Movie Date: February 16, 2010

[OWL HOOTING] Listen, it sounded like the brown-breasted bottle-beaked hooting owl. Sherman, did you really bring me all the way out here... ...just to look at birds? SHERMAN: I thought you liked birds. TREENA: Yes, but sometimes there are other things I'd like to see. - Like what? - Like a movie. [OWL HOOTING] Shh. Hear that? The owl is near. [CREATURE GROWLING] [RUSTLING] [GASPS] - Sherman. - Yes? Does it have unusually large eyes? Oh, yes. I'd say so. It's a nocturnal predator. And a giant pointy beak... [FOOTSTEPS THUDDING] ...and fur? [CREATURE GROWLS] You know, Treena, I'd be up for a movie. [TREENA SCREAMS] He did it. Scooby-Doo captured the monster. Scooby-Dooby-Doo. [GROWLS] VELMA: It's not a real monster. It's actually Miss Thelmer, the company accountant. My plan was perfect. How did you ever...? [CELL PHONE RINGS] Hi, Mom. Can't talk, exposition time. What? Hang on. Will you take the wrap-up, Freddie? I'm back. Miss Thelmer is actually a corporate spy. She pretended to be the so-called Chemical Creep to scare people away... ...while she stole the company's secret formulas. From now on, the only books you'll be keeping will be from the prison library. Well, another successful case is closed. All right, dude, I say we celebrate with a party at the Burger Binge. Yeah. Burger Binge, Burger Binge. I've got a better idea. Shaggy, you remember my little sister Madelyn? Little doe-eyes Dinkley? Like, how could I forget? That's not nice. She really liked you. I'm sorry, Vel. Mads is a sweet kid. We'll have to look her up sometime. VELMA: That time is now. My mom wants us to check up on her. - Is something wrong? VELMA: You might say that. Madelyn's going to a special school for stage magicians. And, well, according to my mom... ...the school's being threatened by a griffin. Zoinks. Not a griffin. I mean, anything but a griffin. Like, what's a griffin? A creature that's half eagle, half lion. Couldn't it make up its mind? It's a legend, Shaggy. Mostly from medieval times. It doesn't really exist. I've heard that rap before. Come on, we can't say no to Velma's mom. But can't we say yes to a burger party first? SCOOBY: Burger Binge, Burger Binge, Burger Binge. All right, Scooby-Doo, go fish. I can't, Shaggy. - Why not? - I don't have a fishing pole. [GIGGLES] MAN [ON GPS]: Your next turn is 5 miles ahead. Watch out for the dips in the road... ... not including the ones in the back seat. Ha, ha. That's a joke. Pothole. Watch out. Will you please keep your eyes on the road? I'm not sure about the Mystery Machine's new GPS, Fred. MAN: Where did you get your license, from a hobo? I know, isn't it awesome? This is the magician school? It looks like a castle. It is a castle. O'Flannery Manor originated in Ireland... ...where it was known for its mystical happenings. Back in the 19th century, its owner, Lord Seamus O'Flannery... ...had it transported to America brick by brick. It says here that Seamus O'Flannery practiced dark magic. [GULPS] Pretty creepy, eh, Scoob? Yeah, creepy. It gets creepier. When he passed on... ...Seamus had himself entombed in an island crypt on the nearby lake. Man, am I happy we forgot our swimsuits. The castle was auctioned recently and cost the magician a pretty penny to buy it. MAN: Turn left at the next pine tree. Left. Wake up, people. Are you sure about this? MAN: Relax, scarf boy, we're taking the scenic route. Everybody calls it a scarf. It's an ascot. MAN: Hang a right at the weeping willow. Right. Veer left at the rhododendron. Make a U-turn at the skunk. MAN: Ha, ha, ha. VELMA: Fred, this can't be right. FRED: I better check the warranty on this thing. [ALL SCREAM] [MAN LAUGHING ON GPS] Hey, look, it's the road to the school. FRED: There it is. - Jinkies. GIRL: Velma. Madelyn. Oh, it's so good to see you. You look so adorable. Oh, my gosh. I can't believe it. You're really here. My big