school.

- Not really ...

Unless you hang your head in

a toilet is a problem ...

Squirrels are the worst kind.

That is what I heard.

Personally, I absolutely

do not know.

How did you school?


- What?

How was school? In a word?


But that was because I ...

very popular.

Why you still live with your grandma?

- Why call yourself

"the Toobster?

And all day gaming?

Time for bed.

Alvin, wake up and turn

the alarm off.

Alvin, I'm not kidding.

Turn it off.

Boys ...

This is not funny.

I know. I need help.

I must go.

He wants us to take deal.


- Hello, have mercy.

Dave wants you to school,

and there you go then go.

Do not worry about us Driene, Toby.

We 'do.

If it hurt?

- Guys, come on.

Trust me, the second day is

never as bad as first.


Right in the pancreas.


Think of your reflexes.

Diving, side, standing up.

You're next, hairball.

Are you talking to me?

I am the only one here, so

then you have against me.

Did you know?

Incredibly, he has caught him.

You're out.

And the thick got it made.

He has hands.

- I think actually claws.

That we can use in the team.

Kitten, will you come

to the football team?

Football? I?

- I must say you're good.

At lunch you can sit

down with us.

If the team you least

want to come?

Interesting proposal.

- Alvin?

That brings me back.

- This is a one-time offer.

Do not think too long about it.

Then my brothers in the lurch.

Only the first chipmunk to a football

team that ever played.

No way.

It is a chaos in the stadium.

The ball flies through the

air, and he catches it.

The crowd is crazy.


I think that those super

cool jogger your calls.

Why should I go there?

If I am to worry whether

I'm popular.

Hi, talking chipmunk.

World-famous rock star ...

who has his own doll.

Guys, I'm in pajamas.

And I can play on

my own trumpet.

Come on, it is retecool.

Now go, Alvin.

- Really? Are you serious?


- Thank you. I'll be back.

All right, guys?

Give it to me.

I got it.

I'm not.

I think it is fun.

- I.

Throw up.

Call me.

This is old news.

I have the next big thing.

Singing female chipmunk.

What proportion of female singing chipmunk

people do not understand ...

West Eastman give the squirrels

in nature "Music Mania."

Girls, we go to school.

He jumps up, and he scores.

What is it? No "high five?"

Yes, "high five."

I know you are busy with

your things sport ...

but I may well use your help at home.

- That does not work.

Ryan will teach me how pretty

girls can do my homework.

You promised to be there.

We look at 'Meerkat Manor' tonight.

No beautiful girls.

Tonight will not succeed.

- You say that every day.

It is your day to do laundry.

Listen to your dad, Alvin.

You do not want to get grounded?

Will you still pick up?

- Since you force me so far?

Instead, I will show you

just how that is done.

So it goes, and you call

yourself a jogger.

My brother, he is a real laugher.

Always have been.

I see you later.

This is mine.

- No, mine.

Why do you embarrass

me with my friends?

Are you kidding?

They are the ones which you

feel should be ashamed.

Good luck with the show, guys.

- Seats on the first row.

What song are we singing?

No pressure, but the school

is counting on us.

Calm down, it is like Ryan says,

"Who beat now singing chipmunk?"

Finally. It's like a dream.

I saw that he only watched me.

- I know.

Do you remember what Ian said?

We can not trust them.

What happened?

- I never thought

I would say ...

Peach is my new color.

- Her glasses were

very fashionable.

She is beautiful as dandruff.

If you want to do this

you must watch.

This is a good time for a break.

- Take only five minutes break.

She is right. We need to focus.

This is for my screensaver.

Are you ready?

I have a lot of important

things at home.

You must be their babysitter?

- I am indeed.

How are you, Dr.


I know because I've

been at school.

I do not know if you

know me, Toby ...

That can not? Hello. No bracket.

You still had a brace?

- I did ...

I have no more bracket.

I know a guy who makes drum skins.

I'm in the car, guys.

Someone is in love.

We will replace everything.

Parole nature of the squirrels.

The old fake mucus routine.

I thought I smelled a rat.

- Can I help you, Mr. Hawke?

I was wondering if I could help, I

heard about your music contest ...

and I'm as fast as I could, my

girls to offer as a volunteer.

