Movie Date: December 16, 2011

One, two, three...


Guys, stop.

Where's Alvin?

- Hi, Dave.

Where were you?

- I try to ships.

I already did.

I have also seen our room...

I made the bed closest

at the window ...

I ordered a pina colada.

And I have given to us parasailing.

- There you are too young.

I thought we went on vacation

to have fun.

For family vacations, only

for fun.

But first we need some rules to capture.

First, you should not go to bed

to everyone in the room.

That's a good, Simon.

This is our first line.

Shall we go through the rest.

- Come on, Dave.

These is my middle name.

This is your captain.

Everything is permitted.

You do not get bored.

We've been talking about rules, Alvin.

Sorry, I did not know we in the

agreement could not make fun.

You can have fun.

If you do not behave like a child?

When you treat me more like a child?

- If you feel like an adult behaves.

I'm going to act like an adult,

if you ...

Not now, girls.

- I'm sorry, Dave.

I need to prepare for

dinner with the captain.

We eat with the captain?

- No, I. You stay here.

I must apologize for everything

what Alvin did.

This is so unfair. Not for us, not

Dave and certainly not for the captain.

That sure looked forward to

with me to dinner.

I'll go talk to Dave.

See if I can iron things smooth.

What is it, Simon?

- I would never say to Alvin.

He is really irresponsible.

I really want something.

You want me to propose something?

- I'm going crazy from him.

Much longer than he you crazy.

What is it?

Imagine a fiery Alvin

horse racing.

Is that your advice?

- I'm not done Dave.

Alvin is a race horse.

- And you are helpful jockey.

That there is to it over the track

of life support.

But if you hold the reins too tight,

then that horse racing and fighting bucks.

That's not fun for anyone.

But if you hold the reins looser ...

As he flies off the track into the fence.

I know you want to protect Alvin.

Sometimes children rise above themselves,

if you give them confidence.

Room service is underway.

Lights out at nine o'clock.


If we are caught in this room

be held ...

By Alvin.

Can we at least see a movie?

Let's see what there is.

You choose only one film.

You are old enough to decide.

Really, Dave?

- Absolutely.

Dave looks so elegant.

- Have fun.

Dave, before you go.

I made you something.

That's really ...

- It's soft. You can sleep with it.

All colors are in process.

It fits everywhere.

Great. I do it after eating at.

- You can now belt.

That everyone who sees

to the master table.

Nice, a real chip Madness.

Have fun, guys.

But not too much fun.

I am still very upset.

See you, Dave.

And hello, ladies.

I want my cocktail shaken, not stirred.

Where you going?

- At the casino.

I'm Simon Rappy.

- No.

Dave said ...

- He said and I quote ...

"We are old enough to decide for themselves."

We are old enough to choose from a movie.

Not so.

Just look what Theodore did.

What's wrong with this movie?

- That's for babies.

Dave treats us why

likely as babies.

Come on, Theodore.

That's more like it.

Alvin, please.

I say we go out tonight

- In our pajamas?

I know already

I am the winner.

These dresses are great.

- You're so perky.

Thank you.

That's my job.


- What are you?

We are the Chip Ettes.

- I'm Eleanor.

My sister tried to apologize.

What? The stairs

my girlfriend's toes ...

its weird or silly dances.

You have not done.

- She did it.

Get those strange things out of my face.

Unless you want to meet my claws.

They are real.

Would you do that?

Captain, I'm sorry really

what happened to Alvin.

He is a child and just wanted

but what fun.

There's nothing wrong with that. Our pelican

ensures that everyone has fun.

He goes on a hang glider around the ship.

It's really quite amusing.

The safety of passengers

is my priority.

Alvin or anyone else, should not

be jeopardized.

Believe me, I understand.

As Alvin our rules again violate

Then there will be consequences follow.

We do not want anybody hurt.

Is called.

- I'm sorry.


Such a nice pants.

Do you have a problem with me?

- Yes.


- Or you do not know.

I do not know.


What are you doing here?

I'm working, Dave.

- Is this your job?

There are not many record companies

interested in becoming a man to believe ...

who has messed with the Chipmunks,

Ettes and the Chip ...