sister. - Hi, Madelyn. - Hi, Daphne. Hi, Freddie. Hi, Scooby. [GIGGLES] [SHAGGY GRUNTING] Uh... Ha... Hi, Shaggy. Hi, Madelyn. MAN: Welcome, everyone. I'm Whirlen Merlin, maestro of the magical academy. Alakazam And this lovely lady is my former stage assistant, Crystal. Hm. I guess this school doesn't have much of a dress code. Yeah. Greetings. I teach prestidigitary assistantship. I'm also in charge of caring for our magical co-stars. [WHISTLING] This is Vernon, our star performer. But don't worry, he's a real pussycat. Nice to meet you. [ROARS] SCOOBY: Yipe. One, two, three... ...four. Phew. We better hurry. It's almost dark. Don't wanna be around when you-know-what drops by. All right, Marlon. Marlon here is our resident stagehand. He runs things behind the scenes. We wouldn't have a show without him. Marlon, please see to our guests' luggage. Already finished, boss. See you inside. Yeah, Scoob, like, maybe we better go in. [GIGGLING] CRYSTAL: Repeat after me. Open, sesame Open, sesame Open, sesame I hope you find your time at O'Flannery Castle exciting. It's the grandest magic academy in existence. Gee, I wonder where all the students are. I don't know. In their rooms, where it's safe. This is Miss Alma Rumblebuns. She was custodian of the castle before I bought it. And now she's a housekeeper to the students. This facility allows performing animals only. [SCOOBY WHIMPERS] Oh, that's okay. Scooby's been through training school. Yeah. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. [SCOOBY HUMMING] Whoa. Whoa! [GIGGLES] Oh, like, he was dropped on his head when he was a puppy. Oh, very well. I will show you your rooms. MAN: Cone Castle commercial, take one. WOMEN [SINGING]: We're Cone Castle cones And we're healthy for you Run to your grocer and pick up a few Mixing grown-up flavors Into kids' ice cream WOMAN 1: Liver. WOMAN 2: Onion. WOMAN 3: Broccoli. ALL: We're a gourmet lover's dream MAN: Hold it, hold it. Pardon me for halting the festivities... ...but I distinctly remember paying for a buttered Brussels sprout. WOMAN 4: Ooh, um, sorry, I'm here. Oopsie daisy. Oh, for heaven's sakes. Can someone please manage this mess? [CELL PHONE RINGING] And you there, your cone is crumpled. Yes? AMOS: Mr. Curdles, it's me, Amos. Remember when you told me to call if any more students arrived? - I saw four kids and a dog. - Four kids and a dog, eh? Heh, heh. Whirlen must be awfully desperate if he's enrolling animals. Perhaps they'll get another visit from the you-know-what. He's showing up almost nightly these days and getting bolder each time. I'd hate to think what could happen tonight. I'm sure you'll let me know. [SPLAT] Will no one dab up this dairy? MADELYN: They say Lord O'Flannery practiced real magic. And that he had many secrets built into the castle walls. Legend has it that he even conjured up a griffin to protect it... ...and housed the monster in that old tower... ...called the Griffin's Roost. Why doesn't Whirlen Merlin knock it down... ...and put up a student union or something? He's hoping to restore it someday. But until then, it's off-limits. His career goes all the way back to when he was a kid. He started with neighborhood puppet shows. Oh, and over here is his trophy case. This is Whirlen Merlin when he was onstage. Isn't he awesome? I had no idea you were so into magic, Madelyn. At least you've finally settled on something. Where were you last semester, clown college? Heh, heh. Yeah, so I've done some soul searching. Not everyone is born with a mystery book in her hand, Velma. Well, I think magic is really cool. I've always been fascinated by how it's done. Just as Velma loves to solve mysteries... ...I love to uncover the secrets of magic, and this is the perfect school for that. What about that griffin? Mom said... Mom's just dramatic. It's a silly old myth. [GONG CLANGING] That's our dinner bell. Alakazam And because you're our special guests of honor... ...I've asked the chef... That's