That's very thoughtful of you,

but I've already decided.

Perhaps this will change

their minds.


Do they listen to Ian?

And, two, three, four ...

They are great.

Good people of West Eastman, you have

just witnessed the debut ...

the chipmunk girls.

Thank you


- They were great.

But as I said ...

I've already made my decision.

I understand.

You have made your decision.

I do not want to be rude, but in

the true spirit of democracy ...

where our great country at

large established ...

I say, let the people vote.

Let them choose.

And person, my voice,

I say, "let us vote."

Let us vote.

Let us vote.

Please be no game breaker ...

let them sing it.

Let us vote.

You're very convincing, Mr.


This I do.

Friday, each group n sing

song for the students.

The person with the most applause

will represent the school.


Thank you We have it made.

Now it happen, like Donkey Kong.

The monkeys crept together, at

the end of a dramatic day ...

to strengthen their family

relationship again.

The whiskers are now more

than ever on each count.

I am so glad that Mrs.

Ortega every day after school

with us, practice.

Every day?

- Stop right now on ...

We are a team, we need you.

Take it easy. We are not losing.

Tomorrow we talk about.

There is not much to talk.

I see you at the rehearsal.

Hide your not.

- I am not hiding.

You might as well take root in the countryside

because you feel blocked.

I do not.

- But you have.

I think tonight I sleep

in my own bed.

As for me, I'm so glad

I'm not a monkey.

And why is that?

Toby, can I sleep with you?


- You heard me.

My brothers are fighting.

What? Ok.

Man, they beat me.

They hit me all.

I'm afraid. Why do they do?

It hurts.

Let's see. What more do I feel?

How about an hors d'oeuvre?

With the compliments of me.

No, thank you.

Grapes, please.


- I wanted to warn you ...


- What?

You should be grateful to Ian.

He has done everything for you

and you have his heart broken.

Really, what do you here?

He is the devil,

he has no heart.

And what he has done for

us, had us in a cage.

Alvin, that he would never do.

- Yeah, you were there too.

Brittany, but watch out.

- I have no opinion from you.

Expect nothing.

Ian leads us straight

to the top.


Right to the top.

I find that amazing.

Yes, funny.

I will destroy that

nature squirrels.

I would not destroy them.

- Me neither.

I want them to go out.

If you think so ...

perhaps we should then withdraw

from the race.

I stop you in one package and send you

back to the tree where you came from.

Sound good? About New then.


That little green

dress in that ...

what's your name?

- Eleanor.

I hardly see you.

Have you always been so close?

I think so.

- There must be something to do.

I'm going to try.

Brittany, come stand here once.

You two remain there.

Still a bit further.

That's what I right.

But not because Brittany is a mega-ultra

superstar and you guys do not.

Now a little more separated.

Brittany, where you stand.

Anything more apart.

Give her the space, guys.

Now look at me.

And, two, three ... Look at me.


- Toby?

What are you doing in the house?

Where is Aunt Jacky?

Dave, how are you?

Aunt Jacky is in the hospital.

I am a little worried.

Who look at the guys?


Dave, how is Paris?

- Carried the boys?

Absolutely. Just amazing.

Toby, what is going on?

- Nothing.

Do not worry.

I know now that you should

have no stress.

So I hang up now, but everything is good here.

Come home soon. Day.

Nurse, get me out of here!

Help, I want ...

I will not interrupt your game but I

saw how you weathered by Ryan ...

There was need for courage.

- Really?

To have that kind of guy we are looking.

Jeremy Smith, president

of the student club.

How are you, I am ...

- International star ...

and 'waste sitter "Simon Seville.

-" Waste keeper? "

"Waste sitter" is a new

job that we have made.

In order to create awareness of a

major problem in our community.

I do agree 99% plus 1.

You do it but little sum.

Simon, I know I ask

much, but ...

We seek a senior guy who

heads up this great job.

What do you say?

Sorry, everyone.

Rapid communication.

I'm Simon, I am the 'waste sitter',

throw your garbage in the trash.

Hello, ladies.

You have noticed that a package you've

thrown on the ground, so ...

we will consider this

as a warning.

Go away.

How you doing, guys?

Look, everybody.

The newest member of

the football team.

Those participating in the first game.