Justin Bieber and rejected.

Two times.

I'm sorry that you lost your job, and ...

your dignity. That you do not get back

by hot things to throw over me.

You're right, Dave. It's too late for me

to regain my old life ...

but it's not too late

to ruin yours too.

Do you want to ruin my life?

- Let's start with this holiday.

If I see squirrels a rule violation,

I go straight to Captain Correlli.

You're in my house.

Technically it's not a house,

but a ship.

The point is ...

I love watching you.

Like a hawk.

Please do not eat my brain.

What are you looking at "Jungle Monster 4"?

Alvin, how can you ...



I'll be back.

It is dark.

You are nominated for the International

Music Awards. That is fantastic.

Yeah, pretty cool.

I think.

If you hold a lot geslijm.

We fly immediately after the cruise go.

We hope that we are "album of the year 'are.

Then you're the youngest ever winner.

- So young I am not.

I'm in a casino. Well past bedtime.

Not that I have a bedtime.

Nobody tells me what to do.

I wonder who "Alvin" is.

Anyway, it was a nice conversation.

But I must run.

You have big problems, young man.

You can follow me on ...

I did not play.


Your winnings, sir.


I'm not running away. Actually,

Alvin only to stop it.


- There they are, captain.


- What will he do?

We have to walk the plank?

- Is there a board?

There is no shelf.

If you disobey again ...

then you put the ship and missing

International Music Award. Got it?

Yes, Dave.

- Absolutely.

Unless we have been disobedient.

- Why would you be doing?

Imagine that you say that I

should remain.

"Alvin, if you rid of that chair,

get punishment.

But, I see pirates.

Climbing ropes along

on the side of the ship.

I would simply be my Swiss army knife

pack and cut the ropes.

But I must stay, right?

Yes, Alvin, that you need.

And what do you do with a pocket knife?

Which knife do you?

Give it here.

You can hurt yourself.

So, I was able to save the whole ship ...

of 'steling' and 'roving'

And I still receive punishment?

Alvin, the word "steling 'does not exist.

And roving 'either.

But he does have a point, Dave.

There are times when you need us trust,

to make things arrange themselves.

I trusted you tonight,

and look what it brought me.

He's probably mad

a pretty girl.

You may of Captain Correlli

still participate in an activity.

Is paragliding, wave boarding,

or bungee jumping?

No, shuffleboard.

According to my calculations is 10% shuffle

and 90% board.

That's funny.

Thank you.

Do you really?

Dave, I think I prefer the board wants.

- Sorry, Alvin. This should be done.

And I can do something, I

long since done.

Nothing at all.

Britney approaching the PUK.

Adapts its movement.

Looks at me, quite irritated ...

and wonders whether I ever

My mouth shall keep.

Realizes that this may be the case,

and slides.

Too short.

A costly mistake, ladies and gentlemen.

That's the rest will

pursue her career.

Make all the jokes you want, but even you

can not be interesting.

Really? Would you interesting?

Then I can make this interesting.

What are you doing, Alvin?

Dave keeps an eye on us.

The poor man has had no rest

He has since met with us.

He is exhausted.

Over, three, two, one.

Lights out.

Time to sleep. Time lines for punishment

into fun rules.

Do you understand? I took the rules of

penalty rules ...

and set it to pleasure rules.

It works.

You want to trade?

This is a beautiful kite.

I can see everything.

Come on, Simon.

Forget it. I try always alone

save and I get in trouble.

This is good.

- Simon, do something.


- Now, Simon.

Alvin has problems, and Simon must

He seems to save again.

Thank you, brother.

Thank you.

sleep baby sleep in the beautiful chair

when you wake up, your hair falls

Dave, help us.

- Guys.


No, if you want to put you hang gliding

everyone on the list.

You do not understand.

Oh yes. Dave Seville is so special,

that the rules do not apply to him.

Let go.

- No, you let go.



Well done, Seville.


- Yeah, you.

Save your breath, Dave.

They come back to me.

Looking back,

this was a bad idea.

We're losing altitude.

I do not think I have more volhou.

I'm so hungry.

But one bite.


- A little nibble?

Not a nibble.

- Maybe I can lick the icing?