me. - To prepare a royal feast. A feast. Like, I think he said the magic word. The guests of honor almost outnumber the students. And where are the teachers? A lot of them left thanks to that scary old griffin... ...which no one has ever seen, of course. Before we start, a little dinner lighting. Alakazam [ALL GASP] Far out. Dinner by candlelight. How romantic. SCOOBY: Let's eat. [GASPS] Gee, Scoob, I think it's a little undercooked. [LAUGHING] Do not worry, never fear Your favorite dish will now appear Pinch me, Scooby-Doo, extra cheesy cheese pizza with a side of pickles. Scooby Snacks in cherry sauce and whipped cream. Ho, ho, ho. Wow. Whirlen is amazing. - Aw. - I cooked it. [THUNDER CRASHING] What's that? It's a devil of a night out there. The kind of night that invites ghosts and goblins and other visitors. Uh, Miss Rumblebuns, is it okay if some of us go back to our rooms? I suppose so. Psst. Shaggy, come on. While everyone else is eating, I wanna show you something special. - Like, now? - Yes, while the moon is still out. I promise you're going to find it very, very exciting. You know, Madelyn, I find this pizza very, very, very exciting. MADELYN: Come on. Are you sure you wanna go out in the dark? It's kind of spooky. Amos the groundskeeper is always out after dark. Yeah, well, that dude's totally spooky too. What I wanna show is something that was brought here with the castle... ...over two centuries ago. [OWL HOOTING] Hurry, guys, it's right around the bend. Here we are. I found a picture of this sundial on one of the castle walls. When the moon is full and you twist it like so... That's Seamus O'Flannery... ...the man who brought the castle over here from Ireland. Wow. Like, dig that crazy toothpick. Shaggy, that's the magic staff used to summon and control the griffin. I thought you said the griffin was a myth. I didn't want the others to be frightened. I'm telling you because you're brave. Brave? Shaggy? Brave? [LAUGHING] [CLEARS THROAT] Sorry. Like, what's all this gruesome graffiti? It says, "Winged protector, arise and guard this castle." [GROWLING] Don't look now. But I think it's arisen. [SCREECHING] [PANTING AND GRUNTING] SHAGGY: Through here. Down. Good thinking, Shaggy. Like, who's thinking? [GRIFFIN SCREECHES] Did you see how Whirlen Merlin made that dessert appear out of nowhere? Not really. I was watching Crystal. All she did was point. It's the way she did it so effortlessly. I can point too. Usually when you do you knock my glasses off. Easy, Velma. She hasn't done that in at least an hour. Ha, ha. Very funny, scarf boy. [MADELYN SCREAMING] SHAGGY: Griffin! It's the griffin! Oh, my gosh, there it is. That's right, Daddy. I told you it was real. Holy Houdini. SHAGGY: Open sesame, open sesame Open sesame now This way, guys. [SCREECHES] [SHUTTER CLICKS] When I enrolled Maxwell in your school I didn't expect dodging monsters... be a part of the curriculum. Good day, sir. But we didn't know the griffin was real. Poor Whirlen. There go the rest of his students. Where are you going? Aren't we taking Madelyn home because of the griffin? No, Shaggy. The griffin has us curious. [CHUCKLES] Oh, looks like school's out. - Who's he? - Calvin Curdles, the cone king. He's been trying to buy O'Flannery Castle since Whirlen beat him in the auction. Alma, you look lovely as always. Oh, here, have a sardine in castor oil. It will enhance your lovely complexion. Don't try to con me with your cones, Calvin. Thought I'd bring something for the kiddies. Oh. But I see there aren't any kiddies left. [BOTH GASP] I told you, Curdles, I'm not ready to sell. Really? Not even after your little pest-control problem? The magic academy has been my dream for years. And we're not about to give it up for one little scare. Are we, gang? - No way. - Well... Uh... Why do you want the castle, Mr. Curdles? Well, my inquisitive little miss... dream is to retool it into my flagship restaurant. Then