- Guys, do not make jokes.

I have spoken with the

coach you'll be.

That's great. Great.

- Look ...

The new 'keeper waste.

I did not even know the

school so someone had.

This is not so, but

tell him that.

Will you still pick up?

- No.

I'm sorry to hear, then I should

make a note for you.

No, I have a note of

the 'waste sitter'.

Do you play the game so?

I can do all day.

It is a joke, man.

Waste is not something to laugh.

You're the joke.

We take you in the leg.

There is no such thing

as a "waste sitter.


- Waste sitter yet?

You knew it, Alvin?

Spread the word "brother"

you anything?

Yes, of course.

Yes, he has a few new brothers

now he is the football team.

You have still not cleaned

up the waste.

Should I "waste" off?

Let's start with you.

- Hey, let loose. No.


See you shortly.

Ok, I'm a real jerk, I admit.

Is it good between us now?

Ok, I forget ...

because of Theodore.

- I know.

Therefore I give you ...

my honor that I stand on

that stage Friday night.

Well. Why are not there?

Because I ...


- I ...

You have a what?

- A football game.

Now I said it.

A football game.

Is everything okay?

- Theodore.

Yes, everything is good.

Just a little garbage wrestling.

Crazy weather here.

Theo Do not worry, everything

will be fine.

Alvin, do not miss the singing competition.

- Do not be afraid, Simon.

I'll be there. I promise you.

H guys, thanks for

the help today.

"Choice for Childs' is a really cool organization.

Everyone gets points today.

What happened to Theodore on?

- I have no idea.

H Eleanor, would you turn

or Theodore needs help?

They do not look very comfortable out.

- My shoes?

They are not.

But Ian says that I

seem to be higher.

I think you look

good as you are.

Do you really?

This is the home of Seville,

please leave a message.

Hi, Toby.

By Julie Ortega, met yesterday

we talked ...

since we were doing.

In any case, the reason

I call ...

that I am worried for Theodore,

he acts a little down lately.

I hope you come to the singing

competition Friday.

He has all the necessary

support he can get.

So, I see you there.

I hope that we meet

or talk, bye.

It is time to welcome

the warriors.

The Eagles are back, with

only five minutes to go.

Seville must do something.

Otherwise the game is over.

- I know I can there.

Let me join.


- Time Out.

Number 15 is changed.

Ok guys, it's time

for the big A.

I will crush them, I will feel pain.

The Alvinator is present.

Are you sure?

Four have ten say that we should

use the secret weapon

Chip is right.

He left the decision to me.

Time to make history, boys.

I take you to graze, Jennifer.

You are the one who goes

down, rattenkop.

I will crush you like a jerk,

and you eat at dinner.

With some soy beans

and a nice Chianti.

Is he my father?

And, two ...


That's my point.

Hatred is not the pain,

hate the game.

I love the hunt, man.

Eagles 15. The Warriors 14.

How about that. Right at you.

That's my point.

- You're the muscular chipmunk.

Give me a T, give me

an O give me an F.

What you get, TOF.

I am the king of the world.

Party for Alvin.

Everybody to the beach.

But come on.

Listen guys, know

I'm here for you.

There is still plenty of time.

I found Alvin.

Everything is good.

Thank you, Toby.

- Ladies and gentlemen, Dr..


Thank you, students.

Welcome to our crazy singing ...

between the nature squirrels

and chipmunk girls.

Remember that students, there

are no winners or losers.

Remember to tell the squirrels nature,

if we blow them off the stage.

The chance to win $ 25,000 for our school,

to save the music department.

So, we go further.

I present to you the

chipmunk girls.

This is the girls, can

you believe it.

Brittany, your time to shine.

Go on stage and defeat them.

- Yes sir, I can.

I'm just saying that you should not

stand in the way of Brittany.

You like what you see,

call Ian Hawk ...

- 5309.

No worries, Simon, Alvin can walk

through that door any moment now.

I'm back.

Thank you.

- Well done, ladies.

And now, applause for the group that

will crush you like a hurricane.

At least that is what most

students have told me.

Here they are, the

nature squirrels.

You know they say there is no 'i' is

the word 'Team', and you're right.

Do you know where one is 'i' occupants?

In Alvin.