The glaze keeps you alive, Theodore.

Its high fat content makes

a watertight barrier.

I'm dying of hunger.

There are a lot of other things you

to die before you die of starvation.

Dehydration, heat exhaustion ...

- An island.

No, an island would be useful.

So you would really have to say.

We live.

I'll kill you.

- No one kills someone.

Never mind that he deserves it.

Thanks Si, the bad impression

I now make.

We do not worry


Dave now knows that we're gone.

The whole crew looks to us now.

Let's go relax and eat donuts.

Did you that?

You can not go any faster?

- We are here for two hours.

Thanks to my pilates move my legs

fast, but they are now slower.

Put your feet up.

Let me wait.

You can not. The costume is a whole.

There's no where you get your feet can take away.

Take the suit off.

I can not.

- Why not?

I have no bottom.


- No, it's good. I believe you.

No, look, an island.

Perhaps the Chipmunks washed there.


Come on.


It is not long until our rescue plane

Our S.O.S. see ...

and our flight back to civilization.

I can not hear airplanes or helicopters.

Maybe Dave in a hot air balloon.

They are very quiet.

Dave is established in a hot air balloon.

But he does anyway?

Of course.

Just maybe not today.

Alvin is right. We must

prepare for the night.

What? You expect me to sleep outside?

I think squirrels live in the wild.

We lived in the wild.

It's just one night.

- A cold night.

Then we make a fire. We stabbing

always something on fire accidentally.

How hard can it be if you

think about it.

And how will you do?

I will make a spark, with my

Swiss army knife on the stone to ...

Dave who has taken away from me.

You certainly have a better idea, smart boy?

Sure, smart boy.

As you can see the glasses captures the energy

the sun, so get your fire.


- Thank you.

Thank you for that thought.

We have made a fire.

What do we do now?

We have to go there.

From the top of the mountain, we

better view of the island.

Then we can see if they are here.

- Copy that.

What are you doing?

- I make a fire.

Snoop in the studio was no longer matches

and we have made fire with two sticks.

How hard can it be.

- Forget the fire, we must climb.

It is dark and cold.

I make a fire. We're going tomorrow.

No, we are now.

- Do not talk to me in such a tone.

I'm not one of your chipmunks who can

command ...

in a cage and stop whenever you want.

Did you, Ian.

- Calm down.

Logical that they would prefer a ship hairballs

then fly off one day be with you.

They did not express. It was

an accident. They're just kids.

How long can they survive?

And you were worried.

Look at us now.

We are warm,

have a nice fire burning.

A beautiful night sky and if there

A rescue helicopter comes along, they see us.

Everything will be fine.

- Good night, boys.

Good night.

- Good night.

Good night.

- Can I ...

What? I always do the lights

when we said goodnight.

That fire was the only thing that protected

against the freezing death.

Can not fire again?

- How?

With your glasses and the sun ...

Great as the courage to hold back.

What should this be?


- No, it's bark.

Yes, for breakfast.

- I think it's very nice.

That's not it.

It was ages ago since our last

"You can eat whatever you want 'buffet.

Idiot proposal. Let this beach

sound, and to find real food.

If I still know my horticulture,

and that is true, that these are mango trees.

Where are all the mangoes, then?

Perhaps the jungle monster

eaten them.

I thought you were planning to share?

- Of course.

It seemed as if what you think

all alone to eat.


I would never do.

I do not believe you.

I got it.

My nuts.

Well done, Theodore.

- Take him.

Do not listen to him, Theo.

He eats everything alone.

I share it with you.

- No, they take you for a ride.

No, you're trying to trick him.

No, you. By saying that I

he wants to take the mickey.

He lies, Theo.

- What?

Theodore, very sorry.

My favorite.

Stop it.

Look at us again. A day on this island

and we have become beasts.

Did you hear that?

What was that?

- A jungle monster.

At your place, everyone.

Hold it.


- No. Why?

Please do not eat us up, Mr. Jungle Monster.

I'm not a monster. I'm Zoe.

And I'm obviously a girl.

That for so long on this island is that ...

she imagines that squirrels

can talk.

We Chipmunks.

- Yes, Alvin and the Chipmunks.