I'll open more restaurants. Soon I'll have kids all over the world... ...eating my vegetable and variety meat-flavored ice-cream cones. But won't the griffin scare away all your customers? Yes. Well, uh... ...I really don't believe in things I don't believe in. Neither do we, Mr. Curdles. Which is why we intend to investigate. Griffin or no griffin, my offer won't be around forever, Whirlen. I suggest you reconsider. Soon. Hmph. Call me if you hear anything. He's right. I don't know what to do. We've got a school and no one to teach. You still have me. I wouldn't mind taking one of your classes. - That might not be a bad idea. - What? We should take some classes to learn more about magic. It could help us with our investigation. We would be delighted to teach you. The full faculty of the Whirlen Merlin Academy of Magic is at your command. [SCREAMS] [SIGHS] Hm. What in the world? [CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] DAPHNE: Whoa. VELMA: Daphne? Hey, Vel. What's going on? I'm tired of being klutzy old Daphne. From now on I'm dazzling Daphne. Centered, controlled, graceful. Does this have anything to do with Fred going gaga over Crystal? No. Maybe. Why are you snooping at this hour? I thought you'd be doing the sisterly slumber party with Madelyn. VELMA: It's great to see Mads again... ...but we don't seem to have that much in common. Just between you and me, she's kind of a nerd. No kidding. Once she gloms onto something, there's no stopping her. She's always over-analyzing every little thing that attracts her attention. Hmm. There's some gritty residue on the floor. Could be a clue. - It's rosin. Dancers put it on their shoes. - I knew that. Yeah, you and your sister are like night and day. [GRUNTING] It must be stuck. - A little help? - Sure. DAPHNE: Thanks. Nothing like a workout to control the klutziness. [BOTH GROAN] That wasn't klutziness. That happened on its own. Come on. [BAT SCREECHES AND BOTH SCREAM] This stuff must have been shipped over from Ireland along with the castle. Some of this is more recent. This photo album can't be more than 20 years old. Jinkies. Isn't that Miss Rumblebuns? It's hard to tell. She's smiling. Madelyn says Alma's worked here all her life. Even before Whirlen won it in an auction. This castle's like her home. BOTH: Oh, my gosh. DAPHNE: That's Mr. Curdles. VELMA: They must have been boyfriend and girlfriend. It takes all kinds. DAPHNE: I guess. - Ooh. - Ew. We have to build up our energy in case we see that creepy griffin again. Like, who can run away on an empty stomach? Not me. [CREATURE GROWLING] I think we hit that kitchen in the nick of time, Scoob. [CREATURE CONTINUES GROWLING] Like, your tummy is growling. Not my tummy. Well, if it's not your tummy, and it's not my tummy..., it's his tummy. [BOTH SCREAM] Scoob. Zoinks. A dead end. Nowhere to hide. Look. [SHAGGY & SCOOBY WHIMPERING] [BIRD CHIRPING] SCOOBY: Phew. Hello. [ROARS] Like, come on, Scoob, make friends with the nice kitty cat. [ROARS] BOTH: Yikes! On second thought, let's let him eat in peace. [SHAGGY PANTING] [WHIMPERING] Hey, look. Puppets. Like, this must be where they store their Halloween decorations. Hey, Scoob, how many times have we run into goons like this? "And I would've got away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids." [LAUGHING] "And your dog too." [CLEARS THROAT] What are you doing in here? Like, uh, we were just... No one is allowed in this room. Not students, not visitors, and especially not fleabags. [TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING] - Huh? - Huh? [BOTH YELP] Like, dude, how do you get out of here? Scooby? Scooby-Doo, where are you? Hey, who killed the light show? CRYSTAL: Just me. That was scary. [GIGGLES THEN YELPS] - Shaggy. MARLON: Oh, dear. What is this place? It's my private workroom. This is where I create props and illusions for the students. I heard noises and found these two snooping around. No