Bales to be you. Girls.

Unfortunately he is right.

Did you find him?

- Sorry, I looked everywhere.

And I do not know why, but

the team has not returned.

What should we do?

I would ...

I would ask someone.

Someone who is not like me.

I know what we should do.

Hello, everyone.

Our brother, Alvin could

not be here today.

Look, we never have occurred

without Alvin ..

and we do not.

You can not have two little piglets,

you can not have two musketeers ...

but you can not have

two kind squirrels.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You hear that girls?

That is the sound of success.

I can imagine how distressed ...

if you chipmunk fans.

So I guess that means that

the chipmunk girls ...

Come on girls, we go

for a victory lap.

Come on guys.

Britt, we have to.

Come on.

Thank you.

Life is good.

Especially if you're

not a loser.

Guys? I am.



They are all gone, Alvin.

They will never forgive me.

- Do you ... Alvin

Ian is right.

You care only about yourself.

Besides, I never want

to win this way.

Simon, are you still awake?

I get it when you're angry.

I ran away from home?

Look me in the zoo,

because I'm not.

No, Theodore ...


Meerkat family?

Is anyone home?

My name is Theodore, I would like

to be part of your family.

More Cats have moved to California State Zoo.

Welcome to the raptors.

Maybe they hide.

You need not fear.

You're not a monkey.

Toby, you take the lions,

tigers and bears ...

Simon and I take the

butterfly room.

Dear Eagle.

No, Theodore.

No problem there.

Hold on, little man.

We'll get you there from.

Ok we have a plan.

And well-founded plan.

But you may also like a

maniac to walk there.

Theo, watch out.

Hello, I am Theodore ...

H bird, are you hungry?

This A stands for aperitif.

Let us easy to do, then

we talk it out.

Look, I understand why you

want to Theodore ...

but sorry, I can not

let that happen.

He is my brother.

I did not let him know, because

I've been a horrible bastard.

If anyone deserves to be

eaten, then I will.

Not literally.

I help you, Alvin.

Go away eagle.

He is a big elephant.

Luckily I speak a little

'Eagle language.

I think it works.

Oh No!

Guys, that was great.

He's right.

We are now for all,

and three for n?

Come on, Simon. Hug it out but.

You know that I regret Si.

Do not let it get that

far I should kiss you.

Do it because I hear

it I do not care.

Here he comes again.

The "kiss and cuddle train"

departs from the station.

Give me a hug but that.

Justine, call Ian Hawke.

Morris, make sure that I get

the phone to Ian Hawke.

There you are al

My dear little money earners.

Do you remember that I said

I would make you big star?

Guess who Britney Spears is

the opening act tonight?

Say that I dream.


Tonight, then we miss

the school game?

That's right.

You miss the school contest.

You are so smart, I you

can never be fooled.

It never went to school that stupid

game, went to Brittany to a star.

That you wanted so badly anyway?


- Tonight is your big chance.

It's all about you, Brittany.

But what about Jeanette

and Eleanor?

They can be singing in the background,

I have clothes made for them also.

We are her sisters.

- And we sing together or not.

All right.

I just have the B-girl

but necessary.

Ian, I do not do

it without them.

All right. Then we go to Plan B.

Who loves barbecue?

Because I know a nice shop, where you

can get delicious nature squirrels.

Very tasty.

If you should prefer to sing?

Welcome to West Eastman, and thank you

for supporting music in our school.

Remember, choose the group you tonight,

win $ 25,000 for our school.

There are many shows and at half

past nine, the stove off, so ..

you no longer have to wait for Orange

girl, here is Lou Rosarro.

We meet again.

Still want a piece of me?


Ian Hawke?

Give me but that.

I had not expected

that criminal.

Alvin, are you still


We can not participate tonight.

But then the music department.

The whole school is

counting on you.

I know.

I had to listen to what

you have on Ian.

Let me guess ...

Yes, he has us in a cage.

Is this the biggest you have.

I had asked for the biggest,

that is not.

I will be equal to Dr.

Rubin tell.


- Alvin, stay where you are.

You got it.

Brittany, I'll get you.

Simon, how do you as a lock?

Ok clear.

I must go to those girls.

And quickly.

I know how.

The third theory is the

hardest to crack ...