You have probably heard about Chip Ettes.

We are world famous.


- Maybe it helps.

Stop it.

I do not know who you are.

- Strange.

How long are you here exactly?

I'm here on a Monday came.

So eight or nine years.

Have you been here nine years?

- It can also eight.

If we are now nine years to stay?

If we have to stay forever?

I told you that Dave would come there.

I always thought that Dave

there would come.

And he never came.


- Dave Henderson, my boss at UPS.

I flew cargo planes for them, to

one day I'm dumped in the ocean.

We have also crashed.

However, our Dave will not rest

until he found us.

However, Alvin?

- Absolutely.

I finally come out?

I must tell the others.

- Are there others?

Imagine being stuck here

and with no one to talk.

I thought I would go mad.

I want to introduce you to my friends ...

This is Ms. Rowling, Fozzing, Caluwe Dinmar

and that there Nerd.

You look good, friend.

They also survived the crash.

I am Theodore.

Dave comes to pick us up.

No, not Dave Henderson.

I saw your face it. Another Dave.

You will be excited.

We finally get to this island.

She is funny.

- In a strange way.

This is cause for celebration.

Who is hungry?

We are starving.

- Let's go to my house.

Is it far?

I can not move.

Who was talking about running?

That was cool.

- I know.

Come on, guys.

Was not that great?

No, it was not great.

It's a miracle that we arrived safely.

The probability that an injured squirrel

on a slide board is a six.

Why do I always right?

Does it?

- I sprained my ankle.

You have to do some ice.

I have no ice.

I live in that tree.

I thought perhaps you had.

No, we have no ice and

no shelter.

This is very annoying for you.

Do you like bungee jumping?


- No, we do not like.

Maybe you should leave us alone, then

we focus more on survival ...

and less on ourselves to murder.

That's a lot of nerves

in a small package.

I'm not nervous. I just do not

that there was anyone hurt ...

What was that?

That was just a spider. Who live here,

because this nature.

This is not just a spider.

This is the "Benotrella Valensise.

its bite contains neurotoxin.

Mr. rhetoric.

So what?

- Alvin, poison, neuroscience, brains?

That's not good.

Side effects are "changes in personality

liability, loss of vision, dry throat.

Take it easy. I have been called twice bitten

and I'm very normal.

Yes, normally.

- No, anyway.


- Fatty.

Come, fatty.

I hope all is well with them.

- What does it matter whether they are in order ...

I want them here.

And here I thought you had changed

and not just self.

No, and that's good.

For the anger that I feel for you

Chipmunks and keeps me going.

Shall we continue?

- Please note that if we find something to eat or drink.


- Where?

That thing around your neck.

- That I do not eat.

This was a gift from Theodore.

- That explains it.

I wanted to say, 'that's awful ugly.

It's not ugly.

It fits everywhere and it is soft

enough to sleep.

And it is edible.

- You eat my son not his chain.

He is your son, Dave.

He's just a Chipmunk.

Dave, where are you?

Where are you, Alvin?

I go to sleep.

Simon, where are you going?

Who is Simon you

talking about?


- My name is not Simon, but Simone.

That is almost Simon.

And yet very different.

Would you go on an adventure?

- What kind of adventure?

The adventure is called "The Right".

- Good.

Dave to show up.

Simon and Theodore are gone.

They are probably hiding

to search.

They can only talk about have.

It's nothing for them to be

so run away.

Can you please look for them?

- Why can not you do?

I have a problem I

to solve.

How is Eleanor?

She's doing well.

I'm talking about me.

I've taken two days no longer prayed,

and I'm not.

I can not be saved if I

so look.

Hello, my friend.

Simon, are you the bungee jumping?

His name is not Simon.

- Simone.

That seems a lot like Simon.

Yeah I thought so too.

But, he behaves very differently.

A spider bite.

That's it.

Do you have side effects? Change

of personality, loss of vision ...

Who are you?

Simone is very cool.

- It's Simon, Theodore.

No, he's not cool.

- See you, Alfred.

My name is Alvin.

- Great, Simone.

Theo, you're allowed.

Really? I've never done anything like this.

- And you never will.