harm done, Miss Alma. I'm happy to give them a demonstration. That's amazing. Thank you. It's a three-dimensional volumetric display. Think of it as an upgrade on, you know, your traditional hologram. WHIRLEN: Yes, my big brother's quite the showman. Alakazam That was a little illusion he whipped up for my farewell tour. Wait, you two are brothers? Funny, isn't it? I get stuck with the looks, while lucky Marlon here, the brains. Yeah, lucky me. I'm in the early stages. Right now I can only create small things. But someday... Hey, I just had a thought. Maybe the griffin is just like a humongous hologram. Yeah, humongous hologram. Nice try, you guys, except holograms don't rip through trees. - Like, not even little ones? - Sorry. By the way, Miss Crystal, if that is your real name... is it that you knew exactly which button to push to shut off the system? Uh, because it says off? - Oh. - Lf you ask me, Whirlen... ...all this electronic fakery is exactly what's doomed your school. The students don't need to learn a lot of hokey Las Vegas illusions. They should learn the real magic of O'Flannery Castle... ...with all of its wonder and romance. And do you have any stories of romance you'd like to share? Heh, heh. Heavens. I'm just a caretaker. I leave the storytelling to the teachers. And if the teachers are smart... ...they'll treat the tradition of O'Flannery Castle with more respect. That's the reason the griffin's come back. What do you mean? It's here to return the castle to the days of true magic. The way it should be. Okay, okay, Miss Rumblebuns. We get it. Thank you. Well, no one can say she's not passionate about her work. [LAUGHS] Shaggy, Shaggy, Shaggy. Oh, my gosh, I found it. I found the magic staff. You found the magic what? Yipe! MADELYN: I was reading about Lord O'Flannery. He used a special magic staff to summon the griffin and control it. Where is this magic staff? Lord O'Flannery had it placed in his tomb... ...which is on an island right here in Shadow Lake. It's real close. That's the same direction the griffin came from. AMOS: You won't wanna be going there, my friends. What that fancy book won't tell you... when Lord O'Flannery came from Ireland... ...with him came his clan's banshee. Banshee, like, that's a good thing, right? It's a hideous female ghost whose wailing dooms whoever hears it. Not listening. [HUMMING] AMOS: Legend says the banshee wailed over Lord O'Flannery... he breathed his last breath. To this day, the ghost guards his tomb... ...ready to attack any who would disturb the dark wizard's slumber. You all have a pleasant evening. Alrighty, who's up for pie? Come on, Shaggy, we gotta find that staff. It could be a clue. [SIGHS] [GIGGLING] MAN [ON GPS]: Shadow Lake is a quarter-mile ahead. Spooky. [MAN LAUGHING ON GPS] FRED: We better stick together, gang. Remember, that banshee could be anywhere. Man, no matter how hard I try, I can't forget something like that. All ashore who's going ashore. We should be getting close, gang. Through here. How about we go over? How did you do...? Oh! [FRED GRUNTING] Fred, you okay? Yeah. I guess we all have our danger-prone days. [GIGGLES] VELMA: I think Scooby found something. Check out this strange marking. Each monolith has its own. FRED: And I found another on the floor. There's one here too. [GRUNTS] [RUMBLING] BOTH: Uh-oh. Oh, well, I guess we'll never get in that kooky crypt. Let's head back to the castle and make enchiladas. It moved. Oh, man. Shaggy did it. Come on, I bet if we push it... FRED: All right, everyone push. A secret door. Let's go. Scooby, run. SHAGGY: Hurry, Scoob. Phew. VELMA: It's the O'Flannery crest. Help me get the lid off. DAPHNE: That must be O'Flannery's staff. And that must be O'Flannery. - I'll get it. - Wait, wait, wait. Only the bravest hero should retrieve it. Oh, all right. [WHIMPERS] - Scooby, do you mind? - Sorry, Shaggy. It's okay. Thanks for the hand. - Uh, uh, Shaggy. - Zoinks. Yup, that's