I assume that we should

not assume ...

The first two numbers are n.

So I try n.

He is open.

Ok girls ...

- Ian is coming.

Hide the phone, quick!

Time to be great.

We are ready.

I would even be.

After this performance

I am back on top.

Cherisse applause.

Driver, take me to the arena.

The VIP entrance.

To the suite.

A little moonlight ride.

Moonlight ride, we go.


If you do not mind ...

You know why?

Because tonight we toast ...

to a special someone, namely me.

They said I could not, I never

would come back to the top.

But just look.

... Time for my fine

The ladies who make the world forget

the nature squirrels ...

What do you do? Alvin.

Good to see you looking good.

I have a signed contract.

Jumping, Jeanette.

- I'm not sure I ...

It means my end if

you do not act.

Gas out, Alvin.

- You name it!

Ian H, in other words,

you're fired.

Alvin heard of anything?

- No chipmunk Alvin

and no girls.

Only Dr.

Rubin and the entire school

that relies on us.

Do not worry, e

erything is good.

Faster Alvin.

- Do not worry ...

I get some help from

my friend there.

Roger, Alvin.

- Look out!

Just like I'm back

on the racetrack.

Where you going?

What are you doing?

Wait till I tell at home that

I've saved Alvin Seville.

I think I owe you an apology

for what regards Ian.

Hold on to me but you.

With me you do not fear.

I'm much faster.

I must say, he is resolute.

We must try to get rid of him.

- Hold on.

I have a plan, jump

when I'm at three.



- I did not like heights.

Keep your tight Jeanette.

- Bring back to me but my girls.

We have remote needed.

- Guys, I do have an idea.

Take your helmet off for Ian.

The remote.

I can not.

I'm going to try it.

Take my ankles.

I got him.

I have him?

Well done, Jen.

- Top work, Jeanette.

Ian H, you were wrong.

I do not need.

Bye bye.

- Adios, Ian.

And now, our last act

of the evening.

We have received a recent change,

but find that you would not mind.

Hatching for West Eastman are,

the nature squirrels.

We will still be on the

podium, Theodore.

There are no squirrels nature,

so we should continue.

I would not make them again.

Sorry, but we must go.

I'm not a chipmunk, as you see.


- Where is the music?

I'm going to sing.

That was another great.

Thank you.

The chipmunk girls have

entered the building.

It is the chipmunk girls.

- Alvin.

Hello, West Eastman.

I put her to the ground.

Hold you down.


- Give me the five brothers.

Ladies and gentlemen,

for West Eastman ...

This is truly an honor.

For you or for us?

- For us.

We already get it Come on, guys.

And now the girls chipmunk

and chipmunks.

Thank you.

It seems clear that we have a

winner for the $ 25,000 ...

and it is for West High Eastman.

Guys, we did it.

All yours, Dr.. Rubin.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Staples Center

is proud to welcome the chipmunk girls.

Hi everyone, I'm Jeanette

and I am Eleanor.

And I'm Brittany.

And we have the chipmunk girls.

And, two, three.

Dave, you dance.

- You are even good.

Welcome back.

- Did you miss us?

Of course I missed you.

You are my guys.

H Dave, how did you miss us.

Since we now have six of us.

Alvin, what did you do?

The chipmunk girls will also have

to sleep somewhere, right?

So I said that you said, that she

may continue as long as needed.

Ok, this is Dave.

Everybody shake what

your mama gave you.

See you again.

All ready for bed.

Looks like the chipmunk girls

have a good influence on you.

Thanks, Dave.

Lights out now.

Good night, everyone.


- I'm not tired.

Sorry, but you must go

to school tomorrow.

Not tired.

Alvin, come on. It's bedtime.

Not tired.

Still not tired. More light.

I'm just kidding.

Much more light.

Alvin, now it's ready,

let me come to you.

Now someone is tired.

Good night.


(Mid-Credits Scene) Good start, gentlemen. Only 10 more rows of bleachers to go. Let's do it.

(Post-Credits Scene) Alright, guys. Alright. Alright. Alright, I'm out. I'm out. Oh, is this necessary? Now, come on! Oh, is that necessary? It's not! At least, let me go back and get my purse!

(door shuts)

(chipmunk giggle)