How can you let them do that?

What were you thinking?

I think, when is my dad

ashore on this island?

We have great fun. Why do you

show and so nervous?

I? Nervous?

I'm not nervous, but funny.

The one who is cool.

Just ask anyone.

Who do I ask?

You can not bungee jumping, Theodore.

You are afraid if you go to a movie.

Go, Alvin.

Can anyone help me?

This is much better.

These dresses are really great.

Thank you.

I made this for you, Eleanor.

Look how happy you're suddenly.

In case you get tired, I

a wheelchair for you.


Pleasant, ladies.

A kiss.

And again, a kiss.

What name is he doing?

- A spider has bitten him.

He thinks he's some kind of

French guy is funny.

He thinks he's the most interesting

man in the world.


- We must work to that shelter.

Why? I can not imagine a better roof

than the stars in the sky.

How about a roof that is truly one roof?

It's raining.

What is a little rain? We share the same

water that feeds the flowers.

This is idiotic.

The shelter was your idea. From you.


Forget the shelter but I want

everybody goes up.

I'll try, but

I feel so useless.

What are you doing?

What I wanted to do when

I first saw you.

They do have a pneumonia.

So dance in the rain ...

Spin once so no mud around.

- Hello?

A person can lose an eye.

That looks cool out.

Would you like to dance?

- Please.


- Yes, Theodore.

I can not believe they all


I am handsome.

She is smart.

Can you see me hang clever?

- Yes, I am the funny.

And handsome.

- It's really slippery mud.

This is ridiculous.

They even listen?


You begin to sound like Dave.


What are you doing?

Build a shelter.

Since I no longer

funny, I can just as well ...

are responsible.


Since I am no longer the handsome,

I can 't build shelter.

Good luck with that.

- Do you think I can not?

I did not say.

I thought it but did not say.

So you want to play it so, huh?


He's so French-like.

Be careful.

Let's do it.

Was not that nice trip?

- Fortunately I do not wear pants.

Come on, guys.

Is it really safe?

- Yes. I do this daily.

Hold on.

Theodore is here.

No, look into my eyes.

You have nothing to fear.

Yes, very good.

You are safe. Bravo.

- You made it.

You're so brave.


A double rainbow.

What does that mean?

In life they are superstars,

but they are dead legends.

Tribute albums, funerals to pay per vieuw ...

- Wait a minute.

You think I do this for the money do?

If you do it to women

to pick up, you're not doing.

I do it because I love them.

Go ahead if you life

spoiled brats want to walk back.

If they are not.

- Not even Alvin?

You do not even know them.

Alvin may well be a nuisance ...

but he means well.

Sometimes what he ...

irresponsibly. Nothing more.

Simon is the kid with the most

responsibility that I know.

Sometimes he's too nervous.

And then little Theodore...

- Dave.

Those first two were

I have hardly cared.

The third me will not care.

Forget it. We are going through.

To the surface.

This is terrible.

- Had he not better than his?

Where are you?

Zoe, you have to do something.

Caluwe go find Simon.

I know you can.

You do not believe it, huh?

If Caluw not find him,

no one can.


Sorry I worried.

But I got something for you.

Perhaps this is good.

It's beautiful.

Where did you find it?

In a cave behind the waterfall.

I thought you would be nice.

But now I realize that even a gem

your beauty can not match.

But there were jewels

or diamonds?

When I struck gold, I was

far too long away from my Jeanette.


Boys, they found it.

And they do not even know

what they found.

They think it a bracelet.

The rest of the treasure is for me.

All to myself.

What are you for something?

You're one of those "Honey Badgers"

who take what they want. Drop it.

If you with me Dolte,

I am crazy.

You can be in a stabbing

or as a cobra strike ...

but this squirrel can

not care.

I'm all set.

I can help you ...

This tree house is great.

Maybe you prefer the smart.

Thank you, Alvin.

And yours is ...

You did your best.

We can quite comfortably

and chic, right?

I think I know why

Dave is not already there.


Because he was not even looking.

Why should he find us?

Because he was tired of me.

Just as Simon makes me crazy ...

I make crazy Dave for years.

No wonder he hates me.

Do not worry.