me, Shaggy Rogers, the bravest of heroes. [WHOOSH] Shaggy, we have a visitor. Then, like, why is nobody saying hello? [BOTH YELP] Uh-huh. Bravest of heroes. So that's the banshee? She doesn't look scary. Yeah, she looks kind of pretty. [SCREAMS] [ALL SCREAM] FRED: Out here. [SCREAMING] We gotta get back to the boat. We can't leave the staff. Come on. DAPHNE: Where'd they go? FRED: They'll be here. Let's get the boat turned around. [BANSHEE SCREAMING] Madelyn! MADELYN: Coming through. DAPHNE: Push us off, Shaggy. [VELMA GASPS] [ALL GROANING] Nice footwork, Shaggy. Let's get this back to the castle and analyze it for clues. I can't believe how you saved us like that. Yeah, well, I do have some major feet. It's more than your feet, Shaggy. It's you. You're so amazing, so forceful. I think you're the bravest, most wonderful boy I have ever known. Oh, gee, Madelyn. I like you too. Aw. Mwah, mwah, mwah. It's getting late. [CREATURE SCREECHES] [SHAGGY & SCOOBY YELP] MAN [ON GPS]: What are you waiting for? Directions? Drive! SHAGGY: Shoo, griffin. Like, be gone already. I think the batteries are dead. Hey, I put a box of magic explosives in the van for practice on the field. Like, Scooby-Doo, let's strike this griffin out. Yeah, strike-out. [TRUCK HORN HONKING] Uh-oh. I think Scooby dropped a live explosive in the box. - Like, which one? - I can't tell. We haven't lost him yet, guys. [TIRES SCREECHING] Hurry, inside. MAN [ON GPS]: Hey, you're gonna leave me out here? What's all the ruckus? [GRIFFIN SCREECHES] Griffin attack, run. Huh? Let's get the staff to Whirlen. [GASPS] Oh, no. Like, don't do it. [MADELYN SCREAMS] - Madelyn! MADELYN: Velma! SHAGGY: Oh, no. Mr. Curdles, events have taken a terrible turn over here. You might wanna see for yourself. WHIRLEN: I don't understand. Why are you taking all these magic tricks? They're the only weapons we have against the griffin. But you don't even know where the griffin's taken her. We have a pretty good idea. We believe it's called the Griffin's Roost for a reason. The Griffin's Roost? But it's not safe. The whole place is liable to crash down on your heads. We'll be careful. Besides, if there are any clues... ...I'm sure we'll find them there. [METAL CLANGING] Like, I'm ready. Why are you wearing armor? Because even with this magic doohickey, I need all the protection I can get. Whirly, are you all right? This griffin business has beaten me, Marlon. It's time to bring down the curtain on this magic school. My dream. [CLAPPING] Touching. Touching. Your most heartfelt performance, Whirlen. Now, rejoice. Kindly Calvin Curdles is here... ...with the silver lining to your cloud of despair. How did you get in? Through the door. I'm prepared to take this monster-blighted castle off your hands. I'll even give you a third... No, no, no. Make that an eighth of what you paid for it. Well, this is hardly the time for real-estate transactions. When it comes to business matters... ...Calvin Curdles was never one to consider people's feelings. Now, now, Alma, perhaps I'm doing us all a favor. You've said there was no griffin before these two took over the castle. - But we're not to blame. - It's okay, Marlon. Where do I sign? I think you should wait till we get back. There's more to this griffin business than meets the eye. You know, I really, really don't like her. Just give us an hour. Let's go, guys. [SNARLS] [CLEARS THROAT] [SCREAMS] - What happened? - Like, it was the banshee. But she split when Scooby tripped. VELMA: It's a wire. - What is it, a camera? - I don't think so, Fred. MADELYN: Help! Help! Madelyn. Madelyn? Where? Up here. [MADELYN SCREAMS] MADELYN: Help! Help! Help! Can anybody hear me? Help! [CRYING] [SCREAMS] The stair moved. [THUDS] FRED: Here's a way out. MADELYN: Help! Help! She's on the other side. [CRACK] [CREAKING] [SCREECHING] Try the staff again. The staff? Like, you shall not pass, man. It worked. [LAUGHING] [GRIFFIN