It was a sunny day, perfect for a walk in the park. When Elmo saw his friend Abby Cadabby, he smiled happily. But Abby didn't smile back. "Why does Abby look sad?" he asked. "Well, today's my birthday", Abby replied. "But nobody remembered." "What can Elmo do to cheer up his friend Abby?" he wondered. "I don't know", Abby said. "I don't even feel like playing with anyone today." "Abby and Elmo should take a walk down Sesame Street", he decided. "Maybe that will help".

"Here's the party store", Elmo said. "Elmo and Abby could get some pink and purple streamers! And confetti! And polka-dot hats! And make a party!" "I don't think so", Abby said quietly. "Would Abby like some lemonade?" Elmo asked as they wandered into the grocery store. But Abby didn't want anything to drink.

Next stop was the bakery. "How about some pretty pink cupcakes?" Elmo suggested. "I'm not hungry right now", answered Abby. "Something will cheer Abby up soon", Elmo said gently. "Elmo is sure of it!"

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