Dave really is.

He is certainly of Simon and Theodore.

Will Dave ever find us?

I mean Simone.

- Sorry, did you speak to me?

Yes, Dave.

Will we ever find him?

I see you're sad.

And I hate that.

I will help you find friend Dave.

Do you really think you can find him?

- I know I can t.

And I find that one Simon

what you're talking about.

Dave and I have never been apart

met. Describe him.

He is very friendly

and is a good storyteller.

That really helped.

And he's about as big.

Is he by chance a large bird

that can not fly?

I do not think so.

Then the footprints

not his.

Sample of the jungle.

Did you hear that?

Yes, my stomach rumbling.

- No, maybe it's a helicopter.

Come face it, Dave,

No one will save us.

My stomach always sounds louder

until, one day just stop.

Because I've eaten you.

Perhaps there really anyone

and the Chipmunks are not even here.

I'm talking really spoiled.

I really hate to say this, but ...

You can really get along with them.

They love you.

That I know because I have them

mistreats. I hate them.

Whatever happens,

You've done nothing wrong.

Thanks, Ian.


Get off me.

The sample of the jungle

is real and it is angry.

Or hungry.

That means letting go.

Great. A volcano.

Of course, why the water was so warm.

It is the underground

magma chamber heated.

How do you know?

- No idea.

The beauty I see sometimes

the science channel.

Hi, does anyone want a

hike to the waterfall or something?

Not now. The whole island will explode.

- What?

We have this island.

We are building a fleet at once.

Right now or immediately

After a trip to the waterfall?

I'm touched.

Dave his necklace?

I always tell Janet about her

will watch with the angels.



Dave? I told

we would find him.


- It's Simon.

But I am sometimes confused

by Simon that guy.

Maybe we are like each other.

You thought it was chubby.

Do not worry, Theodore,

there is nothing happen. Yet?

What was that?

This is an active volcano.

Britney and I build the deck.

Eleanor, you tied the ropes.

Janet, collect as many coconuts

and mangoes as you can.

Who knows how long we are at sea.

- What can I do to help?


You're hit.

I've missed you so much.

- I knew you would find us.

Eleanor, what happened?

Just a plain line.

- What?

It does only hurts when I

try to explain.

Never mind.

The important thing is that you are safe.

Everything will be fine.

What is it?

I thought you would never find us.

That you do not even it was looking for.

Why should I not look?

Because I'm such a nuisance.

I know you find me a nuisance.

No, anyway.

But I come anyway.

Patriot, fermez, Napoleon.

I don 't. You have a rich past.

We are all past when we go away.

Uncle Ian.

What is he doing here?

- It's a long story.

Do not worry, he does nothing.

- Yes, for a pelikaanman.

Yes, nothing cooler than a grown man

In a pelikanenpak.

Dave, how do we get here?

No idea. In my opinion

do you have this under control.

Theodore, Eleanor, and you do the rope.

Dave and Ian, we need oars.

- Simon, you and Janet provide food.

And Zoe ...

- I know, I'm gonna get my balls.

Who is that?

- Still a long story.

Continue working, boys,

of this island so we cope with this.

This fleet itself does not go together.

It's unbelievable, guys.

- Very impressive.

Now, everyone gathered to

build it, I want to say ...

It can wait.

Where are Janet and Simon?

Hopefully this is enough.

Have you heard anything?

- Who knows?

When I'm with you,

I hear only my heartbeat.

Someone: Help!

Guys, here. Come quick.

Simone, everything will be fine?

- Why do you call me, Simone?


- Of course.

You're finally back.

- Why?

You were bitten by a spider.

It messed with your brains.

I can see why Dave and Ian half, half bird?

No, me and Ian are real.

- How you doing?

Where is Janet?

She was with you.

No idea.

- I did. Zoe took her.

Simon, what did you think that gold bracelet?

- Which?

You gave to Janet.

- When did I do that?

During your date.

Janet and I are together?

He is useless.

Theodore and Eleanor, you are the way.

I do not remember exactly the way.

I have.

Which way?

- Left.

No, right. No, left.

- You knew the way, right?

That is true. I forget sometimes

what is left and right.

That way.