GROWLS] It didn't work. We're done for. [SCREECHES] Not yet. Let him have it. The smoke bombs. [GIGGLING] FRED: Run! Shaggy, Scooby, are you okay? Like, I think I still have all my pieces. FRED: Stay there, we'll come back with help. That's the best idea I've heard, like, ever. [GRIFFIN SCREECHES] SCOOBY: The griffin. - It's back. But, like, Fred told us to stay right here. Help! Help! Can anybody hear me? Like, she'll probably be okay until help comes, don't you think? Shaggy, Madelyn likes you. Well, since you put it that way, Scoob. Like, dude, peep that crazy lock, and that's without the key. Shaggy, look. Huh? Good work, Scoob. Yeah. Shaggy. Hey, Mads, you okay? I am now. I mean, the griffin dropped me in the tower, then flew off. I hope he doesn't come back for a midnight snack. [GRIFFIN GROWLING] SHAGGY: Quick, Scooby-Doo, pull something out of that bag that will help us escape. Okay. We can climb down on these. Like, I don't know. It seems kind of flimsy. [SCOOBY & SHAGGY SCREAM] - Come on. SCOOBY: Go. Like, beat it, Tweety. Where's the seat belt on this thing? [MADELYN SCREAMS] CURDLES: Those kids won't find anything. Why delay the inevitable? I suppose you're right. But I do hate letting down my students. Oh, yes, it's a tragedy. Sign here, please. The griffin is in the old tower. Come on. There they are. MADELYN: Shaggy, try the staff again. - Dude, it's a fake. - Just try. I totally command you. By the powers of Houdini, the Wizard of Oz... ...and, um, the English kid with the glasses... put us down. Like, dude, we're losing altitude. Little help, little help! Shaggy got him. Isn't that incredible? Yeah. You really are brave. Like, don't squeeze me, Madelyn. You're denting my metal. [GRIFFIN ROARS] The poor thing looks hurt. Why doesn't it fly away? [METAL CREAKING] There's your answer. - The griffin, it's a gigantic puppet? VELMA: Correct. This whole charade is making sense now. Run! MARLON: Whoa. Marlon, you? Marlon operated that contraption trying to scare everyone away once and for all. But Shaggy and Scooby spoiled his plans. So the monster never was real. No, just a more sophisticated version of the puppets in your magic act... ...when you and Marlon were kids. The blimp carried the griffin beneath it to make it look like it was flying. But how did he disguise the blimp? Remember how every time the griffin appeared, it was foggy? The blimp generated its own concealing fog bank. I noticed some of the bottles in Marlon's workshop were marked glycerol. A chemical used by professional illusionists in fog machines. I used the fog to hide the blimp... ...then worked the griffin through this handheld animatronic control. [ROARS] What about when the griffin attacked us in the tower? - It couldn't have been the same puppet. - It wasn't. After Whirlen bought the castle, I started renovating the Griffin's Roost. I discovered Lord O' Flannery had rigged parts of the tower with devices of his own... make superstitious people think a monster lived there. When trespassers entered the tower... ...they would be driven away by the attacking griffin. I kept the secret to myself... ...and outfitted the worn-out machinery with state-of-the-art equipment. Okay, but who is the banshee? - Another puppet, right? - Partially. Marlon had several rigged to appear in various places. Even in the lake, to make it look like she was chasing us. She wasn't a puppet every time. Yes, I realized that when we saw the device in the tower. It was really a projector Marlon uses for his volumetric displays. One of many. Anyone entering the tower would have set off an invisible electric eye... ...activating the ghost. Marlon's technology was a lot more sophisticated than he was letting on. Marlon, why did you do this? Because all my life I've been jealous, jealous of you. While I did all the work, you got all the applause. I finally decided I wanted to create my own magic act. With my puppets and projections, I could become a magic sensation. Why didn't you? Because I needed money to start the act. The only way I could get it is if you agreed to sell the castle... ...which I knew you wouldn't do unless you were forced to. I didn't mean to hurt anyone, honest. All I wanted to do was scare people away. I tried to make amends. After the automated griffin wrecked the bridge, I flew back in the blimp... bring you down. But these two fearless souls attacked me before I could explain. - Hey, how did the griffin crash anyway? - Here's your answer. The magic staff? Like, I guess, it really did control the monster after all. Aw, I'm so ashamed. [CRYING] Who would have thought that miserable Marlon would be behind this? You would. You knew all along. Of course, Amos was the only one who was never afraid to be out at night. He must have known the griffin was a fake. Amos probably followed Marlon to the Griffin's Roost... ...while he was rebuilding it. AMOS: I saw him going in there, day and night, with loads of strange-Iooking crates. So I got nosy and peeked. Yes, and my guess is he told you, Mr. Curdles. You weren't worried about the griffin. You could even use it to get a cheap price on the castle. - Wow. These girlies are smart. - Oh, shut up. No need to deny it, Mr. Curdles. Your story about turning the castle into a restaurant... ...never made sense in the first place. You were really buying it for Miss Rumblebuns, weren't you? Calvin, is this true? Yes, Alma, it is. I meant for it to be a surprise. You see, years ago, I operated a struggling ice-cream concession here... ...for the few tourists who visited O' Flannery Castle. It was here that I met the castle's dazzling caretaker, Miss Alma Rumblebuns. Ah. We were so much in love. Fearing that a high-born creature of Alma's caste... ...could never settle for a mere sherbet jockey, I left. Determined someday to return a frozen-novelty mogul. Alas, I became so swept up in the intoxicating world of cream and cones... ...I never came back. But I couldn't forget you, Alma. I thought that if I bought you this castle which you loved so much... might love me again. Oh, Calvin, I don't know what to say. Well, just say you forgive me. Ew. Please, Whirlen, I will double the price. Don't do it, Whirlen, I couldn't take the money now. Not when I've seen what the school means to you. I was wrong. My place is here with you... ...passing on what we've discovered to kids who truly wanna learn. They're the ones I've really hurt. I think there's time to make amends. Starting with the education of our new apprentice, Madelyn Dinkley. Really? You mean it? With your enthusiasm and our coaching, you could be the next big thing in magic. Congratulations, Madelyn. You deserve it. I must admit, you handled yourself pretty well on this adventure. Thanks, I guess we Dinkley sisters have something in common after all. CURDLES: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. The Cone Castle Creamery, makers of those cones that make you moan... proud to sponsor the very first show... the students of the Merlin Brothers' Academy of Magic. And now your hosts, Marlon and Whirlen... ...the Brothers Merlin. [AUDIENCE CLAPPING] [AUDIENCE OOHING] - Isn't she adorable? - Yeah. - Hey, shouldn't you be up there with her? - I've been training an assistant. [AUDIENCE CLAPPING] [ROARS] - How did you do that? - That's my secret, scarf boy. - Like, that was totally awesome, Mads. - Thanks, Shaggy. Hey, have you seen Scooby-Doo? - Oh. - Let's go, move, move, move. [ROARING] [BARKING] [LION MEWS] [AUDIENCE CHEERING AND CLAPPING] Looks like your dog is braver than you thought. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And thank you. Scooby-abracadabra-Doo! MAN [ON GPS]: You kids are still watching? Well, the mystery's over. Now move on with your lives. [MAN LAUGHING ON GPS] [MAN LAUGHING ON GPS] I need oil. I need oil.

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