We just have to cross here.

Are you serious?

I can not.

But Simon, you've already done.

- No, that was Simone.

But you Simone.

He's somewhere in your.

You have to just search.

Do it quickly,

For Janet needs you.

I just can not. Sorry.

Ian, bring everyone to the fleet.

When the volcano exploded before I'm back ...

you promise ...

- That you left without me. Roger that.

I'm with you.

- Absolutely not. Too dangerous.

Remember I told you I

one day would not obey?

Sorry, Dave, but I will not obey.

We go.

You will not go up

Before you do anything of that treasure.

But the volcano will explode.

Then you better hurry, huh?


Here we go.


If so, keep going.

Will continue.

Pull me up.

I can not bear.

If you still can talk,

nothing comes out of your mouth.

Pull me now but up.

- Yes, that sounds very good.


They would be behind that waterfall.

How it should be.

That's what I mean.


- Not one more step.

Do not come closer.

All right, Janet?

I can not break free.

Jewelry that tastes terrible.

Zoe, you should not do this.

- I looked ten years for this treasure.

That is why I go

this stinking island came.

You are here not crashed?

- They found me crazy ...

and they said this card is counterfeit.

And now the treasure of mine.


Come on.


No, not yet.

- Janet.


No, help.

You go back into that cave

to get more of that treasure.


- It's Simon.



- Forward.


Where is Dave?

Help me.

- Help you?

Should I do now, Dave?

All my treasures are gone.

Without it my life is ruined.

And now you feel how it feels.

No, do not.

Dave blame is simple.

I've done.

I could have those years of revenge

it back. All that wasted energy.

All those pizzas to be sent home.

- Was that you?

Not now.

You can drop dead Dave and I can go

the raft with the Chipmunks ...

and their manager again

and lots of money.

For me it does not matter.

But let me tell you something.

Hatred, anger and regret

are not members of a girl group.

They possessed me.

And now they take possession of you.

You can still do the right thing.

Again, for me it does not matter.

Your decision.

What are you doing?

Help him, please.

Help me save my father.

Hurry up.

I bite you, Dave.

Come on, help me.

There they are.

Come on.

Come on. Hurry up.

Grab the oar.

Go on, boys.


Now we will never occur

during the International Music Awards.

Now we the suckers.

Janet, I do not know what to say.

I was apparently so obsessed

for that treasure, that I ...

was crazy.

And I'm really sorry.

We both.

Apology accepted.

I want you to get it.


Dinmar, it is a new beginning

for both of us.

Hope you do not mind.

Simone gave it to me.

- That's okay.

Not even the most beautiful jewel in the world

beauty can match.

Yes, Alvin?

I just wanted to say

Now we ...

so do ...

I'm sorry.

Sorry I was childish

acting on the ship.

And I ruined our family vacation.

Sometimes a horse

space requirement to run.

Yes, that's right.

That is very wise.

How you doing?

No love for Uncle Ian?

You put us in cages.

Seriously? Still about?

New topic: I saved the life of Dave.

But I love you 'eye.

Do you have that knife?

Knife? Exactly, that I wanted to give back.

Keep it with you.

- Really?

You can helicopter might

send them a sign.


We are here.

- Hello.

Everything is in order. We see you.

Good to be back, eh?

- Absolutely.

I sold the story of

Zoe in Hollywood.

They offered huge prizes.

Kyra Knigt is interested.

There's also something in it for me.

Thank you.

We found the great giant.

It is full.

We should charge them for it.

Now do you charge $ 25 per bag?

- No, $ 25 for first bag ...

and $ 40 for each additional bag.

Do you want the fan off? I'm cold.

- Of course.

You have my paper crumples.

- Sorry.

Then I read this but.

She is beautiful.

Wait, that's me.

Just count.

Do you think junglemonsterpak fun?

Eleonore has for me.

Yes, that I made.

- Nice.

Where's Alvin?

- Ladies and gentlemen ...

This is your captain.

We will leave ...

to Timbuktu.

If you do not need to Timbuktu ...

please call the hostess

by pressing the button.

Thank you for Air Alvin chose.

Have a nice flight.

Please be seated.

We go off.

Now sit.

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